Plant Unit

The Plant Unit ensures the proper growth and maintenance of Arabidopsis thaliana, Nicotiana benthamiana, and other species (upon evaluation of needs). The Unit provides its users with a variety of controlled-environment plant growth spaces, offering also technical support. It is equipped with three custom-made growth rooms, as well as a walk-in and five reach-in chambers. The Unit also includes a greenhouse, a soil house, a drying room and a growth cabinet. The Unit is open to external researchers.

Location: LAO building
Contacts: @: [email protected]



Controlled-temperature, humidity and light conditions growth rooms
Controlled-temperature, humidity and light conditions walk-in chamber
Controlled-temperature, humidity and light conditions reach-in chambers
Controlled-temperature, humidity and light conditions reach-in chamber with specific LED light spectrum
Growth cabinet
Soil house
Drying room


Assurance of soil, watering and varied climate conditions for a healthy plant growth and development.

Researchers can request specific tasks such as Potting, Plant tying, Plant bagging and harvesting.

Emasculation and pollination between provided lines, with delivery of the silique with hybrid seeds.

Periodical sowing and maintenance of plants for common or individual usage.

Prevention, close monitoring and treatment of plant pests and diseases.




Updated on 16 march 2023

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