Parece Impossível!

You’ll have to hear it to believe it: Parece Impossível! will show how science is shaping our future and how it can be everywhere – from the laboratory to companies, from the beach to the classroom.

Science topics will be addressed with humour and straightforwardly in this podcast, stories of superheroes in white coats that prove that there are no impossible dreams.

A project for curious people of all ages. Because curiosity is a superpower and we can all be scientists. You’ll have to hear it to believe it. Biweekly, on the channels near you, in Portuguese.




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Production credits:
Coordination: Ana Morais (IGC)
Editorial Plan: Ana Morais (IGC), Renata Ramalho (ITQB NOVA)
Host: Susana Romana
News story: Kátia Catulo
Production: BOCA – palavras que alimentam
Audio: Oriana Alves
Music: Nuno Morão


Questions, ideas and suggestions:
[email protected]



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