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“ESTADO EROSÃO” aims to build a piece of art that happens for a determined period of time. The intention is to conceptually give back to the earth several natural materials in a self-sufficient manner, with invisible technology. The creation process of these works consists on identifying organic matter in the Garden of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and to shape it into bricks of organic compound that can result in minimal sculptures which (through artificial impulses) will decompose and return to their origin.

The Berru collective was created in Porto, in 2015. It develops an artistic work that aims to question the intimate relation human beings have with machines – a relation that raises a lot of philosophical, anthropological, political, social and ethical questions. Lately, they have also been working with live biological systems. They received the SONAE MEDIA ART 2019 award, at MNAC, Lisbon, with the work “Systems synthesis”.


Jardim Concreto is made of three installations: “À Margem” (Paulo Morais), “HORTUS” (Patrícia Portela and Christoph De Boeck) and “ESTADO EROSÃO” (Berru). They intend to pay homage to sound as matter, to the flora and fauna of the Gulbenkian Garden and even to its organic matter. The idea is to bring out certain elements of the garden, analyse them and return them, as if amplified. The hope is that this act of mediation can generate a reflection about current issues: the new geological era, the environmental crisis caused by human activity and its repercussions on a social, ecological and economical level.

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