The IGC organizes study visits from schools to the institute and also takes scientists to schools on a regular basis. As part of the “Ciência Aberta a Oeiras” programme, resulting from the partnership established with the Oeiras Municipality, we will give priority to visits from schools in the Municipality of Oeiras. Registration for “Visits to the IGC” or  “IGC Scientists go to School” activity must be made by teachers in the Municipality of Oeiras through the online platform Oeiras Educa. Schools or entities from other municipalities that want to schedule one of these activities may contact us directly.



Visits to the IGC

The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência receives study visits from secondary school students so that they can get to know the IGC laboratories, technological platforms and research projects taking place at the institute. With the aim of bringing science and scientists closer to schools, and vice versa, the visits seek to contribute to the promotion of knowledge and critical thinking. Visits require prior registration. 

Traditionally, study visits take place in person. However, due to the pandemic state derived from Covid-19, study visits are temporarily suspended and can be converted into online sessions with IGC scientists through the LabChat programme. 


Virtual Tour to the IGC

Explore the virtual tour to the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) and discover who is the mysterious Scientist X who left an enigmatic letter and spread clues throughout the institute.

This activity allows students to learn a little more about the science that is done in Portugal and about the day-to-day life of scientists, in addition to having to interpret results to solve the science puzzles that were left by Scientist X. The virtual tour is made interactively, and uses 360º video technology, allowing the visitor to observe the entire surrounding space.

Please note that this visit is in Portuguese.

Click here to access the Virtual Tour


Useful Information

*Access to the virtual tour requires a good internet connection.

*To access the virtual tour you must use Google Chrome browser.

*Depending on the speed of your internet connection, video playback may take more or less time. 

*We advise that when refreshing the page you will return to the beginning of the visit, we advise you to wait a few moments for the videos to play.

*The visit uses 360º video technology, if you are using a mobile device, you only have to move the device to the side, so you can see what is going on around you. If you are on the computer, use the mouse to move the image.


IGC Scientists Go to School 

Whenever possible, IGC scientists take their research to preschools and elementary schools in the municipality of Oeiras and the greater Lisbon area, in order to bridge the gap between the school and the scientific community. Researchers talk about what it means to be a scientist and explore with students a particular scientific topic in the area of life sciences. Activities may consist of lectures or practical activities. 

During the 2020/2021 school year, this activity may be canceled and converted to a digital session, if the pandemic evolution does not allow scientists to go to schools.


Lab Chat

LabChat sessions create an opportunity for teachers and students, who for some reason are unable to come to the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, to contact with scientists through the use of video conferencing platforms.

Updated on 24 march 2021

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