Pre-doctoral training

Kick start your scientific career at IGC! Pre-doctoral training at IGC is done through Master´s Programmes and IGC lab Internships, either through spontaneous application or through our Undergraduate Summer School Programme.

The IGC offers opportunities for undergraduate and master students to develop scientific research in their laboratories.

Undergraduate students can participate in the summer school that takes place every year and allows for a unique summer vacation experience. Master students will be able to conduct research for their master’s thesis in one of the IGC laboratories.


Summer Schools

Every year the IGC organizes the Summer School for motivated undergraduate students interested in life sciences. In this School, students are exposed to an overview of the science that takes place at IGC through seminars and will be able to develop a scientific laboratory project in a research group.

MSc Projects

Every year, several students develop their research for the master's thesis in the institute's laboratories. It is a unique opportunity for students to take part and contribute to the research of this international institution, recognized for its research, education and training.

Scientific Committee:
Maria João Amorim
Luís Teixeira
Gabriel Martins


Undergraduate Summer School Programme:
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Masters Projects: 
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