PhD Programme IBB

Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência fosters PhD students’ independence, our research community regards students as peers and helps them to develop into fully fledged scientists. The program is highly international and welcomes applications from both national and international students. 




A unique opportunity

During five months of courses, students explore the whole range of biology and benefit from the institute’s research diversity. This will put them in an excellent position to create and pursue their own research project. IBB students enjoy the opportunity to discover in depth all the scientific offers of the institute before they define their project and host lab. Undergraduates of any nationality, trained in any scientific field — from life and health sciences to physics, mathematics, and engineering — are welcome to join our cosmopolitan research community.



First-year students explore concepts in modern biology and cutting-edge research during the coursework. The course instructors cover the whole of biology, from structural and molecular biology to quantitative biology, evolution, and ecology. The faculty is composed of the IGC faculty and invited international speakers from top research institutes and universities. For the entire life cycle at the institute, students can enjoy the numerous workshops and courses organized here and the advanced training in statistics, scientific computing, and bioinformatics.During the courses, the small student cohorts closely interact with the IGC and invited speakers during classroom hours, dinners, and lunches. This is a unique opportunity to learn from experts in their respective fields, the newest developments in biology and have substantial room for scientific and social interaction. 


A project and a lab

Once the course work is completed, students are given the necessary time to conceive their thesis proposal and find, within the institute, one or more group leaders who will host and supervise them. The merger with the Institute of Molecular Medicine ( in Lisbon allows students to choose joint projects between IGC and IMM scientists. Each student is assisted in this vital choice by the PhD Programme Director and a Thesis Committee composed of two IGC scientists. The Thesis Committee will support the students throughout their entire life cycle at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência. Student research projects involving collaborations between laboratories are encouraged and nurtured, benefiting from the diversity of the research groups.



Participating Institutions:

         ITQB      ISPA            


Institutions conferring the degree:

Universidade Nova   ISPA


Financing Institutions:

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