Subscriptions 24/25

The subscription sales period has ended. Single tickets will be available in our online box office from 17 June at 10:00.

The Gulbenkian Orchestra and Choir subscription includes 23 concerts. You can choose between the Night Subscription, with concerts at 20:00, or the Afternoon Subscription, with concerts at 19:00.*

Afternoon: Stalls A – 475€/StallsB – 435€/Stalls C – 410€/Balcony  – 410€

Night: Stalls A – 515€/StallsB – 475€/Plateia C – 445€/Balcony – 445€

* New subscription requests are only available in Stalls A and B. The concerts on 21 and 31 December 2024 and 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 and 17 January 2025 are not included in this subscription.

The Gulbenkian Choir pass includes 4 concerts.

Stalls (open seating) – 40€

The Great Interpreters subscription includes 5 concerts. *

Stalls A – 285€/Stalls B – 250€/Stalls C – 135€/ Balcony 135€

* New subscription requests are only available in Stalls A and B. The concert on 8 April 2025 is not included in this subscription.

The Piano Series subscription includes 7 recitals.*

Stalls  A – 290€/Stalls B – 255€/Stalls C – 165€/Balcony – 165€

* New subscription requests are only available in Stalls A and B.

The Sunday Concerts subscription includes 5 concerts. You can choose between the Morning Subscription, with concerts at 12:00, or the Afternoon Subscription, with concerts at 16:00.

Single pass (stalls) – 40€/Family pass (stalls)* – 80€

* Includes 2 adults and 1 child (6-12 years old). Each extra child has a cost of 2.5€ per concert. The family pass is only available during the subscription sales period and cannot be combined with other discounts.

The Met Opera Live in HD subscription includes 8 transmissions.

Stalls – 208€

The World Music pass includes  7 concerts.

Stalls (open seating) – 75€

How to purchase

Subscription requests are available for Cartão Gulbenkian (free) or Cartão Gulbenkian Mais holders, and can be made exclusively by submitting an online form.

Subscription sales period: 24 – 31 May

In order to access the form, a login to our website is required after subscribing to Cartão Gulbenkian.

If you already created an account in our website but have not yet subscribed to Cartão Gulbenkian, click the button below, login to your account and fill in the required fields. Should you have any questions on how to subscribe to Cartão Gulbenkian, please check the tutorial on this page.


If you already joined Cartão Gulbenkian, you can access the form and submit your request until 31 May at 23:59.

If you forgot your password, use the button below to recover it.

Recover password

After the form is submitted, orders will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, and then ATM/Multibanco references (valid during 48h) will be sent by email and text message. After the payment, tickets will be sent by registered mail to the address indicated.

Frequently asked questions

I was a subscriber in the 23/24 Season. Will I have the right to renew all subscriptions for the 24/25 Season?

You will be able to renew the subscription(s) you had in the 23/24 Season. All others will be considered new subscriptions and will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Make sure to log in to the website with the MyGulbenkian account used in the previous season when joining the Cartão Gulbenkian to ensure your subscription renewal.

Are there any discounts when purchasing a subscription?

 No. However, the subscription price may include a discount on the total ticket value, with the percentage varying depending on the cycle and the seating area.

If one or more concerts in my subscription are canceled or postponed, will I be refunded?

The Gulbenkian Foundation will ensure a full refund for tickets to canceled or postponed concerts.

Do I just need a MyGulbenkian account to submit my subscription request?

No. You also need to join the Cartão Gulbenkian (free) in order to access the form.

Do all subscribers need to join the Cartão Gulbenkian?

No. Only if you wish to submit a renewal of your subscription or a new subscription request.

What happens if I am not at home when the tickets are delivered?

Subscriptions are sent by registered mail, so if you are not at home, a notice will be left in your mailbox for you to collect the tickets at the nearest post office. If you prefer, you can choose to receive your subscriptions or tickets by email.



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