Quality Policy

This Policy summarizes the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s main guidelines on the conduct and actions of all its Employees and reflects the commitment of the Board of Trustees to the issues of quality, environment, occupational health and safety, social accountability and sustainable development.

Its content was established according the Foundation´s Statutes and ‘Code of Conduct’, in its Mission and Vision, taking into account the specificities resulting from the foundational nature and the wide range of its activities.

The Foundation aims to consolidate and enhance, on a sustainable basis, its institutional performance according to its main Values – Integrity, Independence, Transparency and Responsibility – in the fields of Arts, Charity, Science and Education.

In this perspective, all the FCG’s Employees should be aware of the importance of their contribution to the institution’s overall performance. Regardless of their individual job and activity area, all Employees should behave coherently with the FCG’s interests and those of all other relevant Stakeholders.


The FCG establishes the following principles of daily conduct:

  • Professional Pride
    All Employees shall strive to perform their duties so as to meet the high standards required and, when applicable, shall be attentive to the needs of the FCG’s Beneficiaries and different Publics, mainly for those who show the need for specific support, and shall contribute proactively to identify and implement opportunities for improvement.
  • Team Spirit
    Management Staff shall cultivate team spirit within and between departments in order to assure that the broader vision and interests prevail, with each Employee contributing to this purpose, to optimum coordinated effect.
  • Compliance with Requirements
    Each area of activity shall assure that services are provided in a manner consistent with all the requirements applicable to every aspect of the quality management system, Including those FCG considers more relevant to the different Stakeholders.
    In addition to other requirements which the FCG may identify or subscribe to, there shall be evidence of compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements relating to the characteristics of products and services, environmental issues, dangers to the health and safety of persons and all issues relating to social accountability.
    The FCG shall assure that this message is conveyed to all its Suppliers and Service Providers.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Promotion
    All areas of activity shall adopt procedures to minimize the exposure to risks of all Employees, including Service Providers.
  • Environmental Protection
    All areas of activity shall adopt procedures which help minimize the wasting of resources and which prevent the pollution resulting from their respective impacts, as well as exercising its ability to influence the various Stakeholders in order to protect the environment.
  • Beneficiary and Public Satisfaction
    AAll areas of activity shall assure that the Beneficiaries of the FCG’s work and its different Publics recognize the quality of the services provided, and are satisfied and encouraged to maintain their ties with the FCG.
    Whenever applicable, steps shall also be taken to assure that the interests of other Stakeholders are also safeguarded.
  • Continuous Improvement
    All areas of activity shall systematically set targets and take steps which contribute to continuous improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of the applicable quality management system, as well as for economic, social and environmental sustainability, to assure the best results, the involvement and support to the community and other relevant Stakeholders, together with environment protection, to ensure the quality of life for future generations.
  • Leadership and Governance
    Management Staff shall set an example of commitment to all the principles of conduct and shall, to the appropriate level, assure the operative deployment of this Policy for each specific area of activity and implement to the fullest extent the respective quality management system.


Revision 2, the 8th of November 2019

Updated on 16 december 2019

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