Undergraduate Summer School

During the Summer School, students will be able to develop a research project in a laboratory at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência.

Students will be integrated into a research group, participating in its several activities and, for at least a month, they will learn how to plan and execute experiments and how to interpret the results. The Summer School will also provide an overview of the research done at IGC and will train students to present scientific concepts and projects.




  • 02/2020 – 30/04/2020: Call open 
  • 01 – 08/05/2020: Evaluations

  •  18 – 22/05/2020: Interviews

  • 05/06/2020: Communication of final results

  • 27 – 31/07/2020: Classes*

  • 03 – 28/08/2020: Internships*

  • 28/08/2020: Final presentation*

*Considering the current uncertainty of future events, we are working towards our Summer School Programme being virtual, if not able to be in presence.


Who can apply

IGC is looking for undergraduate students from all scientific disciplines (e.g., biology, biochemistry, mathematics, medicine, engineer and physics) motivated and interested in life sciences. Preference is given to second and third-year undergraduate students (at the time of application deadline).


How to apply

Applications are submitted, exclusively in English, through the online platform till 30 Apr 2020.



Applicants must submit the following elements on the application platform:

  • Motivation letter, max 4000 characters – where there must be included a clear choice of the lab to develop the project during the internship (should choose up to two labs, ordered by preference)
  • Curriculum vitae.



All candidates may apply for a fellowship to cover travel and accommodation (except for candidates residing in the Lisbon area). 

Note: Participation in the Programme does not imply any contractual relationship with IGC.


Summer School 2020 hosting labs

  • Membrane Traffic (Colin Adrain)
  • Cell biology of viral infection (Maria João Amorim)
  • Evolutionary Dynamics (Claudia Bank)
  • Lymphocyte Physiology (Jocelyne Demengeot)
  • Cell cycle regulation (Mónica Bettencourt-Dias)
  • Evolutionary Biology (Isabel Gordo)
  • Advanced Imaging Facility (Gabriel Martins)
  • Technico Scientific Support (Nuno Moreno)
  • Chromosome Dynamics (Raquel Oliveira)
  • Digital and Quantitative Science Unit (Tiago Paixão)
  • Host-microbe interactions (Luís Teixeira)





Câmara Municipal de Oeiras       

Undergraduate Summer School Committee
Maria João Amorim
Luís Teixeira
Gabriel Martins


For more information
[email protected]
Tel: +351 214 464 549