Summer school inspiring future scientists

Class of 2023 brings together 12 students from 5 different nationalities.
26 jul 2023

The trip started by boat and promises to be inspiring along the way. The scientific areas they study range from physics to biology, and the desire to explore is felt in their enthusiasm.

The IGC Summer School intends to bring undergraduate students to discover and explore the scientific career they may embrace. An incredible opportunity for young students to be involved in a scientific community, with the support of the Oeiras City Council, with access to the different infrastructures available, and developing the network needed for future collaborative projects. During the first week, they can explore laboratories and scientific services to get to know the entire scientific community, go on a field trip, do laboratory work in a scientific unit, and prepare a final presentation to detail what they learned during this first expedition.

This year brought news, and the journey began at sea, even before they arrived.

A first trip by boat, with the support of the Cascais Council, allowed those responsible for the IGC’s scientific support units to collect water and sediment samples at two different points. Points of scientific relevance and interest for the Cascais Council were sought, as it allows relevant monitoring. A second field trip took place later and was already attended by the students. Above all, it made it possible to show them how samples can be collected and how they should be transported and stored. An activity that combined recreational, historical, and scientific interests and contributed to promoting the integration of all the new elements of this year’s class.

With the necessary samples collected during the two outings, students can start their processing in the imaging, microscopy, and genomics units—a way of understanding the whole process and allowing them to have a complete view of the projects.

After this first week of activities, the participants will participate in a communication workshop to help them in the project’s final presentation. During August, they will be distributed to ten laboratories and two scientific services to develop their research projects. The work they are developing will be of the utmost importance in their training, building a network of contacts, and future career decisions. A mission the IGC takes in the core of its activities is to contribute to preparing future leaders and an involved society.



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