IGC PhD Programs: 30 Years Nurturing Talent

Celebrating three decades of doctoral programs, the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência promoted an international debate on the future of postgraduate education, envisioning innovative solutions to current challenges.
29 sep 2023

The IGC’s doctoral programs, launched in 1993 and founded by the scientists António Coutinho and Alexandre Quintanilha, set new standards in stimulating critical thinking, promoting talent, and inspiring scientific leaders. Innovative at the time, their impact is reflected worldwide: nine doctoral programs that have trained more than 500 students – currently spread across more than 23 countries -to perform roles in research, academia, industry, companies, or governmental positions. This undeniable contribution to promoting talent is reflected in the film created especially for the celebration of the 30 years of the IGC PhD Programs.

The event, promoted at the IGC on September 18, 2023, brought together experts and academics to stimulate discussion and thinking strategically about the future of postgraduate education and its unlimited potential in the future. Susan Holmes from Stanford University, Tim Stearns from Rockefeller University, and Nick Barton from the Austrian Institute of Science and Technology were some of the invited speakers to share their visions, challenges, and experiences. What to keep or exclude, the importance of multidisciplinarity, and the opportunities and dangers of Artificial Intelligence were highlighted.

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