Science & Society

The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) promotes the values ​​of science in society, seeking to bring ordinary citizens closer to science and fostering a critical, collaborative, participatory, confident, knowledgeable and inclusive identity. In order to help society respond to some of the greatest social challenges of our time, the Public Engagement unit, the Lab in a Box Project and the Active Citizenship Programme promote science communication initiatives - education, public engagement and active citizenship in science - aimed at diverse audiences and stakeholders.



In 2019, the IGC and the Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology (ITQB NOVA) established a partnership with Oeiras Municipalityunder the latter’s strategy “Science and Technology – 2020 to 2025”. Within the scope of this program, a strategy was put forward for the areas of ​​science, education and society that aims to contribute to the construction of a more participatory and knowledgeable society, that identifies itself with the use of scientific processes as a tool for critical and creative thinking. Under this strategy, the focus is also on the investigation of new science communication tools that afford a measurable and lasting impact on society.

In order to channel efforts towards the great civilizational questions of our day, this unit seeks to respond to different scientific-societal challenges, such as how to better convey truth and mitigate fake news, or how to communicate the importance of basic science.

Updated on 24 march 2021