Course work and Faculty


The courses are organised and taught by IGC scientists with the help of invited colleagues from top universities and research institutes all over the world. Almost one hundred scientists integrate the IBB faculty working with the students during the course work. The large faculty exposes the students to the diversity of scientific viewpoints and allows each one to initiate national and international networking.

The life of the students starts with a semester of courses that allows them to explore concepts in modern biology and cutting-edge research. The courses cover the whole of biology, from structural and molecular biology to evolution and ecology and showcase the key questions reflecting the themes and labs at the institute. The faculty is composed of IGC scientists and a large number of invited lecturers from top universities and research institutes all over the world. Sessions dedicated to data management, statistical analysis and modelling permeate the whole semester enabling the students to hit the ground running when they start the research project.


 Scientific Areas


Scientific Method

History of Biological Concepts

Hypothesis Driven Research

Biophysics and Biological Chemistry

Molecular and Structural Biology


Cell and Developmental Biology 

Inside the cell

Cell Biology

Developmental Biology

Plant Biology


Evolution and Quantitative Biology 


Statistics and Quantitative Biology





Systems Biology 




Host-Pathogen Interactions

From cells to Organisms

Systems Biology

Methods in Integrative Biology




Updated on 10 february 2023

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