Mission, Vision and Values

The IGC is a research institute devoted to biological and biomedical research, innovative training and to transforming society through science. It is part of Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, a perpetual foundation with charitable, artistic, educational and scientific statutory aims.


IGC Tower


The IGC Mission, Vision and Values are fully aligned with Gulbenkian Foundation principles and objectives focused on building a sustainable society that provides equal opportunities.



The IGC is a world leading research institute that fosters open science and discovery towards the benefit of humankind, aligned with the vision of the Gulbenkian Foundation of knowledge-based progress towards a sustainable planet.



The IGC is an institution where individuals are empowered to pursue original discovery-driven scientific questions in the life sciences, propelled by cutting-edge technology, in a cross-disciplinary, inclusive and collaborative environment. 




IGC aims to spread to society the values it promotes and practices

  • Independence, integrity and ethics 
  • Excellence (impact and reproducibility)
  • Plurality and Cooperation
  • Generosity and Responsibility


IGC Statement on Animals in Research
Updated on 13 april 2021