2030 Foresight Portugal

The 2030 Foresight Portugal project, as part of the Gulbenkian Future Forum, is a venue for comprehensive analysis, reflection and action on the societal challenges facing Portugal, Europe and the world in the present and medium/long term. It consists of a dual exercise:

  1. Exploratory outlook, focusing on issues outside of Portugal’s control which will have a major short and medium-term impact on its economy, society and contextual environment (the world and the European Union);
  2. Strategic outlook, focusing on the different directions Portugal can take between now and 2030, taking developments within this contextual environment into account.

In its initial phase, most likely during 2020, thematic studies will be prepared by various specialists in fields considered essential to understanding which external (international and European) and internal (domestic) aspects might have the highest impact on the country through 2030. In a second phase ending in 2021, contrasting scenarios will be built for Portugal with a timeline of 2030. These are target dates only, subject to developments in the COVID-19 pandemic.


Updated on 26 may 2020