Postdoctoral Training

The IGC Postdoctoral Training Program is designed to broaden and deepen the research skills and training of postdocs and to boost their career perspectives and encourage them to become successful independent researchers .

Postdocs at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência are empowered to pursue original discovery-driven scientific questions in the life sciences, propelled by cutting-edge technology, in a cross-disciplinary, inclusive and collaborative environment. 

The IGC Postdoctoral Training Programme is designed to support Postdocs on their way to become successful, independent researchers or illustrate alternative career perspectives. This training includes research in one or more IGC labs, where the degree of independence depends on the level of experience of the researcher and the arrangement with the Principal Investigator(s).


PONTE Postdoctoral Program in Theoretical Quantitative Biology

Multidisciplinary program for PhD holders from Exact Sciences

A program to bridge exact sciences with biology: The PONTE program awards postdoctoral fellowships for up to three years to highly independent graduates in physics, mathematic, engineering or a related discipline. PONTE Fellows will perform research in theoretical quantitative biology in collaboration with local experimental groups.

Postdoctoral researchers at IGC are represented by the Postdoc Committee (PDC), a group of postdoc volunteers that, with the support of the PostDoctoral Advisor, builds the bridge between PostDocs, the People Management Unit and the direction of the institute.

Further tasks of the PDC include the organisation of:  

1) the Postdoc Retreat that runs every year;  

2) the Cicerone Program, where new postdocs are matched with senior postdocs to help them out for those special first weeks/months after arriving at the IGC;  

3) the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion seminars (DEI), where several organisations present their work advocating for DEI in STEMM;  

4) the Career Talk seminars with academic and non-academic speakers presenting their career paths; 

5) the National Postdoctoral Exchange program, where IGC postdocs have the opportunity to present their work in other Portuguese Institutions. 

6) the IGC Symposium, run by a selected team that organises each year a conference focused on the project of their choice. 



Updated on 09 february 2023

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