Virtual Open Day

November 21st will be memorable: clues, riddles and a lot of science are the perfect formula for an activity that you can do at home, alone or with your family. This year visit the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia virtually and solve a mystery.

IGC Open Day is always eagerly awaited. This year, the pandemic and the impossibility of gathering together, led to a new version of this emblematic day: a virtual tour with riddles to unravel.

Making sure you keep on discovering more about our science, the day by day of the scientist and the initiatives we have been undertaking to fight COVID-19, in an online format.


What is going on in the institute that is so mysterious?

Someone addressed an enigmatic letter to the director Monica Bettencourt-Dias and signed as “”Scientist X” and spread out clues all over the institute. Who is this scientist? And why is he/she doing this?

In each laboratory the visitor is put to the test to solve scientific enigmas and can only move on to the next room if he finds the solution.

The virtual tour is interactive, and uses 360-degree technology, allowing the visitor to explore the surroundings. You only need to use the mouse of your computer to move the image. The tour will be available mainly in Portuguese.

On November 21st we are counting on each of you to solve this mystery!


Click here to access the Virtual Tour




Useful Information

*The virtual tour requires a good internet connection.

*To access the virtual tour you should use Google Chrome, preferably through a computer. 

*Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the reproduction of the videos can take longer.

*We alert to the fact that if you refresh a page it will go back to the start menu of the visit, we advise you to wait a few moments till the video starts running.

*The virtual tour uses 360-degree technology, you only need to use the mouse of your computer to explore the surroundings.

*The tour is mainly in Portuguese.



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Updated on 23 march 2021

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