Advanced Data Analysis

Biology has entered the big data age. Now, more than ever, computational and analytical skills are required to properly interrogate and interpret data, to obtain today’s answers and tomorrow’s questions. Based on this recent development, the Advanced Data Analysis (ADA) unit provides expertise on data analysis, bioinformatics, mathematical modelling, and statistical consulting and offers services on the whole data life cycle, from data management, to reproducible analysis, and FAIR sharing.

The unit also provides access to a computational notebook infrastructure (Jupyter) and a content versioning system.

LocationAmerico Vespucci wing at the Library Building in IGC
Contacts[email protected]​​​​​​​


Please note that all requests must be submitted via Agendo - ADA

The facility hosts a regular "Data clinic" resource free of charge for IGC users, that researchers can use to discuss with the facility members, specific data analysis or statistical/experimental design problems they may have. Researchers are encouraged to take advantage of these to triage problems/projects.

Before the start of any project, a meeting with the facility is advised.


The unit develops custom statistical inference tools, mechanistic models, and machine learning solutions for data analysis. It also provides consulting services on experimental design and data management.

  • Experimental Design & Data Analysis
  • Mathematical & Computational Modelling
  • Machine Learning

We can provide assistance on a broad range of bioinformatic topics, ranging from genomics and transcriptomics to metagenomics and custom bioinformatic analysis. We also support several stages of the analysis, from experimental design to the production of plots for publications.

  • Bioinformatics analysis (Transcriptomics, Metagenomics, DNA Sequencing);
  • Other Bioinformatic Services (Quality assessment of sequencing reads and/or alignments, Denovo assembly of small genomes).

We offer services covering the entire data life cycle, supporting data management, and adherence to Open and FAIR data principles.

  • DMP Support;
  • RDM consultancy.



Check the papers here.




Updated on 29 february 2024

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