Projects Supported by the Foundation

Given the large mobilization around the calls under the Cidadania Ativa Programme, a large number of applications of great merit could not select for support by the EEA Grants.

The Board of Trustees decided to select, for support with the Foundation’s own resources, the best projects (as determined through the selection method used by the Programme) that could not be supported under the 2013 calls, given the high demand.


The following “Large Projects” have been approved:


Sexual Rights and Vulnerable Youth

Promoted by Associação para o Planeamento da Família

Advocating for youngsters’ sexual rights and their access to health services within a socially vulnerable context, the project is intended to empower youth, thus helping them become more participative citizens, and combating, in the digital world, their vulnerability in regard to violent or discriminatory experiences. A training referential will be prepared, on Sex Education in Digital Environment, for educators who work with vulnerable youth. Some pedagogical materials and a Facebook page on the rights of youth will also be prepared, to promote discussion, the sharing of contents, and where young people will have an active role in the design of actions to raise awareness. Also, seminars and regional meetings will be held to raise awareness on the subject.

The project will have the support of IPDJ and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, as well as the Norwegian Youth and Media Association.

Key area: Children and youth problems
Project initiated in March 2014
Approved support: 93,749€
More on this project:
Rua Artilharia Um, nº 38, 2ºDrt.
1250-040 Lisboa

  Associação para o Planeamento da Família


Sea of Opportunities

Promoted by Associação Portuguesa de Treino de Vela
Partner: Casa Pia de Lisboa

This project will foster attitudes and values towards the development of personal and social skills of a group of young people at risk of exclusion, get them acquainted to the geostrategic value of the Sea and empower them to be part of sea-related activities. The project is based on the students’ active participation as drivers and protagonists in their own development. A path will be provided in which, as decision-making becomes necessary, decisions are taken within the group based on a set of rules established by the group itself. A plan for sailing training in different ships will be carried out, theme visits will be conducted and a seamanship course will be held.

The partnership is an excellent opportunity to promote the development of young people and aims to increase its interaction with other organizations and stakeholders connected to the Sea.

Key area: Children and youth problems
Project initiated in March 2014
Approved support: 92,475€
More on this project:
Travessa do Conde da Ponte, Nº8
1300-141 Lisboa



Encounter with the Other: Inclusive Affection and Active Citizenship

Promoted by GRAAL
Partners: Agrupamento de Escolas de Golegã, Azinhaga e Pombalinho, Câmara Municipal da Golegã and Agrotejo União Agrícola Norte Vale do Tejo

Attempting to foster active citizenship through alternative non-formal education activities which stimulate critical and creative participation of youth and adults in the public space and promote inclusion practices, the project aims to contribute to the discovery of talents, through the training of a group of 15 young animators of citizen art, and to stimulate the creation of a basis for local entrepreneurship. Awareness and training workshops will be held, as well as inter-generational training sessions on art, an itinerant exhibition with the works of art produced at these sessions, and seminars for dissemination of the project and promotion of local entrepreneurship.

The partners are committed to promote active citizenship through non-formal educational platforms which stimulate critical and creative participation of youth and adults in the public space, exploring a range of innovative concepts related to training and citizenship.

Key area: Promotion of active citizenship
Project initiated in March 2014
Approved support: 83,119€
More on this project:
Rua Luciano Cordeiro, 24, 6ºA
1150-215 Lisboa



Charter for Children and Youth Citizenship

Promoted by ADCL – Associação para o Desenvolvimento das Comunidades Locais
Partners: Câmara Municipal de Guimarães, Comissão de Proteção de Crianças e Jovens de Guimarães

This project aims to promote good local governance regarding children’s and young people’s rights, while mobilizing them to speak for their own rights, through the creation of mechanisms which contribute to the development of integrated policies on children and youth, leading to the strengthening of the mechanisms for democratic participation and to administrative rationalization.

The current fragmentation and compartmentalization in policies regarding children and youth and the low participation of children and youth in the construction of public policies is the issue to be addressed by the project. The adopted methodology will seek to enhance coordinated action among policy makers, social workers, children and young people in the creation of regulatory instruments, promoting active citizenship. The project will include 10 cooperation and dialogue activities with public authorities, influencing on the creation of new legislation in the municipality of Guimarães (northern Portugal).

Key Area: Good governance and transparency
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 77,141€
More information:


im2 – act MORE, act BETTER

Promoted by Associação Nacional de Intervenção Precoce – ANIP
Partners: Universidade de Aveiro and Pais em Rede, Associação

Children with disabilities and at risk face various forms of exclusion. Ignorance about the nature and causes of disability, intolerant attitudes and the underestimation of these children’s potential and capabilities are barriers to their full integration in society. This project intends to increase the effectiveness and quality of early childhood intervention services, aimed at families and children up to six years old, thus promoting their inclusion in society. It will provide a common frame of reference to professionals in this area.

The participation of several entities, including a university, guarantees the multidisciplinary approach required to achieve the desired outcome. Within the scope of this partnership, training and awareness-raising activities will be conceived and carried out, for professionals and families; a best practices manual will be created and disseminated; and a supervision model on early childhood intervention practices will be developed.

Key Area: Human rights including minorities rights
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 72,634€
More information:

  Intervir Mais, intervir melhor


Collective gender

Promoted by CooLabora, CRL
Partners: GICC – Teatro das Beiras and Confederação Portuguesa das Coletividades de Cultura Recreio e Desporto

The issues of gender violence and gender equality have implications in all areas of community life. The empowerment of women through learning, the enhancement of their participation in the affairs of society and a reflection on these issues, extended to the entire community, are the chosen means of addressing these challenges.

The project will create a circle of women in each of the communities involved, in the Covilhã region (central Portugal), for peer learning activities. It will also set up a political education platform aiming at empowering women for active participation in decision-making processes. Forum theatre workshops will be held, starting from the dramatization of stories based on the lives of concrete people in the community, setting the scene for interactivity and discussion. Another highlight is the creation of four volunteer solidarity networks, for intervention in community development.

Key Area: Gender equality
Project initiated in September 2014
Approved support: 72,636€

Updated on 19 october 2017

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