Bilateral Cooperation Initiatives

Bilateral cooperation initiatives are intended to support activities aimed at enhancing relations between Portuguese NGOs and organizations from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, for the exchange of international experiences and the sharing and transfer of knowledge and best practices.

The innovative features and added value in terms of new practices and exchange of experience that may come from these contacts can, in some cases, greatly enhance the activities carried out by Portuguese NGO, and the merit of applications submitted to the Programme’s calls.


The following projects have been approved:


eXchange Norway Benchmark

Promoted by PEEP – Educar para Empreender
Partners: Nordland Research Institute and Associação para o Desenvolvimento do Capital Humano e da Iniciativa Empresarial Feminina

The initiative includes the participation of PEEP representatives in the Diana International Research Global Symposium on Women’s Entrepreneurship (GSWE14) in Stockholm, Sweden. This is an important event in the field of women’s entrepreneurship in which participate various entities and organizations working in projects on this issue. It also intends to promote the promoter’s project approved under the under the EEA Grants, as well as a meeting with the partner entity and evaluation of possible partnerships among the participating entities.

Approved support: 4,698€


LET IT BE – Building a Strong Partnership Commitment

Promoted by IEBA Centro de Inciciativas Empresariais e Sociais
Partners: MSS – Miðstöð Símenntunar á Suðurnesjum, PVO – Porsgrunn Voksenopplaeringssenter

The initiative involves the exchange of international experiences between partner organizations in order to strengthen bonds between these entities and to prepare an application for a project to be submitted under the EEA Grants. Beyond the organization and implementation of a meeting among partners, the initiative also includes the trip to Norway by the Promoter and the Icelandic partner, where they will meet the Norwegian partner, with the aim of preparing the application.

Approved support: 2,970€


Adults and Children: Learning Together

Promoted by Associação Aprender em Parceria – A PAR
Partner: Organisasjonen Voksne for Barne

The initiative comprises two entities with expertise in the area of family support and the main goal is the exchange of methodologies, information and knowledge between them, thus strengthening 3 projects of the promoter and of the partner. The promoter will go to Norway and the Norwegian partner will come to Portugal, with aim of creating a partnership and the exchange of knowledge between them. The initiative is related to the promoter’s project approved under the EEA Grants.

Approved support: 3,500€


Ubuntu Lives – Bilateral Cooperation

Promoted by IPAV – Instituto Padre António Vieira
Partners: LIM-Likestilling, Integrering og MaSyngfold Fredshuset

The initiative aims to boost cooperation models, exchange of experience and internationalization of the methodology used within the scope of the promoter’s project supported by the EEA Grants, sharing of best practices in the context of training for skills development, and expansion of the network of international partners, with a particular impact on future work in specific areas of the promoter’s intervention, as training for leadership and promotion of participation and citizenship and intercultural dialogue. It is divided in 3 distinct stages: 1) workshop in Portugal with the participation of the partner organization; 2) workshop in Norway with the participation of the promoter; 3) participation of the partner in the closing session of the promoter’s project supported under the EEA Grants.

Approved support: 4,410€


Cooperation for green entrepreneurship

Promoted by Associação Florestal do Lima
Partners: International Development Norway IDN Research, Centre for Rural Research

This initiative focuses on entrepreneurship skills, especially the green entrepreneurship and forestry, focusing on the identification of good practices. It is divided into 2 parts: 1) networking and transference of competences in Norway with the participation of the promoter’s staff; 2) conference in Portugal with the aim of presenting the potential of Norway in this regard.

Approved support: 3,375€


New Deal – Innovation

Promoted by Monte – Desenvolvimento Alentejo Central, ACE
Partners: NFLI – Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute, CRR – Centre for Rural Research

The initiative presents empowerment potential for the promoter and its partners, in approaching problems related to entrepreneurship and youth employment in rural areas. For the promoter, as manager of the local development strategy for the Central Alentejo (2014-2020), the exchange of experiences will help improving the implementation of policy measures for rural development and the social and economic impact on rural territories. The initiative comprises a seminar and field visits in Alentejo (southern Portugal). The initiative is connected to the promoter’s project supported by the EEA Grants.

Approved support: 4,905€


InSocialChange – bilateral partnerships

Promoted by RH 50 Associação Quadros Séniores
Partner: Stiftelsen Mangfold i arbeidslivet (MIA)

With the aim of exchanging experiences regarding projects on minority integration in the labour market, this initiative includes two distinct moments. 1st moment: the promoter will visit the Norwegian partner for the exchange of experiences and participate in a workshop for sharing and disseminating its projects and activities. 2nd moment: the Norwegian partner will come to Portugal, to a forum for sharing knowledge and good practices with a focus on empowering both parties, and for the exchange of experiences on strategies concerning projects in this area. This initiative is connected to a project under the EEA Grants.

Approved support: 3,532€


Eyes set on the future

Promoted by ACAPO, Associação dos Cegos e Amblíopes de Portugal
Partner: Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted – NABP

Focused on the themes of governance and fundraising, and attempting to increase the promoter’s effectiveness and capacity, the initiative brings together two organizations working in the area of visual impairment, and will consist of experience-sharing contacts. It includes two visits by the Norwegian partner to Portugal and a visit by the promoter to Norway. This initiative is connected to the promoter’s project approved under the EEA Grants.

Approved support: 3,914€


Art of Life

Promoted by CooLabora
Partner: Tvibit Youth Center

This initiative concerns the issue of youth inclusion through art. It will include two meeting opportunities: 1) the promoter’s staff will go to Norway for training; and 2) Norwegian partner members will come to Portugal to provide two training sessions, one for social intervention staff and another for young people. The aim is to strengthen the capacity of these two organizations, diversify their intervention areas, provide more adequate responses to unemployed youths and strengthen the available technical skills.

Approved support: 3,389€


ECOAR_Employability and skills through the arts

Promoted by PELE
Partner: Nordic Black Theatre / Oslo Black Theatre

This initiative is related to the issue of inclusion through the arts and will enable the promoter to disseminate its work, focusing on young people in vulnerable contexts. The initiative will disseminate the results of the promoter’s project under the EEA Grants, through a workshop in Oslo with the participation of various NGOs, some of which may be able to ensure dissemination. It will be also provide a forum for the release of the video/documentary and final conference concerning this project. Also, the Norwegian partner will come to Portugal for the exchange of knowledge. The technique developed by the partner will enhance the promoter’s work in the prison context.

Approved support: 3,915€


Bilateral Cooperation – Democratic Values Lab

Promoted by Instituto Luso-Ilírio para o Desenvolvimento Humano
Partners: Voksne for Barn

This initiative comprises a partnership between the two organisations in order to optimize the project “Democratic Values Lab”, supported within the scope of Outcome B, which aims for the development of personal, social and civic competences in children and young people through awareness-raising on fundamental values. This initiative comprises a benchmarking meeting and then an evaluation meeting on the project and to decide on post-project measures as well as the potential replication of the Democratic Values Laboratory into other countries.

Approved support: 4,941€


Improved effectiveness in Advocacy, Communication & Fundraising: FEC / Kirkens Nødhjelp exchange

Promoted by: Fundação Fé e Cooperação
Partners: Kirkens Nødhjelp

The initiative comprises a partnership between the two organizations. Members of FEC will go to Norway, in order to strength skills and competencies in Social Advocacy and Communication & Fundraising areas, in order to achieve an important impact in its organization’s strategic framework. The initiative will be carried out through peer training. The partner organization’s strong advocacy skills will enable FEC to strengthen its initiatives and campaigns in Portugal and abroad.

Approved support: 3,483€


INNOENT In Portugal

Promoted by The K-Evolution
Partners: RG Menntaráðgjöf slf (Iceland) and Cascais Ambiente

The project aims to develop in Portugal, for the first time, a 5-day course on: “The INNOENT Education Introductory Course – Sustainable and Green Entrepreneurship”. This would be the first time the INNOENT model is used in the Portuguese context. There is the strategic goal of setting up an INNOENT Subsidiary in Portugal, providing courses in school or after school to children of school age.

Approved support: 4,860€


Bringing together children and youths

Promoted by Casa S. Pedro de Alverca
Partners: Agrupamento das Escolas do Bom Sucesso e Arcena and Peacepainting (Norway)

Intended to enable teachers to adopt teaching strategies that promote tolerance and understanding among pupils of different cultural origins, the proposed activities include a first moment, when two representatives of the promoter and two representatives of the Portuguese partner will go to Norway to exchange experiences, information about financing methods and know-how on international projects; and a second moment when two visitors from the Norwegian partner will visit Portugal and promote two workshops, one of them targeting teachers and technicians, then other targeting students.

Approved support: 5,497€


To artfully communicate

Promoted by Obra de Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Fátima
Partners: Instituto Maria Paz Varzim and Peacepainting (Norway)

This project will enable teachers to adopt teaching and training strategies, dealing with contexts of hate speech and intolerance. Two representatives of the promoter and one representative of the Portuguese partner will go to Norway to exchange experiences, information about financing methods and know-how on international projects; and a second moment when two visitors from the Norwegian partner will visit Portugal and promote a workshop for teachers. All partners will also be involved in an information session.

Approved support: 5,497€

Updated on 17 october 2017

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