Postdoctoral Training

The IGC Postdoctoral Training Programme is designed to broaden and deepen the research skills and training of the postdocs and to boost their career perspectives and encourage them to become successful independent research scientists.

This training includes research in one or more IGC labs, where the degree of independence depends on the level of experience of the researcher. Postdocs have a number of courses available for their development, besides being encouraged to participate in several activities that contribute to their career development (Data clubs, Journal Clubs, Lab Meetings, organization of Seminars, meetings and Career Talks).



Postdoctoral Program Biology by Numbers


Multidisciplinary programme for PhD holders from Exact Sciences & Engineering

Advanced courses covering both basic concepts and cutting-edge research in modern biology. Module topics range from structural and molecular biology to evolution and ecology and are taught by IGC faculty and invited lecturers from top universities and research institutes all over the world. The Programme includes modules in partnership with the Champalimaud Foundation and the University of Cologne/ Max Planck Institute, Cologne. At the end of the classes, postdoctoral researchers will develop a research proposal with the support of their chosen IGC principal investigators in order to apply.


Postdoc Delegates

Postdoc Delegates

The Postdoc Delegates act as a conduit for information between the postdoc body, Administration and IGC Board. This group include postdocs from different years and it overlaps with the Postdoc Committee.


Postdoctoral Training Committee:
Karina Xavier
Colin Adrain

For more information on Postdoctoral Training, please contact:
[email protected]


Postdoctoral Delegates
Carla Lopes 
Ojas Deshpande
Ricardo Ramiro
Vítor Cabral

More information
[email protected]


Posdoctoral Committee
Ana Patrícia Ramos 
Cécile Carrère
Davide Cussedu
Diana Vieira
João Coelho
Rion Brattig Correia
Roberto Arbore
Tânia Perestrelo

More information
[email protected]


Postdoctoral Programme contact "Biology by Numbers":
Isabel Gordo
[email protected].