Neuronal responses to bacterial signals

Ilana Gabanyi

The NeuroBiota lab studies the interactions between the microbial community of the gastrointestinal track and the central nervous system, known as the microbiota-gut-brain axis. A very exciting, fast-growing field of research.

Our focus is direct interactions between gut-bacterial signals and brain neurons. Ilana has shown, in her post-doc, that microbe-derived compounds are found in the brain and are able to influence neuronal activity. Moreover, some of these interactions are sex- and age-dependent (Gabanyi et al., Science 2022).

The lab is currently investigating intriguing follow-up questions derived from this work:
  • Which factors (e.g. hormones) influence the neuronal response to bacterial products?
  • How and which bacterial signals are able to reach the brain and alter neuronal activity?
  • What are the downstream responses to these bacterial-induced neuronal alterations?

The research team combines techniques from different fields, including 3D brain imaging, microbial sequencing, and transgenic mice, to dissect the mechanisms of microbiota-neuron crosstalk.





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