Quantitative Organism Biology

Jorge Carneiro

Cells of multicellular organisms cooperate to ensure body development and maintenance throughout life.

They do this in a collective distributed manner, without any master or plan.

The Quantitative Organism Biology group studies the multilevel mechanisms that give rise to properties of the whole organism, in search for general principles of biological organisation and, eventually, the design of artificial systems.

One of our main research interests is the immune system, in which cells collectively ensure body housekeeping and homeostasis, avoid autoimmune diseases, and fight cancer and infections.

We also investigate the morphodynamics of cells and tissues during fertilisation and embryonic development of metazoan.

Our approach is two fold: on the one hand, we create mathematical models of specific exemplary systems aiming to uncover basic principles, and on the other hand, we develop the quantitative methods required to assess the properties and predictions of these models.


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