2030 Foresight Portugal

How will Portugal be like in 2030? Will we be better able to grow and prosper? Will we be able to respond to the challenges of climate change and social cohesion and mobility?

This decade is expected to be turbulent. We will not be able to count on the same growth factors or follow the public policy guidelines that, so far, have failed to take Portugal out of a long period of near stagnation.

This decade is also expected to be a transition period, marked by the shock between the past and the future. On one hand, we will experience limitations to the growth of existing solutions and activities. On the other hand, we will pass through difficulties arising from a new wave of growth, based on a new technical-economic system and new geoeconomics and geopolitics that should only stabilise by 2050.

The Foresight Portugal 2030 project is a foresight exercise that crossed economic and financial, demographic, social, technological, environmental, geoeconomics and geopolitical issues to elaborate 3 possible scenarios for the positioning of Portugal in the future:

  • Scenario 1: Confidence in continuity
  • Scenario 2: With talent, in search of a new space in Europe
  • Scenario 3: Portugal “4D” – Digitalization, diversification, dynamism and distinction


Updated on 27 september 2022

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