Field of Intervention B – Projects

Promoting democratic values, including Human Rights, Minority Rights and the Fight Against Discrimination

Within the scope of this Field of Intervention, the Programme supports projects which aim to create or develop mechanisms and tools that:

  • Inform, sensitize and educate professionals, education agents and the general public, in promoting Active Citizenship
  • Train people and bodies specialized in brokering issues of disadvantaged groups, with a view to the integration of these groups in the community
  • Strengthen the active participation in society of disadvantaged groups, risk and subject to discrimination organizations and provide solutions to their problems
  • Promote better access to public services in general, and particularly those relevant to specific groups
  • Coordinate information and support local services for disadvantaged groups and groups at risk
  • Contribute to the intervention in sectors of the community which are short in terms of participation in civil society

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The following “Large Projects” have been aprooved:


Youth for gender equality, development and global citizenship

Promoted by RS – Rosto Solidário – Associação de Desenvolvimento Social e Humano
Partner: Rede Inducar

Aiming to raise awareness among youth groups towards gender equality and global citizenship, training will be provided to youth agents, through informal education methodologies, with a view to implement awareness-raising actions concerning these subjects. The training will be provided to 20 volunteers with a leader profile by 2 qualified trainers, and will address global citizenship, gender equality and cultural diversity. After the training sessions, these youth leaders will be responsible for training other youths, with the support of a pedagogical kit and multimedia material and the assistance and follow-up of a tutor. Awareness actions will also be promoted through the exhibition and discussion of films and documentaries, debates and other events related to the topics.

The two NGOs have been part of a partnership since 2011 in projects related to awareness-raising programmes among youth groups, in subjects such as Human Rights and Citizenship. Other informal partners will also be cooperating in specific activities.

Key area: Gender equality
Project initiated in March 2014
Approved support: 68,453€
More on this project:
R. Mestre António Joaquim, 8
4520-239 Santa Maria da Feira



Justice for @ll

Promoted by IPAV – Instituto Padre António Vieira
Partners: Alto Comissariado para a Emigração e Diálogo Intercultural, Centro de Estudos Judiciários and Direitos Humanos – Centro de Investigação Interdisciplinar da Universidade do Minho

Seeking to increase the level of literacy of the young with respect to Justice and Human Rights, the project endeavours to promote democratic values among young people (aged 12 to 25), focusing in particular on disadvantaged youths and risk groups, through awareness-raising and dissemination actions, workshops and simulation games on Court cases. The project is innovative regarding the proposed field of action and methodology, being initiated with an invitation for schools, education centres and prison establishments to participate. Each team will select a study case and prepare a simulated trial which will be presided by a real judge. With a total duration of 24 months, the project will involve 4,870 young people, 369 teachers/justice professionals and 246 institutions.

The three partner entities hold the necessary tools for the successful completion of the project and will have the support of other entities in their goal to build, promote and maintain a network for education on Justice and Human Rights.

Key area: Democracy
Project initiated in January 2014
Approved support: 111,821€
More on this project:
Travessa das Pedras Negras, n.º 1, 4.º andar
1100-404 Lisboa



Library of digital books for citizenship and intercultural

Promoted by OLP – Observatório da Língua Portuguesa
Partner: Associação para o Voluntariado de Leitura

With the goal of promoting inclusion of children at risk, to whom books and other resources are scarce, a library of digital books will be created with subjects related to Citizenship, such as the value of democracy and civic participation, defence of minority rights and gender equality, fight against discrimination and social inequalities, fight against racism, xenophobia and hate speech, among others. A library composed of 15 volumes will be created for children of three age groups (aged 5 to 7, 8 to 11 and 12 to 15), and advertised through schools and social networks. A member club will be created in order to promote writing and reflection on the issues covered.

Aiming to project the Portuguese language as a means to pass on humanistic values, the project aims at extending the partnership to other NGOs involved in similar projects.

Key area: Children and youth problems
Project initiated in January 2014
Approved support: 112,500€
More on this project:
Campo Grande, nº 380
1700-097 Lisboa

 OLP - Observatório da Língua Portuguesa


Empowering Today

Promoted by CAIS – Associação de Solidariedade Social
Partners: Fundação EDP, AGIR XXI – Associação para a Inclusão Social and Unicer Bebidas Sa

The project’s main objective is to promote social inclusion, through professional (re)integration, made possible by the personal, social and professional empowerment of socially disadvantaged groups. The project is centred, on one hand, in the training of the technicians and volunteers who support the target groups, and on the other, in the support to the target groups which will be socially reintegrated. It will include information/training and awareness-raising activities for those in social exclusion situations, the empowerment for their reintegration in society and the support and follow-up of the final receivers in the creation of their own job or in the adaptation to new job opportunities, either by incorporating firms or by providing useful solidarity services.

The project will be developed in conjunction with a diversified group of entities selected for their nature and area of intervention, which will contribute towards the successful completion of each stage of the project.

Key area: Social inequalities, poverty and exclusion
Project initiated in January 2014
Approved support: 104,397€
More on this project: 

Rua do Vale Formoso de Cima, nº 49-55
1950-265 Lisboa



Creating for Citizenship

Promoted by Movimento de Defesa da Vida
Partners: Comissão de Proteção de Crianças e Jovens de Évora and Cáritas de Évora

Seeking to promote participation and encourage partnerships between NGOs and public institutions in the defence of Human Rights, especially the rights of minorities, disadvantaged and risk groups, the project aims to enhance active participation of these groups in society and on the organizations who support them. A set of actions and activities directed towards the reduction of the risk of social exclusion of children, youth and their families, will be implemented in Évora. The project will include the training of technicians who accompany children at risk and their families; the setting up of an office where the psychological follow-up will take place; and also workshops and training/awareness-raising sessions with parent groups, which will encourage the creation and development of partnership networks.

The partner entities possess strong local experience and are working towards reinforcing already existing synergies, as well as fostering the creation of new partnership networks that will address this problem.

Key area: Children and youth problems
Project initiated in February 2014
Approved support: 112,366€
More on this project:
Rua da Beneficência nº 7
1050-034 Lisboa

  Movimento de Defesa da Vida


Common denominators

Promoted by Chapitô – Coletividade Cultural e Recreativa de Santa Catarina
Partner: Junta de Freguesia de Campolide

Using art as a tool for social inclusion, this project’s objective is to integrate and drive social and cultural networks, intervening in socialization processes and developing new practices in the training, self-expression and civic participation areas. The project takes place in Campolide – Lisboa, which has neighbourhoods with a certain stigma. It targets senior and junior residents uprooted from their physical and human territory, and is focused in four areas: language, time, kin and identity, defined in an intergenerational perspective based on active citizenship and solidarity. The methodological matrix promotes intercultural dialogue, awareness-raising on the issues of gender equality, and equal opportunities, and the creation of a thriving social sustainability ecosystem.

This partnership aims at increasing social intervention over vulnerable and socially excluded youth, providing continuity to these organizations’ earlier work.

Key area: Participatory democracy
Project initiated in January 2014
Approved support: 98,164€
More on this project:
Costa do Castelo, nº 1/7
1149-149 Lisboa



Global Policies and Local Strategies for Sustainable Development

Promoted by FEC – Fundação Fé e Cooperação
Partners: Ouremviva, Associação Casa Velha – Ecologia e Espiritualidade and ACTUAR – Associação para a Cooperação e o Desenvolvimento

Focusing on rural development under the framework of the Human Right to sustainable nutrition, the project’s purpose is to increase capacity and encourage small producers and school communities, in the centre of Portugal, to adopt more sustainable development strategies. The target groups are small farmers and youth, with whom the lack of sustainability in small properties, the poor cooperation between local stakeholders and more sustainable life styles will be addressed. The goal is to integrate local producers in local networks through training, awareness-raising and mobilization of youth through workshops and volunteering activities, and the enhancement of local networks towards sustainable development through intergenerational activities and a national seminar.

The undertakings under the scope of this project will be divided between the promoter, a municipal company, a non-profit association and a development NGO.

Key area: Social inequalities, poverty and exclusion
Project initiated in February 2014
Approved support: 112,104€
More on this project: 
Quinta do Cabeço, Porta D
1885-076 Moscavide



An Adventure in the World of Citizenship

Promoted by Grupo Aprender em Festa
Partners: Reencontro – Associação Social, Educativa e Cultural and Câmara Municipal de Gouveia

Starting from the need to promote greater awareness and citizenship practice, involving citizens with the community’s institutions in order to reduce inequalities, strengthen inclusive and intergenerational relationships and attain development based on democratic participation, the project entails the creation of 4 children meeting groups, where they are made aware of their rights and learn how to dialogue and respect the rights of others; 7 youth meeting groups, for the development of personal and social skills and the bolstering of solidarity and citizen participation; and 8 parent groups for the development of personal, social and parental skills aiming at fostering democratic participation, solidarity and the participation in community life. The support of local institutions, NGOs and citizens in general will also be encouraged.

The partner entities have previous experience in supporting children, youth, families and vulnerable groups and are eager to promote civic participation.

Key area: Participatory democracy
Project initiated in March 2014
Approved support: 100,154€
More on this project:
Rua Eulália Mendes
6290-327 Gouveia



exCHANGE | Enable Female Entrepreneurship

Promoted by PEEP – Portugal Entrepreneurship Education Platform
Partners: BagaBaga Studios and Nordland Research Institute

The exchange project – Ativate Female Entrepreneurship – aims to promote female immigrant entrepreneurship in Portugal. This mission will be implemented through two approaches: capacity building of local NGOs working with immigrant women and/or women in a situation of social exclusion, and by sharing life stories of female entrepreneurs. The objective is to turn these stories into role-models for other women to feel inspired to act, and simultaneously help local organizations to improve their practices of support to entrepreneurship.

The goals of this project are the promotion of gender equality and the social inclusion of unemployed and immigrant women;  the development of a network that fosters collaboration and sharing between women and also social technicians; the awareness of all the different sectors to define a national strategy for women’s entrepreneurship; and the capacity building of NGO’s and public institutes for the implementation of projects that promote entrepreneurship, gender equality and fight against discrimination.

Key area: Gender equality
Project initiated in January 2014
Approved support: 44,269€
More on this project:
Fac. de Econ. e Gestão da Univ. Católica Portuguesa, Centro Reg. do Porto, Rua Diogo Botelho, 1327
4169-005 Porto



Anti Discrimination Centre on HIV/AIDS

Promoted by GAT – Grupo Português de Ativistas Sobre Tratamentos VIH/SIDA – Pedro Santos
Partners: Associação Portuguesa para a prevenção e Desafio à SIDA, Claim Happiness -­ Associação and Direção Geral de Saúde

The main focus of this project is a specific type of discrimination – one that affects people living with HIV. The goal is to conduct training of school staff, as well as youth and people in general living with HIV, addressing gender equality and sexual orientation issues. The project is expected to promote healthy and tolerant behaviours, and to train teachers to work with their students, through specific activities, attitudes and language.

Besides the teachers, the project will empower people infected and affected by HIV and stakeholders connected to the fields of health, labour and social welfare, to avoid discrimination. For those who are HIV positive and are discriminated, legal advice and support shall be provided in defence of their rights. A centre for information and documentation will be modernized and extended, and legislative changes will be proposed based on the systematization of discrimination instances reported within the scope of the project.

Key Area: Human rights including minorities rights
Project initiated in November 2014
Approved support: 108,553€

  Centro Anti Discriminação VIH/SIDA


Ubuntu Lives

Promoted by IPAV – Instituto Padre António Vieira
Partners: Alto Comissariado para a Imigração e Diálogo Intercultural, gestor do Programa Escolhas, Direção Geral de Reinserção e Serviços Prisionais and Associação Aprender e Agir

This project will present, in the first person, life stories of young people living in vulnerable social contexts. The life stories of these youths are often marked by great suffering, integration difficulties and various types of discrimination.

These essential issues will be worked in workshops and activities undertaken within the project. The use of the personal storytelling methodology allows for a positive integration of the past, through a training and awareness-raising process which values one’s identity, strengthen self-confidence and promotes a culture of acceptance, respect and mutual aid. The peer training team consists of young people who participated in Ubuntu Academy, a non-formal education project for training young people coming from social exclusion contexts.

The project partners will participate in mobilizing youths, in the implementation of awareness-raising and training activities, in the provision of spaces and in supporting the definition of concepts and content.

Key Areas: Youth; Human rights including minorities rights
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 116,274€



Promotion of Citizenship and Human Rights Programme

Promoted by Agência Piaget para o Desenvolvimento
Partners: Instituto de Apoio à Criança and Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação da Universidade do Porto

Youths in residential care often lack the minimum conditions for healthy growth, personal and social skills, as well as role models for their own development. This project aims to promote citizenship among these young people and help them with their personal and social development.

On the other hand, in many cases the staff working with these youths need to improve their own skills, and the project shall also consider their training, with a view to enabling them to promote citizenship and civic participation among young people and to teach them to carry these values over to other contexts in life.

A first stage of intervention and training for these two target groups shall be followed by the sharing of experiences and knowledge through peer education. Both youths and staff will disseminate their knowledge and experience in other institutions, as well as in seminars and meetings.

Key Areas: Youth; participatory democracy
Project initiated in September 2014
Approved support: 69,008€



Democratic Values Lab

Promoted by iLIDH – Instituto Luso-Ilírio para o Desenvolvimento Humano
Partner: Voksne for Barn

The project aims to promote the development of personal, social and civic skills in children and youth. The core values of the approach will be the basis for a better understanding, very much needed in Europe today, of concepts such as diversity, citizenship and democracy.
The project will employ an innovative pedagogical and interactive exhibition, implemented with the help of the Norwegian partner. The interactive laboratory is designed to stimulate the reflection in children, youths and their families. Visitors will be invited to make choices and carry out exercises, to test their opinions through discussion with other people, and to come up with creative solutions.
As the current educational system focuses more on the technical aspects of skills development, the project shall include the training and awareness of educational agents. These may play an important role in the education of young people, bringing the practice of those values into their lives.

Key Areas: Youth; Democracy
Project initiated in September 2014
Approved support: 105,230€

  Laboratório dos valores democráticos


SOWING – Land of Opportunities

Promoted by BIPP – Banco de Informação de Pais para Pais
Partners: Frustock, Distribuição Alimentar SA and Café 3 – Restauração SA

The project’s starting point is the lack of answers for the professional integration of young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, which leads to unequal access to the labour market. Aiming to help mitigate the problem, partners from different areas came together to create a sustainable alternative for professional training and inclusion of young people. The youths’ families will also be involved.

A group of 36 youths from Lisbon, boys and girls, will be integrated in an agriculture higher education institution. Food produced by them will be sold in a chain of restaurants, its origin being mentioned.

The project is expected to pass on the message that youths with disabilities have skills and can contribute to society through a dignified professional integration. The visibility of this social business and its financial sustainability will enable a new, more inclusive positioning in policymaking, taking into account the needs of people with disability.

Key Areas: Youth; Human rights including minorities rights
Project initiated in September 2014
Approved support: 118,964€


Carry On – Ecosystem services and supporting processes for domestic violence victims

Promoted by Sociedade Portuguesa de Vida Selvagem
Partners: Câmara Municipal de Braga, Universidade do Minho and Grupo de Ação Social Cristã

The development of methodologies to assist domestic violence victims in their recovery is the main purpose of this project. It will promote their social inclusion, individual empowerment, self-esteem and physical and their psychological well-being, as well as the development of sustainable lifestyles.
The project, taking place in the Northern region, will develop activities based on ecosystem services, making use of one of the partners’ expertise in this regard. The importance of ecosystem services for human well-being, though known, is scarcely used in Portugal in supporting and individual growth processes.
The project will promote the cooperation of several entities which normally do not cooperate, in an integrated and multidisciplinary approach that can be applied to other types of target groups. The participation of entities from different social sectors will promote a more effective involvement of the whole society in the defence of human rights.

Key Area: Gender-based violence
Project initiated in November 2014
Approved support: 93,532€



Starfish – Enable, Innovate and Integrate

Promoted by Rumo, Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social, Crl
Partners: Câmara Municipal da Moita and Câmara Municipal do Barreiro

Promoting actions targeting different audiences, the project aims to overcome or prevent social exclusion, working with communities at risk of poverty, NGOs and public authorities in Barreiro and Moita (south of Lisbon). NGOs will be empowered to participate in this important field of public intervention, with the production and dissemination of knowledge on this subject being prominently featured in this project.
Through this project, specialized training in issue mediation among disadvantaged groups will be provided to technical teams and to socially excluded communities, and the coordination of information and local level support services will be promoted, through the creation of an integrated multi-municipality services platform.
Beyond the formal project partners, a wide range of stakeholders, namely including the Portuguese Red Cross, the Portuguese Social Security Institute and the Barreiro-Montijo Hospital, will participate in this project.

Key Area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in November 2014
Approved support: 87,865€

Estrelas do mar


Adventure in the city

Promoted by ARISCO – Instituição para a Promoção Social e da Saúde
Partners: Município de Loures, Município de Odivelas and Faculdade de Psicologia da Universidade de Lisboa

In recent years, economic and social crisis exacerbated the risks associated with social vulnerability, which now threaten an increased share of the Portuguese population. This has been strongly felt in the municipalities of Loures and Odivelas, in the outskirts of Lisbon, where this project will now develop social and emotional skills in children in primary education through an instrument – a game – that fosters autonomy and accountability. It is a fun and participated approach to various themes connected to citizenship and civic participation.
The project provides, for example, the chance of exploring themes such as governance at the municipal level, sustainable development and gender equality. The playing materials currently include more than 120 gaming scenarios, and the project will create at least 20 new situations, involving different tasks and challenges related to tolerance and intercultural understanding, racism and xenophobia, homophobia, sexual harassment and gender violence.

Key Areas: Youth; participatory democracy
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 89,441€



Promoted by Associação Fernão Mendes Pinto
Partners: Comissão de Proteção de Crianças e Jovens da Figueira da Foz, Associação Projeto Criar and Comissão de Proteção de Crianças e Jovens de Montemor-o-Velho

The project arises from the need for innovative approaches in building nonviolent relationships based on equal gender rights and in preventing children’s exposure to domestic violence. The promotion of new models of family organization helps preventing gender violence and stops the perpetuation of dysfunctional family models. The construction of new roles for men and women is needed for the development of relations based on equality of rights and duties, where the personal, social and parenting skills are equally valued and assumed between genders.

There will be differentiated actions for the various groups that the project is aimed at: an information campaign and public discussion on gender relation issues; intervention courses for positive co-parenting and development of parenting skills; an initiative for children exposed to domestic violence, aiming at mitigating the negative effects on them; and training for professionals providing services in these areas.

Key Area: Gender equality
Project initiated in November 2014
Approved support: 85,646€


We stand for Human Rights!

Promoted by Dínamo – Associação de Dinamização Sócio-Cultural
Partners: Escola Superior de Educação – Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe and Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

The main purpose of the project is to strengthen the presence of education for human rights at national level, significantly extending the range of active stakeholders and promoting a better cooperation between the higher education system and NGOs. The project will focus on creating formal, working partnerships to build a network of active cooperation in Portugal, working towards capacity building on human rights.

Primarily targeting young adults, students and NGOs, the project shall invest in teaching tools that educate on human rights. It should be noted that the project will introduce in Portugal the “Compass” manual, for education on human rights, produced by the Council of Europe. This work will be complemented with awareness raising actions targeting the school community – namely the teachers – and NGOs. It will also feature a conference on education for human rights.

Key Areas: Youth; Human rights including minorities rights
Project initiated in November 2014
Approved support: 64,990€

We stand for human rights!


See through the arts

Promoted by Centro Nacional de Cultura
Partners: Associação dos Cegos e Amblíopes de Portugal, Escola de Música de Nossa Senhora do Cabo and Faculdade de Motricidade Humana

Music is an art accessible to visually impaired children, and therefore, it presents them a way of sharing and integrating with their peers but, in Portugal, this practice is seldom used. This project will develop cooperation and mutual support activities to mitigate inequalities in children and young people’s access to information and culture. With appropriate measures, these children will be provided an opportunity to develop their creative, artistic and intellectual potential, for their own benefit and for the enrichment of Society.

The project will examine and adapt experiments already conducted in this area, creating an integrated programme that can be used by music schools throughout the country. Another part of the project relates to the respect for difference and to tolerance – children and young people with normal vision will be made aware of the difficulties facing their colleagues with visual disabilities.

Key Areas: Youth; Human rights including minorities rights
Project initiated in November 2014
Approved support: 42,692€


I CARE – Improve Children at Risk

Promoted by Movimento de Defesa da Vida
Partners: Junta de Freguesia do Bonfim, Comissão de Proteção de crianças e jovens em risco do Porto Oriental and Associação Democrática de Defesa dos Interesses e da Igualdade das Mulheres

This project aims to promote democratic values, the protection of minority rights, especially children and youth at risk in the region of Porto, along with their families, mostly in social exclusion. The project will accompany children and youth living in violent contexts and carry out awareness-raising activities among young people to help them solve their problems without resorting to violence.

The project approach also includes the monitoring of families, and features innovative support groups aimed at indirect victims – not only the direct victims of violence – in the context of the work carried out with young people and their families. The project will also strive to stimulate and strengthen partnerships between entities, in order to improve the effectiveness of NGO intervention on this issue.

Key Areas: Youth; gender-based violence
Project initiated in September 2014
Approved support: 97,523€

I care



Promoted by Obra Gay Associação
Partner: Liga Portuguesa Contra a Sida

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a crime in Portugal, exclusively committed against children and youth. While this project does not intend to pass judgement on the culture of the minorities where FGM is practiced in Portugal, the aim is to reduce this practice and to provide psychological and social support to victims and their families. It will also reduce the isolation of these communities and promote tolerance and intercultural understanding.

Building upon actions intended to break from the isolation and social exclusion experienced in these communities, the project will provide training and information on the physical, sexual and psychological consequences of FGM, FGM prevention, human rights and children’s rights, and sexually transmitted diseases. Besides the communities, these actions will also empower volunteers and teaching and health professionals, so that they can implement FGM detection and prevention measures. A website and counselling line will also be created.

Key Areas: Youth; Human rights including minorities rights
Project initiated in November 2014
Approved support: 75,768€


Purposeful sports

Promoted by APCAS – Associação de Paralisia Cerebral de Almada Seixal
Partners: Direção Geral de Educação – Ministério da Educação e Ciência, Câmara Municipal do Seixal and Faculdade de Motricidade Humana – Universidade de Lisboa

This project aims to improve the practices related to adaptive sports (AS) in Portugal, providing stakeholders with the best tools for their intervention and reducing the barriers that students with special needs face in accessing sports.
Several teaching-learning materials will be created and disseminated (a general manual for approaching AS and detailed manuals on specific sports), including literature and video. These resources are scarce in Portugal and much needed to ensure the rights of people with disabilities and their full inclusion in the education system and society.

This project also includes the creation of a skills training centre for AS and of a digital platform with resources and tools that support the training of technicians and facilitate access to students in the field of sports and rehabilitation. A major awareness action will be carried out on the need for sports to be available to all without exception, for the actors on the ground, the schools and communities.

Key Areas: Youth; participatory democracy
Project initiated in November 2014
Approved support: 96,733€


Stop, look and listen

Promoted by ADCMoura – Associação de Desenvolvimento do Concelho de Moura
Partners: Rota do Guadiana – ADI and Agrupamento de Escolas de Moura

Drawing on the partners’ experience in the fight against discrimination, the project will implement an awareness programme regarding the existing intolerance towards the Roma, making their culture and traditions better known and thus helping to overcome the ignorance that leads to misconceptions on the Roma.
The training of strategic agents will create conditions for the dissemination of appropriate interventions against the discrimination of Roma communities. Explanation sessions will be held, where the Roma will receive information on their rights. The participation of young Roma volunteers in the project is also considered essential to empower their peers.
Another aim is to contribute to the improvement of the technical language used in addressing issues concerning these communities. The use of information and communication technologies and social networks will expand the impact of the project’s actions from a local to the national scope.

Key Area: Anti-discrimination
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 69,030€

Pare, escute, olhe


A PAR programme: Parental Empowerment and Family Rights

Promoted by A PAR – Associação Aprender em Parceria
Partners: Pro Dignitate – Fundação de Direitos Humanos and Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima

The project will support families, in various areas in Lisbon, struggling with economic and social fragility, family breakdown, no access to quality education initiatives, school failure and dropout. It will strive to prevent and combat these situations, and to empower the beneficiary families.

Weekly one-hour sessions will be provided, attended by groups of families, to address topics relevant to the education of children and the resolution of family problems, with the aid of experts and in a setting full of music, rhymes, dances, games, pair reading and storytelling between parents and children.
The beneficiary families will thus improve their ability to support the development of their children, through the way they interact, through their ability to observe and serve as a role model, through the creation of a positive disposition towards learning and by mitigating truancy and domestic violence.

Key Areas: Youth; Human rights including minorities rights
Project initiated in November 2014
Approved support: 80,446€

 Programa A PAR


[accordion-tab title=”Small Projects”]

The following “Small Projects” have been approved:


New Faces

Promoted by Sementes de Esperança – Associação de Desenvolvimento do Concelho de Portel

The project’s goal is to work on prevention and awareness-raising on combating domestic violence and promoting gender equality in the Portel municipality. The project will include four campaigns which will promote the strengthening of non-violence values and the fight against domestic violence. It will also include eight awareness-raising actions encompassing 150 youth and school children, promoting the fight against violence, gender equality and dating violence. Three learning workshops will broaden horizons regarding tolerance, freedom, non-discrimination and against racism.

Finally, a Victim Support Office will be created to inform, advise, support and render direct assistance in cases of domestic violence through personal and family intervention. Standardized care procedures will be set up for assisting domestic violence victims, diagnosis and follow-up in large hospital emergency rooms and in the primary healthcare networks.

Key area: Gender-based violence
Project initiated in December 2013
Approved support: 21,104€
More on this project: 

Rua do Álamo, 36 – 1º Andar – Apartado 16
7220-909 Portel



WE – Project for Social Action and Art

Promoted by Quarta Parede – Associação de Artes Performativas da Covilhã
Partner: Universidade da Beira Interior

Considering the need to reflect and intervene on the problem of female unemployment, this project aims to promote equal opportunities in labour and employment, implement innovative ways of minimizing the impact of unemployment in the female population through creative and artistic actions and create awareness to the population of Covilhã to the importance of opportunity equality between men and women. The project proposes two action plans: The Empowerment Labs, training laboratories directed to create awareness to gender equality and increment job search/creation competences and the EmpoderArte Seminar aimed to gather local power agents, institutions, companies, associations, media and local population in a space of promotion and reflection.

The partnership will be instrumental in recruiting participants and in boosting the sessions, and also intends to establish contacts with organizations such as the Covilhã Job Centre (IEFP), Beiras Theatre and the regional and local media.

Key area: Gender equality
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 21,415€
More on this project:
Rua Celestino David, Lote 4, R/C Dto.
6200-072 Covilhã

  NÓS - Projeto de Ação Social e Artística


Active Communities against Trafficking

Promoted by Associação de Estudos Estratégicos e Internacionais

The project’s main objective is the creation of Active Communities Against Human Trafficking in Odemira and Odivelas, with permanent local action networks composed of entities and individuals who act upon the problem. The pilot-project is based in the Community in Action methodologies implemented in the United Kingdom. Through the streamlining of inter-institutional relationships, it aims at creating local action networks that will put in place local referral systems and action plans, whilst raising awareness and promoting community involvement in the fight against human trafficking. The long term impact of the project will help detect and support victims of trafficking in the community, prevent further victims as well as contribute to empower victims and other key actors.

The project will involve other NGOs involved in the protection of the victim and prevention of human trafficking.

Key area: Human rights including minorities rights
Project initiated in December 2013
Approved support: 22,402€
More on this project:
Alameda Roentegen, 6, 3º Esq
1600-759 Lisboa

  Comunidades Ativas contra o Tráfico


Step by Step

Promoted by Caritas da Ilha Terceira

The project, which aims to promote school achievement, contribute to the reduction of absenteeism and student disciplinary problems and facilitate a school approach by early school drop-outs, will take place in Tomás de Borba basic education high school, in Angra do Heroísmo. The project is composed of mentoring actions, which involve 3 mentors and 24 young students who will receive weekly individual tutoring and family mediation; artistic expression workshops open to all students with special care to integrate mentored students and school drop-outs identified in the community. It shall also include vocational discovery workshops destined to informally introduce to the youth the various professions.

The project’s activities are articulated with network actions of the Development and Youth Inclusion Centres, with regional free time occupational programmes from the Youth Regional Directorate, among others.

Key area: Children and youth problems
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 14,879€
More on this project: 

Canada dos Folhadais, nº 54
9700-054 Angra do Heroísmo



Project Welcoming: We’re here, now what?

Promoted by Casa do Brasil de Lisboa

With the goal to promote the integration of the immigrant population in the Portuguese society, namely in the job market, the project is intended to develop skills through training, awareness to discrimination in the job market and enhancement of personal trajectory as an empowerment tool. The actions will be developed in 4 areas: training sessions, to provide an answer to found gaps, such as the knowledge of English or computer science; awareness actions directed to employers, schools and public offices in order to promote equality; production of guides directed to the immigrant community informing on rights and duties; and mutual aid meetings where exchange of experience regarding adaptation to the new realities of immigration and unemployment is promoted.

The establishment of partnerships with other associations is envisaged, as well as with town councils, professional placement offices and any other institutions that may be helpful in the achievement of the established goals.

Key area: Promotion of active citizenship
Project initiated in December 2013
Approved support: 22,294€
More on this project:
Rua Luz Soriano, 42
1200-248 Lisboa

  Projeto Acolhida: Estamos aqui, e agora?


House Here – First Steps

Promoted by Casa Qui – Associação de Solidariedade Social

Instances of domestic violence, motivated by sexual orientation and identity or gender expression pose a risk to the mental health and inclusion of LGBT people, considering the stigma associated with them. The persistent misinformation regarding these topics, including by health technicians, is also problematic, since it leads to inadequate medical practices. The project will thus study the experiences, answers and needs of the child and youth protection entities as well as victim support entities, in cases of emergency and domestic violence motivated by homophobia, biphobia or transphobia; and raise the awareness of the victim support professionals, especially of children and youth and of mental health professionals for questions related to sexual orientation or gender expression, so that their institutions can adapt their responses to the specific needs of this population.

Key area: Anti-discrimination
Project initiated in December 2013
Approved support: 22,419€
More on this project:
Rua Dr. José Saraiva, Nº 42 3º Esq.
1800-183 Lisboa

  Casa Aqui - Primeiros Passos



Promoted by Associação Viver Campolide

This project will involve NGOs and local authorities in the promotion of citizenship, active ageing and intergenerational solidarity amongst the population of the neighbourhood of Campolide, in Lisbon. The focus will be on the elderly and employ an approach that goes beyond considering them as consumers of social and cultural products, enabling them as producers and stakeholders in decision-making processes.

The creation of a theatre group, using the methodology of the Theatre of the Oppressed, will serve as a motto to promote reflection, discussion and action. Throughout the training sessions/rehearsals, the participants will identify the problems they would like to tackle and seek to create practical solutions that improve the quality of their daily lives. In a fun, dynamic and emotional environment, the elderly will be engaged in the resolution of common problems, which will have a positive impact on their self-esteem and will contribute to the social recognition of their role in the community.

At a later stage, the implementation of meetings with other local groups, particularly children and youth, and the public performance of the theatre plays will enable the participation of the community as a whole and as an active agent in the production of social change. The final purpose will thus be the development of formal proposals for action, to be presented and coordinated with local authorities and other NGOs.

Key area: Promotion of active citizenship
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 12,514€
More on this project:
Rua de Campolide, 24B,
1070-036 Lisboa

  Associação Viver Campolide


Laboratory for Equality through Forum Theatre

Promoted by GTO LX – Grupo de Teatro do Oprimido de Lisboa
Partner: UMAR – União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta

The main goal of the project is the promotion of Gender Equality, through a joint, capacity-building work group focused on both the victims of discrimination and gender violence and on the social workers that aid them. The main activity will be the creation of a laboratory, as a forum for sharing experiences and reflection, which will provide the opportunity to discuss real life stories, and collectively try to understand the reasons behind gender discrimination, harassment and violence, and of the victims’ reactions. The laboratory will also develop a Forum Theatre play, to be publicly performed in 3 different places, which will trigger dialogue with other women, and the general audience, thus asking how can they minimize this kind of injustice and bring about social change in attitudes and responses to these forms of aggression.

After the presentation and the forums with viewers – “spect-actors” – the promoter will host a workshop aiming at the elaboration of concrete proposals on this subject, which will result in the drafting of a final resolutions document pertaining the project – an activist pamphlet for Gender Equality.

Through this process, the NGO’s staff will be trained to act as multipliers of the social changes to be made, applying the learnt techniques and solutions in their daily work with victims. Thus, the project will be an instrument for building capacity not only on woman but also onto the partner NGO that will gain the Theatre of the Oppressed methodology.

Key area: Gender equality
Project initiated in October 2013
Approved support: 22,500€
More on this project:
Travessa Corpo Santo,21 2º
1200-131 Cais do Sodré – Lisboa

  Laboratório para a Igualdade através do Teatro Fórum


Immigration, Gender and Citizenship

Promoted by Solidariedade Imigrante – Associação para a Defesa dos Direitos dos Imigrantes

The project intends to address an important issue of double discrimination – gender and migration – working with immigrant women in order to raise their awareness, provide them information about their rights and support them through customized solutions. The empowerment of these women and the promotion of their autonomy to claim their rights will be achieved through 3 types of activities: personalized support, mobilization and awareness raising.

The first component consists of the implementation of a support office, where immigrant women will find people speaking their own language and with the same cultural background, who will assist them with legal matters and social services, etc. The promoter also intends to create a group of volunteers who will be active agents for awareness raising and dissemination of information in the various contexts of their daily life – with neighbours, family members and work peers. Additionally, these citizens will be engaged in the organization of several formal awareness raising activities.

The project is promoted by a NGO operating in the Lisbon area, staffed mostly by immigrants, which helps building trust within the target group.

Key area: Promotion of active citizenship
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 22,499€
More on this project: 

Rua da Madalena, nº8, 2º andar
1100-321 Lisboa

  Imigração, Género e Cidadania


M.S.I – Meet, socialize and integrate

Promoted by Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa

The project is specifically designed to address civil society needs within two distinct target groups: migrants and victims of traffic of Human beings (THB). Both are disfavoured groups in the Portuguese society that need to be integrated through active participation and increase of knowledge and awareness.

One of the goals is to enable technicians and volunteers to provide these groups relevant information and help, assuring access to support services on these groups’ rights and duties. Various activities within the scope of the project will improve the response by the promoter’s network of 152 delegations nationwide to issues related with the target groups. Information sessions will also be provided to migrants and victims of THB, and printed information will also be distributed. The school community will be offered activities which raise awareness on the human and minority issues involved. Lastly, a conference will also be held on the subject.

Key area: Human rights including minorities rights
Project initiated in December 2013
Approved support: 22,473€
More on this project:
Jardim 9 de Abril de 1 a 5
1249-083 Lisboa

  C.S.I - Conhecer, Socializar e Integrar


Rights and Duties for Dignity

Promoted by Cooperactiva – Cooperativa de Desenvolvimento Social
Partners: Câmara Municipal de Cascais and Direção Nacional da PSP – Divisão de Cascais

The project will focus on promoting active citizenship and the defence of Human Rights of domestic violence victims. In addition, it also aims to contribute to the effective implementation of public policies in this matter, thus improving the implementation of national and EU regulations on the prevention, protection and support for victims of these crimes.

The promoter will adopt a bidirectional approach in order to overcome the isolation of these women and their poor access to the justice system. On the one hand, the work will focus on victims, in particular immigrant women from the Guinea region, whose domestic violence problems are exacerbated by cultural issues. The goal will be to improve their access to information about the criminal charges in cases of domestic violence (information materials, awareness raising actions, creation of a self-help group). On the other hand, training of human resources will be provided, focused on the relevant governmental agencies, particularly the police and courts of law.

The activities will be implemented in the municipality of Cascais, in partnership with local public authorities.

Key area: Gender-based violence
Project initiated in December 2013
Approved support: 22,032€
More on this project:
Rua das Minas, lote 11 – Loja A. Bairro do Zambujal
2610-111 Amadora



Diabetes Workshop – Diabetes training for social inclusion

Promoted by Fundação Ernesto Roma
Partners: Associação Protectora dos Diabéticos de Portugal and Programa Nacional para a Diabetes

The project will be an instrument to promote equal opportunities for immigrant women in the labour market, by enhancing their social and professional inclusion through their qualification as caregivers for children and elderly people diagnosed with diabetes. The action plan will focus on the development and implementation of 4 training courses, of twelve hours each, as well as all related teaching materials. A team of experts will present practical teachings, in order to facilitate and motivate a learning environment, around subjects such as the specific care services to be provided to diabetic people, the recommended physical activity or suitable culinary practices.

The project will be implemented with the support of local NGOs which, focusing their activities on immigrants, will also cooperate in the mobilization of about 40 female trainees. The partnership comprises a NGO specialized in training, particularly on paediatric diabetes, and the National Programme for Diabetes, which will contribute to the credibility and wider dissemination of the activities.

Key area: Human rights including minorities rights
Project initiated in December 2013
Approved support: 16,432€
More on this project: 
R. Rodrigo da Fonseca, 1
1250-203 Lisboa



Communicate +

Promoted by APCAS – Associação de Paralisia Cerebral de Almada Seixal
Partner: Câmara Municipal do Seixal

The project aims to improve the communication of children and youth with cerebral palsy and neurological diseases; provide information and communication tools to these students; and equip their wheelchairs with more and better technological means. These youngsters have less opportunities of achieving success in school at an academic level, but also at achieving integration and participation in social and school activities. The difficulty in communication and/or mobility prevents them from exploring their capabilities to the fullest. Therefore, it becomes necessary to evaluate the characteristics and needs of each individual; acquire and install equipment and software; train the recipients, families and teachers; habilitate them in the process of using, exploring and maintaining the equipment; and increase the awareness of their peers on this matter. The formal partnership with Seixal’s City Hall was made with the purpose of arranging a physical space for the project.

Key area: Promotion of active citizenship
Project initiated in December 2013
Approved support: 21,888€
More on this project:
Rua Rodrigues Lapa nº 2-A
2845-132 Amora



Training and Awareness – Gender Equality, Gender Violence and Trafficking in Human Beings

Promoted by Associação Conversa Amiga

Human Rights issues such as gender equality, gender-based violence and human trafficking require specific knowledge which is not always available to those tackling the concrete problems.

This project is specifically designed to prepare social agents as social workers and volunteers from NGOs or other entities which may directly or indirectly deal with at-risk populations, by providing training to ensure that they are better able to address the aforementioned issues. Also, teachers and trainers who can raise awareness and provide training on the topics proposed in their workplaces and intervention activities will also be targeted. There will also be awareness-raising actions directed at vulnerable populations. After the completion of the activities, the beneficiaries are expected to be able to spread knowledge in the subject issues within their organizations, which will result in a multiplying effect.

Key area: Gender equality
Project initiated in December 2013
Approved support: 12,438€
More on this project:
R. Prof. Maria de Lurdes Belchior Lote 21 Loja A
1900-916 Lisboa

 Formação e Sensibilização - Igualdade de Género, Violência de Género e Tráfico de Seres Humanos


Activate your citizenship

Promoted by Solidariedade Imigrante – Associação para a Defesa dos Direitos dos Imigrantes
Partner: FAIASCA – Federação das Associações de Imigrantes e Amigos do Sector de Calequisse em Portugal

The goal of the project is to empower immigrant women so that they are able to deal with situations such as labour exploitation, gender violence, racism and discrimination. Through this work, the two partner NGOs expect to become more effective in their action to promote social cohesion.
The project will empower the beneficiaries, through individualized assistance, by providing information on their rights and duties. It will also detect other existing problems facing these women and initiate measures of support. Collective activities will also be held on these topics, where the beneficiaries themselves will help with their volunteer work. After the project, they may be integrated into other activities and transmit their experience.
A documentary about these women will also be made, for the general public, portraying their relationship with the work environment and with the institutions, as well as the challenges to their integration.

Key Area: Promotion of active citizenship
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 22,381€



Full stop

Promoted by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Oliveira de Azeméis

This project aims to address the problem of domestic violence in Oliveira de Azeméis (northern Portugal), through educational activities and support services to victims of intimate partner violence and children caught up in these situations. Coordinated actions with the education system and youth associations will be held to give visibility to the phenomenon and try to prevent it.

The project will include the production and dissemination of information materials and awareness-raising activities meant to engage students, parents and the community, on the rights and duties of everyone, men and women, and on the consequences of domestic violence. It will also include training for the technicians working on these situations, in order to improve detection, as well as the approach to the aggressor. Also planned, is the setting up of a service office for aggressors and victims, which will provide psychological support services, guidance and legal information.

Key Area: Gender-based violence
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 22,586€

 Ponto Final


Human trafficking in the tourism sector – the role of business in the prevention, and dissemination of good practices

Promoted by Associação de Estudos Estratégicos e Internacionais

This project aims at preventing trafficking in human beings and social reintegration of its victims, which are mostly women subjected to forced labour and sexual exploitation. No project has ever been carried out in Portugal specifically targeting trafficking in human beings in the tourism sector, on which this phenomenon has a particular impact. The project will bring to Portugal the best international practices regarding the tourism sector, and will seek to mobilize the private sector for this important human rights issue, fostering cooperation between business and civil society.

Managers and employees in tourism sector companies will be sensitized and trained for detection and prevention, and an awareness campaign will be carried out. The project will also create an identification and protection system for victims; and include a diagnosis component and research on the phenomenon in Portugal.

Key Area: Human rights including minorities rights
Project initiated in November 2014
Approved support: 23,746€



AtivArte – against violence and for gender equality

Promoted by SYnergia – Centro Jovem de Santo Adrião
Partners: União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta and KRIZO – Educação, Arte e Cidadania

The project aims to promote gender equality and non-violence by raising awareness among children and youth in the region of Braga (northern Portugal), highlighting the importance of cultural diversity and tolerance. To achieve the goal of better preventing gender violence and discriminatory behaviours, the promoter will employ participatory methods that stimulate creativity and artistic expression, such as deconstruction and reconstruction of stories, based on fundamental rights.

It is expected that young people take on an active role in the construction of an active citizenship, without social exclusion, and that they disseminate the principles and good practices acquired to the rest of society, fostering equality and understanding between cultures as well as social justice. The project also aims to involve teachers, enabling them to pass on equality and civic participation values in an integrated way.

Key Areas: Youth; gender equality
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 23,851€

Ativarte - Contra a violência e pela igualdade de género


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