Pre-doctoral training

Kickstart your career in science at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência! We offer undergraduates and master students’ opportunities to develop scientific research in our laboratories.

IGC Undergraduate Summer School Programme offers students a great opportunity to experience a lab internship and meet practicing scientists.

Our labs offer master students a positive and nurturing environment to develop their MSc projects and grow their science skills.

Undergraduates or master students with a special interest in one of our labs, can also approach its Principal Investigator by sending an email to apply.



Summer School

Every year the IGC organizes a Summer School for motivated undergraduate students interested in life sciences. Students discover the science that IGC does, attend seminars and develop a project at a research group scientific laboratory.

MSc Projects

Every year, several students develop their masters project in one of our laboratories. It is a unique opportunity for students to take part and contribute to the research of this international institution, recognized for its research, education and training.

Updated on 19 february 2021

Scientific Committee 
Ricardo Henriques 
Vera Martins
Elias Barriga
Maria João Amorim (consultant)
Gabriel Martins (consultant)


Summer School:
[email protected]

MSc Projects: 
[email protected]