Future Forum

The Future Forum is aimed at identifying, studying and conveying knowledge on the great challenges of the future, by recognizing and foreseeing these challenges, to obtain critical mass and open up major topics for public discussion.

The Forum will focus specifically on disruptive issues for our future including health, demographic, economic, social, democratic and environmental challenges, technology trends and Europe, identifying and studying the best ways of embracing and addressing them in cooperation with other European think tanks, universities and foundations.

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  • Identify key social issues, challenges and opportunities
  • Carry out research projects, reports, workshops and public policy studies
  • Convey knowledge produced through innovative means of communication


  • Robert Post – Yale Law School (Part 1)
  • Carolina Pereira – Human rights and media activist
  • Marta Sousa Ramos – Master’s Student in Politics, NYU
  • Walter Russell Mead – Bard College
  • Luísa Pimenta – Student 11th grade
  • Guilherme Penedo – Master student in Aerospace Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Paul Collier – University of Oxford
  • Marco Guedes – Student 12th grade
  • Joana Ferreira – Student 9th grade
  • Cátia Batista – Nova-SBE
  • Francisco de Abreu Duarte – Doctoral student of Law at the European University Institute
  • Carlos Jorge Vaz – Student 12th grade
  • Constantino Xavier – Brookings, India
  • João Marecos – Lawyer
  • Lígia Fonseca Coelho – PhD Student in Bioengineering, Instituto Superior Técnico – MIT Portugal
  • Andoni Luiz Aduriz – Mugaritz Restaurant
  • Tiago Quaresma – COMUR, Canning Industry
  • Inês Rico – Environmental Engineering Student, Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Luísa Schmidt – Sociologist and principal researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Lisbon
  • Manuel Leite – Student 12th grade