Building Bridges in Biology Symposium

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The Building Bridges in Biology Symposium brings together scientists from different fields in biology, ranging from cell and molecular biology, to development, immunology, ecology, and evolution. Each day of the symposium will not focus on a specific field or topic, but rather on overarching concepts related to how one approaches their object of study:

  • Within the system – How do biological systems depend on their components?
  • Between systems – How do biological systems interact?
  • Changes to the system – How do biological systems change upon perturbation?

The Building Bridges in Biology Symposium aims to explore biological systems from different perspectives into creating new connections and collaborations between fields.

We welcome everyone to join us on 1st-3rd of March 2023 at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) to share their work and look at it from an entirely different perspective!


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Carolina Pereira (Chromosome Dynamics Lab, IGC, Portugal)
Catarina Peneda (Cell Cycle Regulation Lab, IGC, Portugal)
Kátia Jesus (Innate Immunity and Inflammation Lab, IGC, Portugal)
Marco Louro (Cell Cycle Regulation Lab, IGC, Portugal and Theoretical Ecology and Evolution, Institute for Ecology and Evolution Lab, Switzerland)
Mariana Gil (Cell Biology and Tissue Morphogenesis Lab, IGC, Portugal)
Massimo Amicone (Evolutionary Biology Lab, IGC, Portugal)
Priscilla Akyaw (Evolution and Development Lab, IGC, Portugal)







The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation reserves the right to collect and keep records of images, sounds and voice for the diffusion and preservation of the memory of its cultural and artistic activity. For further information, please contact us through the Information Request form.

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