Integrated into an ambitious, long-term vision, IGC promotes a set of initiatives dedicated to knowledge and technology transfer. With the support of the Municipality of Oeiras, and in partnership with ITQB, we develop initiatives to increase the impact of research in society.


Framework and goals

The main goal is to implement an integrated vision to innovation, contributing to the international brand reputation of IGC and ITQB NOVA as a Leading Cluster for Research and Innovation in Biological and Biomedical research.

This unit intends to stimulate, nurture and support knowledge and technology transfer, innovation, strategic partnerships, business creation, entrepreneurship, licensing and spin-off creation primarily at IGC and ITQB, in the Oeiras region. The aim is also to attract key international partners to translate discoveries into tangible benefits for society and solve the challenges of tomorrow.


Innovation Strategy

  1. IGC Strategic Plan (pillars of Excellence in R&I and Science & Society)
  2. Supported by Oeiras Municipality Strategy for Science and Technology
  3. Following international best practice
  4. Builds on the excellent research capacity at the Institutes
  5. Leverages on the strong ecosystem of companies in Oeiras
  6. Increases competitiveness internationally


Main activities

  • Provide support to researchers in all innovation projects and contracts related to knowledge and tech transfer having as major goal the translation of research to society with a positive impact in the life of citizens.
  • Identify, assess, protect, develop and commercialize research outputs, aiming to establish collaborations with companies, provision of services, licensing and spin-off creation, thus bridging the gap to the market.
  • Facilitate the transformation of knowledge generated at the labs into viable economic products and services.