Transatlântico – Artistic creation and deconstructing ageism

Isto é PARTIS & Art for Change 2023

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Auditorium 3 Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language.
Conversation and documentary in Portuguese.


Free entry
Subject to room capacity
Transatlântico [Transatlantic] is a major theatrical work that, in the process and outcome of artistic creation, deconstructs idadism in various ways. Presentation of the documentary followed by conversation.

We will watch a video that chronicles the phenomenal creation and presentation of this play and then talk, in a conversation between the participants and the audience, about the remarkable aspects of this experience that applauds older people and highlights their transformative potential in our society and culture.

In 2022, Companhia Maior worked under the direction of Ricardo Neves-Neves in a new creation based on Christopher Durang’s text about a ship, cruising across the Atlantic Ocean. Neves-Neves extolls the brilliance of a hilarious plot where life stories, frustrated ambitions, adventure and foolhardiness, multiple personalities, resentment and love intersect. Durang’s satire, which challenges taboos of sexuality and fidelity in American society in the 1970s, is spiritedly and boldly reinterpreted by the voice and body of the company’s actors half a century later, when the issue is already debated on social media by younger generations but still unsettles moral demands. Several interns from Teatro do Elétrico and young musicians also went on this intense journey, in a musical exploration that provides a festive and captivating tone and a rare opportunity for two very different generations to engage and share the same stage.

The video is followed by a conversation about “artistic creation and deconstructing ageism” with Paula Varanda, Ricardo Neves-Neves, Maria José Baiao, Carlos Nery and Luisa Veloso.

Duration 60 min. Documentary 20 min and Conversation 40 min (approximately).
Photo © Bruno Simão

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João Pinto

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João Pinto
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