Ongoing work

The HRS4R certification is a continuous and evolving process.

The IGC is currently working on the following topics:


Good practice in research

  1. Health & Safety: despite the mandatory training in biosafety issues an official emergency plan was published in the website.
  2. Information technology disaster: plan to be published 
  3. Data Protection: already published in institutional website but final procedure being validated with Legal Dep.


Evaluation/ appraisal systems

  1. Approve evaluation/appraisal procedures and template for all employees
  2. Implementation the new evaluation process


Working conditions

Define work-life balance policy


Career development

  1. Approve the career model
  2. Develop and implement a clear career development plan for all job families


Value of mobility

The career development plan to be implemented must value mobility as an important mean to enhance scientific knowledge.


Relation with supervisors

Define general procedures on how all scientific work progress is registered and supervised, including Lab Books filling.


Professional attitude

  1. The IGC Strategic Goals (2019-2022) 
  2. Every Research group mission can be consulted in the institutional website 

Group missions


Recognition of the profession

  1. Define a career development plan
  2. Promote the information near the researchers


Funding and salaries

Define a salary table per job family and submit for Board approval.


Intellectual Property Rights

Define a clear IP Policy together with Legal Department.




HR Excellence in Research        

Updated on 24 june 2022

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