Field of Intervention C – Projects

Strengthening the effectiveness of NGO’s

Within the scope of this Field of Intervention, the Programme supports projects which aim to create or develop mechanisms and tools that:

  • Train NGO managers and employees (including volunteers)
  • Implement organizational and managerial innovations in NGOs for improving governance and the quality and diversity of services
  • Develop skills in financial management and economic sustainability of NGOs
  • Mobilize volunteers and strengthen the capacity of NGOs to manage volunteers in their activities and valuing their contribution
  • Foster collaboration between NGOs and between them and other types of organizations, with a view to enhancing the capacity of NGOs in approaching concrete problems
  • Stimulate the exchange of relevant international experiences to integrate best practices and empower Portuguese NGOs

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The following “Large Projects” have been approved:



Promoted by Plataforma Portuguesa para os Direitos das Mulheres
Partner: Associação Portuguesa de Estudos sobre as Mulheres (APEM)

The project´s main objective is the consolidation and strengthening of NGOs promoting Gender Equality, in what regards both their structure and their approach to the problem, theoretically and operationally. The action plan is divided into three axes: networking – creating Thematic Action Centres, to promote synergies and cross-sectoral cooperation amongst NGOs at national and international level; technical support – managing the House of Associations, a physical space that congregates technical resources and support infrastructures; and training – NGOs’ staff qualification, in subjects such as institutional and project management and the promotion of women’s rights, by using an e-learning platform – the Resources and Digital Knowledge Centre – and by publishing a toolkit for feminist activism.

The project focuses on the organizations within the promoting platform and will be developed in partnership with a NGO specialized in research and training.

Key area: Gender equality
Project initiated in February 2014
Approved support: 112,433€
More on this project:
Centro Maria Alzira Lemos-Casa das Associações.Parque Infantil do Alvito,Estrada do Alvito, Monsanto
1300-054 Lisboa

 Plataforma Portuguesa para os Direitos das Mulheres


Centre for Corporate Sustainability

Promoted by BCSD Portugal – Conselho Empresarial para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável
Partner: Instituto Superior Técnico

The project aims at improving the promoter NGO in its role of advancing sustainable development within the Portuguese business community, in particular, small and medium-sized enterprises. Working on the consolidation of the Corporate Sustainability Observatory and on the updating, promotion and strengthening of its sustainable development monitoring system – the Corporate Sustainability Index – the promoter will broaden the scope of its action, as well as its performance and effectiveness. The promoter and its partner organization – a university – developed both these resources for the purpose of monitoring and fostering the systematic implementation of good practices on sustainable development, approaching corporate management as an ongoing self-assessment process.

One of the envisaged innovations of the project will be the computerization of the Index’s data collection and analysis processes on the following subjects: energy and climate, biodiversity and ecosystems’ services, sustainable production and consumption, strategic leadership and human capital.

Key area: Good governance and transparency
Project initiated in February 2014
Approved support: 104,765€
More on this project:
Avenida Vasco da Gama n.º 17, 1.º B
1050-036 Lisboa

  BCSD Portugal - Conselho Empresarial para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável


Sowing, rooting and renew time and again

Promoted by PédeXumbo – Associação para a Promoção de Música e Dança
Partners: Chapitô – Colectividade Cultural e Recreativa de Santa Catarina and Movimento SOS Racismo

Fifteen years after its foundation, and with a human resources structure sustained on voluntary work, the promoter intends to improve its governance practices, empowering itself strategically in order to assert itself as a reference in its intervention area and to bolster the social multiplier effect of its action. It intends to become more effective, efficient and self-sustainable in the pursuit of its mission of promoting values such as equality, tolerance, respect for diversity and active citizenship, using music and dance as means of intervening. To do so, the action will be focused on its staff, volunteers, partners and suppliers, by training them to improve the organization’s inner workings at different levels: institutional and internal communication, financial management, evaluation, diversification and innovation on its activities.

This project’s partnership is composed by three NGOs which are complementary in terms of intervention areas and principles.

Key area: Participatory democracy
Project initiated in March 2014
Approved support: 108,916€
More on this project:
Apartado 2195
7001-901 Évora




Promoted by ISU- Instituto de Solidariedade e Cooperação Universitária
Partner: Confederação Portuguesa do Voluntariado

This project will allow two NGOs experienced in volunteer management to address perceived gaps in civil society organizations as regards their human resources’ qualifications and the availability of training resources for the implementation of volunteer programs. Since NGOs generally rely a great deal on volunteers, even at management level, the aim is to build capacity and empower them to make better use of the existing volunteer work supply, and thus, improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

The project will focus on 30 entities – case studies – selected by contest. Through them the promoter will identify training needs and test pedagogical materials, as well as the training plan to be designed for e-learning – which will be adapted to the different trainees (leaders, staff and volunteers) – to be implemented through a digital platform for sharing and exchanging resources. The selectees shall create action plans applying the acquired knowledge, aiming at improving management of their volunteer programs, with the implementation being supervised by the promoter.

The project will be concluded with an international seminar, a bilateral cooperation activity with a donor country where the project’s results shall be presented and which will also be an opportunity for networking and best practices exchange.

Key area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in March 2014
Approved support: 111,643€
More on this project:‎
Rua Maria Alice, nº9,
1750-360 Lisboa



MORE – Better Action and Social Innovation

Promoted by UDIPSS-PORTO – União Distrital das Instituições Particulares de Solidariedade Social do Porto
Partners: TESE – Associação para o Desenvolvimento pela Tecnologia, Engenharia, Saúde e Educação, Católica Porto Business School – AEGE and ACCENTURE, Consultores de gestão, S.A.

This project intends to promote and support the implementation of more sustainable business models and more efficient governance models, empowering NGOs through a broad spectrum approach consisting of training sessions, consultancy, the creation of work groups, the production of dissemination materials and the application of organizational change plans, focusing on the qualification of around 80 NGOs’ managers from northern Portugal. As they are leaders within their organizations, managers will assure the effective and consequential transfer of their learning into their NGOs daily intervention. The project’s activities will be customized and adaptable and will address such subjects as strategic planning, marketing and fund raising, financial sustainably and human resources management.

The project’s partnership brings together public and private bodies, profit and non-profit entities, ensuring complementary contributions and cross-sectoral relevance.

Key area: Good governance and transparency
Project initiated in February 2014
Approved support: 107,851€
More on this project:
Rua do Carvalhido, 187
4250-102 Porto

 UDIPSS-PORTO - União Distrital das Instituições Particulares de Solidariedade Social do Porto


Marcos’Centre-Information and Training

Promoted by RARÍSSIMAS – Associação Nacional de Deficiências Mentais e Raras
Partners: Secretaria de Estado do Ensino Básico e Secundário, Instituto Nacional para a Reabilitação, I.P. and FRAMBU – Senter for sjeldne funksjonshemninger

This project will yield an important contribution for the empowerment of the promoter, and similar organizations, in the promotion of equal opportunities and fair treatment to patients with rare diseases and their families, regarding, for example, the access to health care, education and employment services. The action plan will be divided into three components – awareness raising, data provision and training. Awareness raising actions will include the production of a testimonial documentary to be presented to schoolchildren, as well as setting up a photographic exhibition in a crowded public venue. The creation of an Information and Training Centre will provide a physical and virtual place – e-learning platform – for the promotion of training sessions and the sharing of information and materials, directed at diverse groups dealing with rare diseases, such as professional caregivers, patients, families and the general public.

The project´s partnership includes public and private organizations of recognized standing in social action, training and rare disease matters, and the participation of a Norwegian counterpart NGO should also be highlighted.

Key area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in March 2014
Approved support: 112,500€
More on this project:‎
Rua das Açucenas, Lote 1, Loja Direita
1300-003 Lisboa

  RARÍSSIMAS - Associação Nacional de Deficiências Mentais e Raras


Caring for the carers

Promoted by Centro de Assistência Social à Terceira Idade e Infância de Sanguêdo
Partners: CASO50  – Centro de Atendimento e Serviços 050 , Associação, Centro Hospitalar de Entre o Douro e Vouga E.P.E and Município de Santa Maria da Feira

The project’s primary objective is the empowerment and reinforcement of the effectiveness of NGOs’ intervention among informal caregivers of people with dementia – a growing target-group whose specific needs are yet to be met. This capacity building work will be carried out at two different and complementary levels. On the one hand, a Caregiver Support Office will be created, formed by a multidisciplinary team which will result from cross-sectoral cooperation with local health and social intervention peers, encompassing front-office/consultation and home visit services. On the other hand, the promoter will foster the dissemination and replication, among other NGOs, of an approach developed in a previous project led by the promoter, in which the CGF participated, the “Psychoeducational Program for Informal Caregivers”, by providing consultancy, awareness-raising and training. Following these activities, it is expected the establishment of a partnership network, which will be able to convey and uphold the needs of the beneficiaries and act on the constraints to intervention in this field, as well as assessing its outputs in what regards the use of social and health support services by informal caregivers.

Implemented in northern Portugal, the project is promoted in partnership between two NGOs and regional and local public authorities – a municipality and a hospital.

Key area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in January 2014
Approved support: 112,500€
More on this project:
Rua do Castiis nº 133
4505-582 Sanguêdo


Active Civil Society Platform (PASC)

Promoted by SEDES – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Económico e Social
Partner: MIL – Movimento Internacional Lusófono

The project’s main goal is the legal formalization and empowerment of the Active Civil Society Platform, a group of 12 associations that gathered in 2010 and has ever since been operating on an informal and voluntary basis. Aiming at the expansion and deepening of its field of intervention, the promoter will boost the platform to be able to leverage NGOs’ civic intervention abilities and their influence in public policy decision-making processes. This collective capacity-building plan encompasses training sessions for the acquisition of management skills as well as the fostering of synergies and opportunities for the debate and exchange of best practices, including at international level – benchmarking with European counterparts. The creation of a Citizenship Observatory and the establishment of a Code of Conduct will be the project´s contribution to a more articulate, coherent and consistent Third Sector in Portugal.

The project is managed by two NGOs that integrate the platform but it is intended to involve all its members, for they are seen as both beneficiaries and agents of the intervention.

Key area: Creation of networks and platforms of NGOs
Project initiated in March 2014
Approved support: 67,047€
More on this project:
Rua Duque de Palmela, n.º 2 , 4º Dto.
1255 -09 Lisboa

  SEDES - Associação para o Desenvolvimento Económico e Social



Promoted by Associação Católica Internacional ao Serviço da Juventude Feminina
Partners: Associação Empresarial de Portugal, Associação Portuguesa de Hotelaria Restauração e Turismo and Instituto de Sociologia da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto

The final aim is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of this NGO’s intervention in advocating for the rights of women living in or at risk of poverty, implementing a three-way process: organisational restructuring, human resources qualification and sustainability dynamics stimulation. Investing on a new working space, a new image and communication strategy, staff training, the quality certification of its services and a social entrepreneurship posture – reviving a pre-existing social business and adding new associated services – will have a very significant impact on the promoter’s governance and financial sustainability, as well as on the skills and socio-professional integration of the beneficiaries and, ultimately, on the credibility and recognition of the promoter’s work.

The partnership of the project comprises NGOs that are complementary to the promoter, and which will bring contributions to the training plan and to the evaluation of the activities’.

Key area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in February 2014
Approved support: 112,500€
More on this project:
Rua Arcediago Van Zeller, 50
4050-621 Porto



Eyes set on the future

Promoted by ACAPO – Associação dos Cegos e Amblíopes de Portugal
Partner: Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted

This project will develop the promoter’s capabilities in governance, having in mind its mission, and medium and long term financial sustainability. The partner’s experience will be crucial, in particular as regards the preparation of the promoter’s fundraising strategic plan. The transfer of good practices, know-how and innovation between partners is a key element in this project. The aim is to incorporate knowledge and new procedures able to support a fundraising strategy, as well as gain a valuable tool that, replicated over time and with the necessary adaptations, will improve the promoter’s internal organization and its financial sustainability.
Regarding governance practices, the promoter will gain management skills and useful competences in improving and extending its activity, besides its participation in partnership networks.

Key Area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in September 2014
Approved support: 77,260€

 Olhos postos no futuro


VOAHR – Organized volunteering for humanitarian action of excellence

Promoted by Federação Nacional das Associações Juvenis
Partners: Pista Mágica – Associação, Asserbiz Lda and Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude

In Portugal, only 11.5% of the population engages in volunteering activities, and many organizations, not having the skills to enlist and coordinate volunteers, do not feel motivated to integrate them. NGOs need to develop the skills to attract volunteers and to coordinate volunteer work. This project is intended to improve volunteer management in NGOs working with the Portuguese youth, through the implementation of appropriate management tools.
45 youth organizations will participate and be trained through this project, and thousands of new volunteers will be integrated in their activities. For the various organizations, a diagnosis will be carried out and activities will be proposed to improve the volunteer management process. Empowerment activities will follow (training and consulting), having in mind the needs identified at the diagnosis stage. Afterwards, the new skills and practices will be implemented, and the project’s impact will be analysed.

Key Areas: Youth; participatory democracy
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 78,715€



MORE – Centre Region

Promoted by TESE – Associação para o Desenvolvimento
Partners: União Distrital das Instituições Particulares de Solidariedade Social de Santarém, Católica Porto Business School and ACCENTURE, Consultores de gestão, S.A.

The project aims to strengthen NGO capacity, increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the social responses provided by these organizations, and to adapt them to new collaboration models with the public sector, adjusted to the current socio-economic challenges. Considering this overall objective, the project specifically aims to promote and support the adoption of more sustainable business models and more efficient governance practices.
An innovative methodology will be implemented, consisting of training programmes, consulting services and task forces aimed at developing networking skills. It is expected that NGOs become more participative and sustainable, more able to provide flexible services and to contribute towards more effective public policies. To ensure success, the project will involve several complementary partners, which will namely ensure the dissemination of results.

Key Area: Good governance and transparency
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 114,148€

 Mais Centro


Qualify and train for good governance

Promoted by Operação Nariz Vermelho
Partners: Destino Titânico Associação Cultural – Clown Laboratori Porto and Stone Soup Consulting

The promoter works with paediatric services in several hospitals, bringing joy to hospitalized children. With this project, it will reshape its organizational structure and improve its financial sustainability. Another important capacity-building feature of the project shall be the sharing of international experiences, namely at the artistic level.
The project’s activities include training for leaders and employees, implementation of best practices regarding governance, definition of a strategy for the organization, preparations for attaining a quality certification, implementation of practices regarding communication and fundraising campaigns, and the creation of new artistic products of excellence, through the exchange of experiences with other organizations. The promoter also intends to strengthen its financial sustainability through the diversification of its revenue sources.

Key Area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 78,496€



EQUO – Gender equality in social and solidarity economy

Promoted by Questão de Igualdade – Associação para a Inovação Social
Partners: Associação Centro de Estudos de Economia Social do Atlântico

The main objective of the project is the strengthening of NGO activity as regards gender equality, through the mainstreaming of gender issues in their practices.

A social consultancy office will be created to support NGOs, headed by a specialist in gender equality issues, with national coverage, available through direct phone line and website. A practical framework for the implementation of gender equality policies will also be developed and tested. Under the project there will also be training actions involving NGO leaders, staff and volunteers, discussion workshops and a national seminar which shall include the presentation of the project’s outcomes.
The project partner will be responsible for supporting the project activities in the region, and select and monitor NGOs in this region, within the scope of the project.

Key Area: Gender equality
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 80,033€



DECIS – Development of capacity building strategies for social innovation

Promoted by Animar – Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento Local
Partners: ALIENDE – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Local, Assoc. Desenvol. do Interior, de Promoção do Comer. Solidário, do Ecotur. e da Luta a Desert. Rural and Sociedade de Estudos e Intervenção em Engenharia Social

This project aims to enhance the efficiency of NGOs through the training of their leaders, employees and partners and the incorporation of best governance practices, particularly in regard to equal opportunities and gender parity. It also aims to prepare NGOs to act in a more dynamic and effective way towards the promotion of innovation and social entrepreneurship.
An accreditation system for NGO training will be created and developed, as well as a brand that gives visibility and recognition to the accreditation of its training activities. The project also includes the promotion of distance learning; awareness-raising seminars with the purpose of promoting and preparing NGOs for the incorporation of principles and procedures conducive to equal opportunities and gender parity as well as other good governance procedures; workshops for the incorporation of these processes and procedures; the creation of a social innovation agency; and the training of social entrepreneurship facilitators.

Key Area: Good governance and transparency
Project initiated in September 2014
Approved support: 109,376€



[accordion-tab title=”Small Projects”]

The following “Small Projects” have been approved:


Citizenship and Environment in the Lima Valley

Promoted by Associação Florestal do Lima

The association manages 7 areas of forest intervention, with a total of 47,500 hectares, divided between more than 2,000 adherent owners. The majority of these are elderly citizens, with a low level of education and limited access to information and capital. The project aims to facilitate the access to information on forestry production; encourage the investment in forest areas; demonstrate good practices in the production, transformation and commercialization of non-timber forest products; increase the productivity and profitability of the owners and create a cooperation network between them; educate the schoolchildren of the region on the topics of tolerance and intercultural understanding; and capacitate the managers and technicians of the association.

To that end, the project will provide training and informative sessions and launch awareness campaigns on these subjects. In addition it will create and acquire technical records and literature. The promoter aims at protecting and developing the Lima Valley forest, for the economic, social and ecological sustainability of a region where the forest has a great heritage, tourism, hunting and fishing value.

Key area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 20,831€
More on this project:‎
Rua Poço de cabaços, Lote 1, R/C, Feitosa
4990-344 Ponte de Lima

 Associação Florestal do Lima


Good deeds are always well

Promoted by Atitude SSE Associação Pelo Desenvolvimento do Investimento Social

The objective of the project is the capacitation of organizations that are listed or have been listed in the Portuguese Social Stock Exchange (BVS), a financing scheme for NGOs brought to Portugal by the promoter with the support of a group of organizations which included the Gulbenkian Foundation, in matters of communication and financial sustainability and in supporting the construction or reformulation of the organizations’ plans in these areas; and the promotion of social investment and innovative financing mechanisms. These organizations’ formative deficit in these matters has translated into difficulties in attracting social investors. To reach its goals the project will then resort to innovative, participative, multi-stakeholder methodologies, with both theoretical and practical natures, with formal learning moments as well as informal moments for sharing experiences and good practices.

The association hopes to create a large increase in the value of the investments in the BVS, greater visibility for the participating organizations and improve their medium and long term sustainability.

Key area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in December 2013
Approved support: 22,246€
More on this project:
Av. da Liberdade, 196, 6º
1250-147 Lisboa

  Atitude SSE Associação Pelo Desenvolvimento do Investimento Social


Together, we learn how to do it

Promoted by Girassol Solidário – Associação de Apoio aos Doentes Evacuados de Cabo Verde

The project aims to promote the cohesion, personal dignity and expressions of citizenship of Cape Verdean evacuee patients which came to Portugal under the Cooperation Agreement between these countries. This shall be accomplished through a group of volunteer patients that, through their physical and linguistic proximity with the whole and their shared clinical condition, are enabled to fulfill this role, being in a privileged position to help other patients, thus strengthening and broadening the activities of the association. The volunteer patients shall require training on the organizations’ procedures and intervention mechanisms in order to be able to reinforce the team on the ground as valuable team members. The project shall provide this through training sessions on the implementation of practices on the ground, advised by technical trainers these areas; the production of manuals of procedures and health promotion; and also through expressions of citizenship through artistic techniques.

It shall thus be created a strategy for continuous improvement and increasing efficiency and sustainability of the services provided by the association.

Key area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 22,495€
More on this project:
Rua Silva, Nr. 1, Loja 1.
1200-267 Lisboa

   Girassol Solidário - Associação de Apoio aos Doentes Evacuados de Cabo Verde


Project Dandelion

Promoted by Associação de Paralisia Cerebral de Viana do Castelo

The project, promoted by a local cerebral palsy association, aims to support children and young people between 6 and 18 years old with disabilities during the school holidays, as in many cases both parents work and school holidays do not coincide with the labor holidays. It is also intended as a pilot-project for creating an additional response to the problems of young people with cerebral palsy in Portugal. The need for this project was highlighted on questionnaires recently made to families of children and young people with disability.

The project will encompass all school holidays between December 2013 and December 2014. The promoter will gather insight, via questionnaires, on how best to provide this service, with a final evaluation involving interviews to all the families involved in the project. Resulting from this learning process, the project may subsequently be disseminated to other regions of Portugal.

Key area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in December 2013
Approved support: 16,200€
More on this project:‎
Rua 25 de Abril nº9
4925-010 Santa Marta de Portuzelo

  Projeto Dente de Leão


To Enable = Development = Sustainability

Promoted by Associação Portuguesa de Deficientes

The project aims at improving the effectiveness of the promoting NGO’s intervention and bolstering its sustainability, through a more efficient management as well as a broader range of funding sources. The focus will be on the capacity building of the board of directors, staff and volunteers of the largest Portuguese NGO devoted to the promotion of the rights of people with disabilities. This goal will be achieved through training activities and by publishing a handbook on subjects such as equal opportunities for disabled people or social entrepreneurship. These training activities will mainly target the members of the NGO’s national headquarters, who will then be responsible for the dissemination and application of the acquired knowledge amongst the staff of the organization’s 17 regional delegations, nationwide.

Additionally, this project also intends to foster networking with counterpart NGOs and to enhance the effectiveness of their engagement in the consultation and decision-making processes regarding public policies on disability.

Key area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 22,500€
More on this project:
Largo do Rato, 1B
1250-185 Lisboa

  Associação Portuguesa de Deficientes


More (+) Life North

Promoted by Associação de Promoção e Defesa da Vida e da Família – Vida Norte

The project aims to improve the effectiveness of the promoter in the areas it operates. The increase in aid requests made the optimization of its resources and the professionalization of its services a pressing matter. Thus, and considering the common values and mission, a protocol was formed with a volunteer group associated with S. João Hospital, which aims to support babies born there and their families.

In pursuit of these objectives, and with the support of IES, training sessions on business subjects will be held for both organizations; volunteer procurement, management and motivational strategies will be implemented; and cooperation with other entities will be encouraged through a sharing network. With the support of Call to Action, the elaboration of a strategic plan and training on fundraising is planned. And with the support of F3M and a specialized volunteer, donor/associate and resource management databases will be created.

Key area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 21,254€
More on this project:‎
Av. Marechal Gomes da Costa, 516
4150-354 Porto



EcoWatch – Activism for the defense of the Environment

Promoted by Quercus – Associação Nacional de Conservação da Natureza

The purpose of the project is to empower and to bolster the intervention of the promoting NGO through the creation and launch of an IT platform. The “EcoWatch” will be a digital online instrument for the integrated management of a wide range of services and operations which are crucial to the NGO’s functioning and will bring about a more effective and sustainable performance. It will provide innovative, accessible and widespread tools to mobilize and manage volunteer work, to respond to complaints regarding harmful behaviours against the environment and to promote fund raising and enlistment campaigns.

The platform also encompasses an e-learning component, with training sessions aiming at the qualification of the NGO’s staff, as well as a public opinion awareness-raising component – “QuercusTV” – intended to make available pedagogical materials such as videos, documentaries or news reports on environmental issues.

Key area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 21,483€
More on this project:
Centro Associativo do Calhau
1500-045 Lisboa

 Quercus - Associação Nacional de Conservação da Natureza


Training for Citizenship

Promoted by Movimento de Defesa da Vida

The project will focus on the enhancement of the effectiveness of private and public organizations devoted to the promotion of gender equality and the reconciliation between work and family life, particularly in the context of exposure to risk or social exclusion. Operating in the region around Évora, the promoter will invest in the qualification of their managers, staff and volunteers, to allow them to broaden both their range of activities and their funding sources. The main activity will be the development of a training plan that will provide theoretical and methodological knowledge and expertise on subjects such as gender equality in social intervention with families, job-search support techniques or volunteer work management and capacity building.

Ultimately, this project aims at increasing the impact of the intervention of these organizations vis-à-vis the groups they’re targeting, by promoting greater parity in the division of tasks and the time effectively dedicated by both men and women to their work, social and private/family lives.

Key area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 22,171€
More on this project:
Rua da Beneficência nº 7
1050-034 Lisboa

  Movimento de Defesa da Vida


Improving information and communication systems at the service of refugees

Promoted by CPR – Conselho Português para os Refugiados

The PRC will, through this project, modernise its technological infrastructure in order to improve and strengthen the assistance provided to refugees and asylum seekers in Portugal. By developing computerized procedures, the promoter will not only enhance the effectiveness and the quality of the services provided, but also improve data access, safety, confidentiality, transferability and storage data in the promoter’s computer network. Furthermore, the combination in a single virtual environment of different kinds of services, in some cases geographically dispersed, will boost work efficiency by decreasing execution times, need for travel and its related costs..

In addition to the investment in technology, the NGO will establish conduct codes and standard procedures and implement a training plan for all staff members, allowing thus these capacity-building measures to be beneficial both for the organization’s modus operandi and equipment and for the NGO’s team skills and expertise.

Key area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 22,500€
More on this project:
Quinta do Pombeiro, Casa Senhorial Norte – Azinhaga do Pombeiro, s/n
1900-793 Lisboa

  CPR - Conselho Português para os Refugiados


Volunteers for Citizenship

Promoted by GARE – Associação para a Promoção de uma Cultura de Segurança Rodoviária
Partner: Universidade Sénior de Évora

The promoter works for the advancement of a culture of road safety, with the goal of promoting social and individual behaviours and attitudes changes which reduce the risks inherent to the road environment. This project will create a group of volunteers for citizenship in an inter-generational logic (focus on the young and the elder) in its region, and build capacity for dealing with this problem. A volunteer database will also be created.

To achieve these objectives, a set of inter-generational activities designed to raise awareness on good driving practices and civility on the road will be carried out, directed at small groups or individuals. The promoter also relies on the ability to involve local authorities, schools and other entities for increasing awareness on the problem.

Key area: Participatory democracy
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 22,486€
More on this project:‎
Jardim da Pérgola – Horta das Figueiras
7005-500 Évora

  Voluntários para a cidadania


Active Time Bank – Reinforcing Social Networking Community

Promoted by GRAAL
Partner: Centro de Estudos para a Intervenção Social

The “Time Bank” is a system by which citizens of a given community exchange services between themselves, each providing and being granted set amounts of time to perform the most diverse tasks. Created in 2001, it is operated through a national network of 32 local agencies, coordinated by the promoter of the project.

The project will consist of a set of actions that aims at strengthening the effectiveness of these local networks of mutual support, through the empowerment and skills enhancement of the coordinating body. The main objectives are to promote the dissemination of the concept by creating a site and by participating in social networks, as well as improving the operation of the exchange system through computerization of the information management procedures for registration and for matching supply and demand for time and services. Moreover, the promoter intends to implement transversal assessment methods and collect examples of good practice in order to disseminate them in the network by publishing a manual. Finally, it is also envisaged the training of local team leaders in areas such as communication, ICT and leadership strategies.

The project will be implemented in partnership with a research centre that will mainly support the process of improving the assessment and monitoring of the network’s activities.

Key area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in November 2013
Approved support: 22,500€
More on this project:‎
Rua Luciano Cordeiro, 24, 6ºA
1150-215 Lisboa



Participate +

Promoted by APCAS – Associação de Paralisia Cerebral de Almada Seixal
Partner: Município do Seixal

The creation of a Resource Center for Adapted Sports, to serve the population of the Setubal Peninsula, intends to fill the gaps in what regards available equipment and technical staff devoted to the promotion of sporting activities adapted to people with disabilities. The project shall bolster awareness regarding the stigma associated with disability through two intervention axes. On the one hand, the rehabilitation of a building will provide the necessary basic physical infrastructure and materials. On the other hand, a trained technician will be hired which, supported by volunteer work, will hold training sessions targeting, primarily, school staff, but also workers from different institutional contexts dealing with the disabled and the elderly.

The promoter – a local cerebral palsy association – will develop the project in partnership with Seixal Municipality, which will make the physical space for the center available and also support its promotion.

Key area: Participatory democracy
Project initiated in December 2013
Approved support: 21,672€
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Rua Rodrigues Lapa nº 2-A
2845-132 Amora



ACA – Academy for Cohesion in Azores

Promoted by AGECTA – Agência para a Coesão Territorial, CRL
Partner: ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

The current economic crisis and the need for greater territorial cohesion call for a greater intersectoral coordination of public policies and for a greater involvement of NGOs in the work required for achieving sustainable local development. This requires broad knowledge of new learning processes, oriented towards community revitalization and social innovation.

The project’s objective is to create the Academy for Cohesion in Azores, an entity which is to provide NGOs and local actors in the Azores Islands with skills in community revitalization and social innovation, as well as to train cohesion agents through the learning of a set of specific skills. The project will engage with various entities in the region for the implementation of alternative models of multilevel governance and of dynamic and participatory budgeting processes.

Key Area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 22,608€



IMPACT – Social impact and victim Support

Promoted by Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima
Partner: LOGFRAME, Consultoria e Formação Lda.

The challenges brought by the economic crisis, together with the low number of victims who actually access support services, caused the promoter to invest in new tools that enable the improvement of internal procedures and a greater capacity to influence public policies.

The main goal of the project is to improve the services provided and to contribute to a greater external acknowledgement of the promoter as a reference organisation in victim support. This will be possible by introducing a new quality management system into the internal procedures.
As a result, an organisational evaluation system will be implemented and integrated in the promoter’s quality management system, focused on performance and based on cost-benefit principles. The project is part of the gradual effort by the promoter to extend its quality certification to all its networks, responding to the increasing demand.

Key Area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 20,687€


Old friends from Coimbra

Promoted by ATLAS – Associação de Cooperação para o Desenvolvimento

The promoter supports 35 elders in their homes, living in deprivation and isolation, all weekends of the year. It is a professional volunteering project that takes hot meals, affection and companionship to the elderly of Coimbra and Leiria (central Portugal). With this project, the promoter intends to increase this number to 60, as well as to involve more volunteers in its activities.

The project will foster solidarity between generations through three intervention areas: action against malnutrition (engaging 250 volunteers who take hot meals on weekends to 60 elders in Coimbra and Leiria, as well as affection and companionship to the elderly who live without any support); monitoring of the health state of these elders (creation of a health care team, made up of nurses and doctors working pro bono); and improvement of their emotional well-being (psychological support, personal image care and other socio-cultural activities).

Key Area: Promotion of active citizenship
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 21,988€

  Alta de Coimbra - Velhos amigos

A new culture for sustainability – creating strategic partnerships with the private sector

Promoted by Fundação Gonçalo da Silveira
Partners: Fundación Entreculturas – Fe y Alegría, Bagabaga Studios, CRL and Oficina Escola Profissional do Instituto Nun’Alvres – Inst. Formação Profissional Albino Sousa Cruz

The promoter’s communication and fundraising area needs to be strengthened to meet its growing ambition. The project goal is to attain new skills, in order to approach the business sector as part of the promoter’s strategy to improve financial sustainability. The project will leverage partnerships needed by the promoter and explore existing opportunities, namely for corporate volunteering.

There is the need to update and complement training in fundraising techniques, in particular as regards the approach to companies perceived as potential strategic partners. To achieve this goal, on the job training will be conducted with the Spanish partner, which will include the compilation and study of good practices. The project will also seek to interest companies regarding the promoter’s mission and activities. Companies to be approached will be identified and a multimedia presentation will be created for this purpose.

Key Area: Empowerment of NGOs
Project initiated in October 2014
Approved support: 24,526€

  Fundação Gonçalo da Silveira


Updated on 19 october 2017

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