Short Term Grant for Armenian Studies 2021

For qualified students, academics and researchers.

The Armenian Communities Department of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is giving the possibility to qualified students, academics and researchers in Armenian Studies to participate in activities related to their field of research, encouraging academic interaction and exchange of knowledge and ideas. The maximum grant amount will be based on proposals received, but shall not exceed 5,000 Euro. Please read the conditions.

Note that if you are a researcher in Armenian Studies in Armenia wishing to participate in a conference or workshop abroad, you should apply to the Short Term Conference and Travel Grant for students and young academics in Armenia.


Who is eligible?

Qualified students (Master or PhD degree), academics and researchers in Armenian Studies wishing to attend international conferences or summer courses, to undertake field research or pursue small research projects, or to engage in other relevant activities related to their work.

Application are welcomed at any time of the year for forthcoming events.


Application dates

18 Jan – 10 Dec 2021 (deadline 23:59, Lisbon time)