Network Modelling

Claudine Chaouiya

Thanks to great technological advances, regulatory networks are being uncovered that control cellular processes.

Complementary to experimental approaches, mathematical models allow to get further insights into the functioning of these complex networks and to formulate hypotheses, e.g. identify proper strategies to enforce or prevent certain properties.

In this context, considering the dimensions and complexity of the networks at stake, the research group mainly relies on the logical framework, which can uncover the key characteristics of the dynamics of such large networks, as demonstrated by a growing number of published models.

Their activity is mainly organized along three lines:

  • Methodological developments to enhance the analysis of large interaction networks (properties in terms of attractors, reachability, etc.);
  • Implementation of new methods in the form of software tools;
  • Development of models to tackle specific biological questions, in close collaboration with experimentalists.





Claudine Chaouiya, Principal


PhD in Computer Science, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, France




Phone: +351 214464501

E-mail: [email protected]