Climate and Ocean

Promoting effective engagement on climate and ocean action

Climate change is the most urgent challenge of our time. But we know that action is not happening at the pace or scale required, and approaches are often siloed.

To mobilise action at scale, we need to engage broad sections of the public, including those most affected. We need to give people agency and hope, show that change benefits them, and the time to act is now.

The Foundation is committed to helping ensure a sustainable future for our planet and people by prioritising sustainability in our overall strategy and investing in engagement on climate and ocean action. The Foundation’s goal is to help get delivery back on track in Portugal and the UK, and contribute towards the global effort to keep us as close as possible to 1.5ºC.

Our approach

We focus on effective engagement on climate and ocean action. We recognise that the climate and nature crises are interlinked. Ocean protection is central to effective climate action and can play a key role in climate solutions.

Through projects, grants and convening stakeholders, we seek to increase the capability of local authorities, civil society and other sectors to leverage change in Portugal and the UK, and to spread what works internationally through collaboration.

We invest in research, capacity building, tools and networks to develop and deploy effective approaches at scale. We support flagship projects which evidence the benefits to people of climate action and have the potential for widespread impact. We champion sustainability internally and via our public platforms.

Key areas of action

Reaching beyond the bubble of climate converts

Tackling climate change successfully needs broad support. We must leave no one behind. Working with civil society, local authorities and businesses, we aim to increase knowledge, skills and capacity to influence new audiences and scale effective engagement. We encourage collaboration across sectors and the inclusion of underrepresented voices.

Changing the story

The stories we tell and the way we tell them shape societal attitudes and the political will for change. We work with narrative change experts and communicators to champion values-based and evidence-driven approaches, investing in projects and partnerships that will influence policy as well as public attitudes and behaviours.

Evidencing the benefits of nature-based and fair transition solutions

Climate action can be greener and fairer. We invest in flagship initiatives which showcase the benefits for both people and nature. We put local communities—especially the disadvantaged and disengaged—at the centre of our strategy and encourage collaboration, knowledge-sharing, acceleration, replication, and scaling for wider impact.

Walking the talk

We work in partnership with units across the Foundation to promote sustainability through our own work. We are reducing our energy-related footprint, piloting innovative projects and using our public spaces and activities to share progress, inspire others and encourage creative engagement on climate.





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