João Lencastre

Parallel Realities

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In his “Parallel Realities” (2019), drummer and composer João Lencastre wanted to explore his taste for “dramatic contrasts”, in a combination of “different musical worlds” in which “several things happen at the same time”. To this end, he sought out musicians with very different characteristics within the national spectrum of jazz and freely improvised music, musicians with whom his multifaceted journey has crossed paths. 

In this art of paradox, we hear a little of everything: a “soundscaping” which is not far from the environmentalism of Brian Eno, a free jazz now with a cool approach, in the line of a Jimmy Giuffre, now with introjections of contemporary music, a measured noise where guitar distortion and feedback seem to have harmonic functions, and also recourse to a melody which stems more from a pop logic than from creative jazz. Lencastre took advantage of the individual characteristics of his companions which have come to define them and created not exactly a synthesis of these contributions, but something which uses contrast to create an overall sense, from that which contradicts the very glue that unites all the pieces. It is as if this contains a fundamental statement, and this goes beyond its musicological scope to suggest a philosophy and even a sociology: in the life of human beings, there are no oppositions, but rather a confluence of diversities.

Rui Eduardo Paes


Albert Cirera Alto and tenor saxophones
Rodrigo Pinheiro Piano
Pedro Branco Electric guitar
João Hasselberg Double bass, Electric bass, Electronics
João Lencastre Drums

JAZZ 2020

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation joined forces with Associação Porta-Jazz and Jazz ao Centro Clube to present Jazz 2020, a cycle of 10 concerts in Lisbon, Oporto and Coimbra. Between 31 July and 9 August, Portuguese jazz and improvised music will be once more on the agenda!

In a time where many artists have seen their projects cancelled or postponed, this edition is also an opportunity to support more than 60 musicians and the technical teams involved in these concerts.



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