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Principal Investigator Position

The IGC is a research institute of international reputation that promotesground-breaking research in the Life Sciences through a collaborative environment that crosses biological scales and discipline borders. We aim to understand the organism, how it is formed and maintained, and how it behaves in the context of interacting communities and changing environments (biological, physical and social). The IGC is part of the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, a private foundation that thrives towards a sustainable society based on knowledge and equal opportunities, hosting complementary initiatives that link science to education, development, music and arts.

The IGC has a long-standing tradition of nurturing young researchers to kick-start their research from day one, providing outstanding conditions, exceptional facilities with engaged staff, and a collegial environment. The IGC is also part of local and international scientific networks that provide further access to critical mass, infrastructures, hospitals and companies.

IGC is located 20 minutes outside Lisbon in the beautiful city of Oeiras, capital of Science and Innovation. As the rest of Portugal, it hosts a liberal, open society that welcomes people of all backgrounds and life styles. International schools can be found in Oeiras and Lisbon, as well as a rich cultural environment and vibrant neighbourhoods.

The IGC has no hierarchical structure and fosters research in medium sized groups, 40% of which are led by female group leaders in a community of 37 nationalities.

Core services include advanced optical and electron microscopy, flow cytometry, genomics, data analysis, bioinformatics and computing, resources for the production of a variety of model animal species including germ-free and gnotobiotic mice and others. Innovative graduate education has been a priority of the IGC for 25 years, supporting PhD programmes based on creative engagement of the students in the development of their research projects.

The Institute further offers career and leadership development plans for Group Leaders.


Position as Group Leader across Biological scales: Experiment

Position as Group Leader across Biological scales: Experiment

Position as Group Leader across Biological scales: Theory

Position as Group Leader across Biological scales: Theory

Updated on 17 january 2022