Field of Intervention A – Projects

Participation of NGOs in the design and implementation of public policies at national, regional and local levels

Within the scope of this Field of Intervention, the Programme supports projects which aim to create or develop mechanisms and tools that:

  • increase the influence of NGOs in political decision processes, at the various decision levels
  • encourage the participation of civil society in decision-making processes such as public consultations, public hearings, petitions or participative budgets
  • contribute to the dialogue and cooperation between NGOs and public authorities regarding public policy implementation, particularly at a local level
  • reinforce the awareness of NGOs and civil society to the need to monitor and survey public policies


[accordion-tab title=”Large Projects”]

The following “Large Projects” have been approved:


Citizenship & Territory – Sustainable Local Development

Promoted by Rumo, Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social, Crl

Partners: Rota do Guadiana – Associação de Desenvolvimento Integrado, Terras Dentro – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Integrado and Associação Cultural e Recreativa de Tondela

The project aims to create a platform for inter-institutional cooperation on sustainable territorial development, engaging NGOs, public bodies, the business sector and civil society gathered for consultation, debate and the issuing of recommendations and tools for intervention. Considering the need for setting concerted goals, strategies and targets for sustainable territorial development between public and private stakeholders, the promoter intends to undertake a comprehensive and participated survey of the current practices, their potential and constraints, properly assed by Focus Groups, will result in the issuing of a report. Subsequent dissemination and capacity building actions will serve as a basis for two experimental processes, in urban and rural areas, resulting in an orientation and support document for a legislative initiative.

The four participating NGOs have extensive experience working in different geographical environments and will involve around 90 organizations in the project, nationwide and locally.

Key area: Good governance and transparency
Project initiated in February 2014
Approved support: 107,842€
More on this project:
CP5063, Rua 19, nº 13, Quimiparque
2831-904 Barreiro


Sintra Youth Participation Network

Promoted by Dínamo – Associação de Dinamização Sócio-Cultural
Partners: Memóriapurada – Associação and Junta de Freguesia de Agualva

This is a local project that intends to consolidate a previous civil society initiative promoting civic participation of youngsters – the Sintra Youth Participation Network. Acting in a culturally diverse community, the promoter will undertake a set of activities with and for young people, aged 14 to 30, fostering their inclusion in decision-making processes and in monitoring public policies. The project will create tools and a forum for the dialogue with policy makers and other organizations or groups dealing with youth matters, such as schools and informal juvenile groups. The management of an online tool, the organization of municipal youth meetings, seminars, training and awareness-raising sessions on political engagement or good practice exchange events between NGOs and public bodies are examples of the actions within the scope of this project.

The project is promoted by a local youth organization in partnership with public and private organizations for local and proximity action.

Key area: Participatory democracy
Project initiated in February 2014
Approved support: 96,252€
More on this project:
Praceta Francisco Ramos da Costa nº 13 A
2725-579 Tapada das Mercês

logo Dínamo - Associação de Dinamização Sócio-Cultural


dQa – Citizenship for the monitoring of public water policies

Promoted by Quercus – Associação Nacional de Conservação da Natureza
Partners: ERSAR – Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços de Águas e dos Resíduos, I.P. and APA – Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente, I.P.

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the sustainable management of water resources. The promoter’s technical capacity through the reinforcement of its specialized human resources will increase and improve its capability to raise awareness, train and mobilize both the civil society and the public administration to the importance of identifying and preserving water masses. In order to assure full compliance with national and Community law, the promoter will invest on its advocacy role in order to monitor and influence public policies by issuing public statements and participating in public consultations on water matters. The project also features a strong multimedia communication plan to raise public awareness.

The promoter is a nationwide environmental NGO in partnership with two national authorities in charge of the development, implementation, regulation and enforcement of environmental policies.

Key area: Promotion of partnerships between NGOs and public authorities
Project initiated in January 2014
Approved support: 112,418€
More on this project:
Centro Associativo do Calhau
1500-045 Lisboa


New Challenges in combating Sexual Violence

Promoted by Associação de Mulheres Contra a Violência
Partners: Plataforma Portuguesa para o Direito das Mulheres, Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal e Ciências Forenses, I.P. and Direção Geral de Saúde

The ultimate goal of the project is to highlight on the political agenda the need for better prevention and intervention in the field of Sexual Violence, by influencing the definition of new measures and specific public policies to tackle this form of assault on human rights. The promoter will work both with professionals dealing with this phenomenon and with its victims. The action plan envisages the creation of a support office and the definition of procedures and quality standards in order to establish an integrated intervention model, networking all the existing specialized support resources – health, law enforcement, justice and psychosocial support. Furthermore, it comprises the establishment of a mutual relief and self-representation group, the launching of an online petition, training and briefing events and the publication of a booklet.

Promoted by a NGO advocating for the protection of Human Rights in partnership with a platform for Women´s Rights, the project includes two national authorities in matters of Justice and Heath.

Key area: Gender-based violence
Project initiated in February 2014
Approved support: 112,425€
More on this project:
Rua João Villaret nº 9
1000-182 Lisboa


Integrating to nourish – knowledge, health and sustainability

Promoted by Oikos – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento
Partners: Direção-Geral da Saúde and Instituto Superior de Agronomia

In a multi-stakeholder, capacity building approach which brings together NGOs, universities, scholars and public officers into the decision making processes, this project, although focusing on food and nutrition, aims at addressing major issues such as environmental sustainability, social solidarity and economic rights. The final purpose is to articulate six relevant public policies areas (agriculture, education, welfare, environment, health and gender) in the planning of an integrated strategy for food. A broad survey and assessment on current practices, compiled in an online platform, will serve as basis for this participated design process led by six Communities of Practice. Stakeholders will be working for greater justice, equity, safety and quality in food production and consumption in Portugal.

The project is promoted by an environmental NGO in partnership with a school of agronomy and a public body in charge of health matters with the role of ensuring political engagement and mainstreaming.

Key area: Promotion of partnerships between NGOs and public authorities
Project initiated in January 2014
Approved support: 110,706€
More on this project: 

Rua Visconde Moreira de Rey, nº 37, Linda-a-Pastora
2790-447 Queijas



Artways – Educational Policies and Training Against Violence and Juvenile Deliquency

Promoted by UMAR – União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta
Partners: Direção Geral Reinserção e Serviços Prisionais, União de Meridianos and Agrupamento de Escolas Carolina Michaëlis

This project aims at raising the awareness of young people to the issue of gender violence, which is not sufficiently addressed by the education system, and to accumulate experience which will contribute to the improvement of the education policies regarding gender equality. The project, to be implemented in northern Portugal, will work with juvenile delinquents, institutions dealing with students and professionals dealing with gender violence.

Primary prevention actions will be promoted among young people, to accomplish behavioural change. These actions will namely include the implementation of a primary prevention programme for the youths themselves, through the use of art tools, as well as awareness sessions with families and communities. On the other hand, the training of professionals, an important tool for prevention, is also foreseen.

The project will also provide for dissemination actions regarding good practice in violence prevention and juvenile delinquency.

Key Areas: Youth; gender-based violence
Project initiated in September 2014
Approved support: 109,251€

 Artways - Políticas Educativas e de Formação Contra a Violência e Deliquência Juvenil


Portugal Participates – Pathways for Societal Innovation

Promoted by Associação In Loco
Partners: Centro de Estudos Sociais, Câmara Municipal de Odemira and Câmara Municipal de Cascais

This project intends to help bring about change in organizations and in society, by exploring new pathways for the exercise of citizenship, and by building up trust between institutions and populations. It includes the creation of an annual good practices award for local authorities, and training activities aimed at local government technicians. It will also take the debate on active citizenship to Parliament and involve the parliamentary groups.

The project consists of 3 phases: systematization of good practices on participatory democracy; training of actors for social innovation; and implementation, experimentation, consolidation and dissemination of practices regarding participatory democracy.

Based on the working experience of the various participating organizations, and in the day-to-day life of the various communities involved, the project will empower organizations with regard to methodologies for participatory democracy, and experiment with new ways for social innovation.

Key Area: Good governance and transparency
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 117.009€



[accordion-tab title=”Small Projects”]

The following “Small Projects” have been approved:


Education Center for Sustainability

Promoted by Onda Verde
Partner: Abrigo Seguro- Associação de Solidariedade Social

The creation of a Sustainability Education Center, in Avintes, is an investment in both the enhancement, requalification and promotion of the region’s natural resources and in the project’s beneficiaries’ personal and social skills development, their mutual assistance and inter-generational solidarity. The rehabilitation of a building will create the necessary infrastructure for the consolidation of an environmental education strategy towards nature and biodiversity conservation, and for promoting scientific culture and citizen´s access to information on environmental matters. With an approach based on experimentation and acquisition of know-how as means of fostering reflection and awareness, the focus will be on occupational and training activities targeting school-age children.

The centre will be managed by two local NGOs. The promoter will focus on environmental education and preservation issues, and the partner will be in charge of mobilizing beneficiaries and facilitating their psychosocial capacity building.

Key area: Promotion of active citizenship
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 22,500€
More on this project:ção-para-a-Sustentabilidade
Rua 5 de Outubro, n.º 1733
4430-80 Avintes


Green Forest – Promoting Civic Values and Forestry Policy in Minho

Promoted by ADEFM – Associação de Defesa da Floresta do Minho

This project, which focuses on raising awareness, reflection and debate on forestry, intends to disseminate good practices to prevent and decrease the risk and dangerousness of arson and forest fires and, additionally, to increase the engagement of civil society in the definition, monitoring and implementation of public policies and legislation on forestry planning and intervention. At the same time, the increased availability of forestry products, as well as the enhanced potential of the forest regarding other economic activities such as tourism, will further reinforce sustainable local economic development. The project focuses on information and consultation sessions and workshops, a seminar and a contest, aimed at two key target-groups: children aged 6 to 13 and local stakeholders, such as private landowners, community forest managers, NGOs and regional authorities.

Promoted by an environmental NGO, the project takes place in local rural communities in the northern area of Portugal around Peneda-Gerês National Park.

Key area: Participatory democracy
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 15,715€
More on this project:
Rua José Afonso, n.º 192
4700-392 Braga

 Floresta Verde - Promoção de Valores Cívicos e Políticas Florestais no Minho


Citizen Fab Lab: Citizenship Laboratory

Promoted by Novotecna – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Tecnológico

Fostering civil society’s active participation in the social production system and in the conception of local and national public policies, the promoter will create a laboratory for social innovation, in the Coimbra region. It intends to replicate, in the social sphere, an approach used for technological research activities, which stimulates creativity and gives shape and tests new ideas and projects aiming at a sustainable development, as it is customized to individuals’ needs. The aim is to design and experiment solutions to problems that are directly identified at local level, engaging all participants and matching the solutions to the real needs of beneficiaries.

With a methodology anchored on know-how, and focusing on youth, education stakeholders, scholars and public and private officers, the Citizen FabLab will be a technological platform for social innovation, supported by an experts’ forum and featuring a specific training plan on social answers and a skills certification process.

Key area: Promotion of active citizenship
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 22,500€
More on this project:
Rua Coronel Júlio Veiga Simão
3025-307 Coimbra


Decent work for domestic workers

Promoted by Associação Comunidária

The goal of the project is the dignification of domestic work in Portugal as a way to promote human rights. According with the promoter, domestic work is almost exclusively performed by women, often immigrants, and not uncommonly, victims of harassment, discrimination, xenophobia and even human trafficking. It is still often carried out in the shadow economy, without any kind of welfare protection. Domestic workers go on being socially and economically undervalued and get little support from public services on what regards family assistance and professional and personal development. The promoter wishes to advocate for changes on the existing legal framework, to make it compatible with international standards and with the Portuguese constitutional principles.

In an effort to achieve social dialogue and commitment to this legal change there will be information and briefing sessions, as well as meetings, involving and promoting active participation of the workers, employers and all other relevant stakeholders and a specialized website will be created as well.

Key area: Human rights including minorities rights
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 9,307€
More on this project:
Rua Cidade da Horta, 14 B Lisboa
1000-102 Lisboa

Pelo Trabalho Doméstico Digno


Telheiras Local Partnership

Promoted by Associação Viver Telheiras – Centro de Convergência de Telheiras

Based on the citizenship principle of the Right to the City, this project intends to foster the engagement of civil society – citizens and organizations – in the processes of urban governance and management, promoting their sense of urban righteousness and obligation. It specifically aims at the consolidation and enlargement of the Telheiras’s Local Partnership, an institutional partnership formed for submitting an application by the Telheiras neighborhood to the Lisbon municipality’s Local Agenda XXI. The creation of a platform of NGOs, under general coordination of the promoter, will stimulate networking and enhance the synergetic use of the neighborhood’s available resources.

Through community events, by managing a local digital platform informing about activities, services and resources – Living Telheiras -, by creating a volunteer group and through training and capacity building sessions for NGOs’ staff, the promoter intends to reinforce the beneficiaries’ sense of local identity and their general knowledge about the neighborhood’s organizations, activities and initiatives, addressing their current underuse.

Key area: Creation of networks and platforms of NGOs
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 22,054€
More on this project:
Rua Prof. Mário Chicó, Ed. 1, 1F
1600-643 Lisboa


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