Supported projects – 1st edition

Below are the 16 participatory art projects that will be supported during the 2021-2023 period.

These projects apply different artistic disciplines and bring together professional and amateur artists for shared learning, reflection and the co-creation of artistic proposals that encourage everyone to participant in building and maintaining more sustainable, just and cohesive communities.


CORRE-MUNDOS – Community transformation through inclusive art
Personal, social and community development of migrant youth and descendants of migrants through the arts

Promoter: Almada Mundo - Associação Internacional de Educação, Formação e Inovação
Artistic Area: Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area: Filipa Francisco
Person in charge of the social area: Cláudia Vaz
Territorial reach: Almada
Duration: 24 months

Corre-Mundos uses the arts and a participatory, humanistic and collaborative methodology to enable the personal, social and community development of vulnerable migrant youth and descendants of migrants, who become multipliers of social transformation and who fly not because they feel threatened (like birds of passage, after which the project is named), but because they are empowered, leading by inspiration and example. The project seeks to bring teams together to create a multidisciplinary show and involves three acts: training the participants, joint creation and a public performance.


Dance, music and video as universal languages for sharing and merging cultures

Promoter: Lavrar o Mar, Cooperativa Cultural CRL.
Artistic Area: Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area: Madalena Victorino
Person in charge of the social area: Deolinda Luís
Territorial reach: Odemira
Duration: 24 months

Bowing is a rural participatory art project created for migrant men and some women from Southeast Asia and Eastern European countries who work in the municipality of Odemira, mostly at multinational companies dedicated to intensive farming, and their children who are attending school in the area. The artistic work with migrants (using dance, music and video as universal languages) aims to dignify, appreciate and explore the intrinsic elements of foreign cultures to create a place to share and merge knowledge, sensitivities and identities with the Portuguese culture.


Combating social isolation and reactivating community ties between the inhabitants and merchants of downtown Coimbra through the arts

Promoter: Associação Há Baixa
Artistic Area: Design and arts and crafts
Person in charge of the artistic area: Catarina Pires
Person in charge of the social area: Cláudia Silva
Territorial reach: Coimbra
Duration: 24 months

Sewing, embroidery, graphic and multimedia design, printing and illustration, textile design and experimental sound arts are at the heart of Saco da Baixa, a project created from the desire to (re)activate community ties between the local older people and the merchants in Coimbra’s historical city centre, and between those merchants and the academic community and those who visit the city. The goal is to help reduce the loneliness and social isolation of older people and promote the inclusion of unemployed women over the age of 55, by harnessing their life experience and expertise in the handicrafts usually associated with women.


ARTE E OLHAR – Promoting the inclusion of the deaf/hearing through theatre
Theatre as a means to include deaf and hearing students, together with their families and teachers

Promoter: Academia de Teatro Tin.Bra
Artistic Area: Theatre
Person in charge of the artistic area: Maíra Ribeiro
Person in charge of the social area: Luísa Campos
Territorial reach: Braga
Duration: 24 months

Arte e olhar uses theatre to promote the inclusion of the deaf/hearing from the D. Maria II school cluster in Braga, a benchmark bilingual school. The project will include not only students, but their teachers and families as well. Hearing participants will learn Portuguese Sign Language (PSL or LGP in Portuguese) and gain insight into some of the characteristics of the deaf community to help improve communication between the groups. Together, they will create and put on a play at the Circo Theatre in Braga. The performance will be an important tool to encourage the inclusion of deaf students, incorporating PSL as a performative utterance of artistic expression and understanding of the world.


SENTEMENTE – artistic practices for well-bring and mental health in women
Theatre as a form of individual expression and reflection on gender and belonging for vulnerable women

Promoter: Chão de Oliva – Centro de Difusão Cultural
Artistic Area: Theatre
Person in charge of the artistic area: Susana C. Gaspar
Person in charge of the social area: Marco Martin
Territorial reach: Sintra (neighbourhoods of Tapada das Mercês and Casal de São José)
Duration: 24 months

SenteMente aims at developing artistic practices for women with psychological disorders living in the two neighbourhoods of the parish of Algueirão – Mem Martins, where a significant part of the population is socially vulnerable. It uses theatre to give these women a time/space for self-expression, to cultivate artistic sensitivity and to reflect on matters related to gender and belonging.


Using theatre to promote the visibility and public recognition of deaf artists and the development of a scenic language that merges sign language and the spoken word

Promoter: Elemento Periférico, Associação Cultural e Recreativa
Artistic Area: Theatre
Person in charge of the artistic area: Sofia de Portugal
Person in charge of the social area: Carlos Martins
Territorial reach: Lisbon, Oeiras
Duration: 24 months

By combining sign language and the spoken word, this project aims at inventing new scenic grammars to encourage the creation of more inclusive artistic languages. It seeks to develop a theatrical project with the deaf community that culminates in a performance for the community in general, where both the deaf and the hearing have equal access and can enjoy the performance in the same way. The project also aims to dignify deaf artists, giving them equal access to artistic training and creation, to encourage society to recognise artists, regardless of whether they have a disability, and, finally, to sow the seeds for the creation of a theatre group with deaf performers for professionalisation, dignity and to find its social and cultural place.


Encouraging greater cohesion in the Bairro do Zambujal community through participatory arts practice, under the motto ‘individual equality in cultural difference’

Promoter: Dança em Diálogos - Associação Cultural
Artistic Area: Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area: Fernando Duarte
Person in charge of the social: area Elisa Marques
Territorial reach: Amadora
Duration: 32 months

The intervention plan of the Radio(grafias) iguais project focuses on the Roma community in Bairro do Zambujal. This multidisciplinary project (dance/visual arts/theatre/documentary) has an integrated premise: ‘individual equality in cultural difference’. The name of the project aims to show that equality occurs simply by looking at an x-ray, where the skeleton is undoubtedly the structure that supports us all.

The project focuses on three action pillars: Schools, with students and teachers from the Alto dos Moinhos Elementary School; Communities, in Bairro do Zambujal; and Culture, with visits to several prominent cultural institutes in Lisbon.

Two performances that incorporate the project’s various artistic expressions are expected to be held at the end of each academic year, one for the school cluster's entire school community and another for the residents of Bairro do Zambujal.


FAZER PRESENTE – Participatory theatre with intergenerational dialogue
Participatory and intergenerational artistic creation involving older people and theatre students to promote integrated and sustainable ageing

Promoter: Associação para o Desenvolvimento das Comunidades Locais
Artistic Area: Theatre
Person in charge of the artistic area: Manuela Ferreira
Person in charge of the social area: Gabriela Nunes
Territorial reach: Guimarães
Duration: 36 months

Fazer Presente aims at promoting the sustainable ageing of older people in the rural and dispersed parishes of the Guimarães municipality by incorporating socially healthy, creative and participatory experiences and perceptions through theatre and participatory and intergenerational artistic creation. This community-oriented project includes the direct participation of 40 older people and 70 young adults (former)/students of the University of Minho bachelor’s degree in Theatre and combines creation, experimentation and training to promote sustainable ageing and a new mindset of intergenerational dialogue.


Promoting artists who are older than 60 and the active participation of older people in society, and the role artistic practices play in their health and well-being

Promoter: Companhia Maior Associação
Artistic Area: Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area: Luísa Taveira
Person in charge of the social area: Carlota Quintão and Luísa Veloso
Territorial reach: Lisbon, Porto, Loulé, Cartaxo, Montemor-o-Novo
Duration: 36 months

Causa Maior aims to understand and reflect on the social value of Companhia Maior (a company composed of artists over the age of 60) to publicly demonstrate that value. This demonstration magnifies the voice of the people and the artistic and critical work of Companhia Maior, and opens pathways to other interpretations and other places of ageing, contributing to the debate on more appropriate public policies for the well-being of older people.


RAIZARTE – One orchestra, three communities
A project for the children of different communities on São Miguel Island that combines learning music with personal and social development

Promoter: Quadrivium – Associação Artística
Artistic Area: Music
Person in charge of the artistic area: Amâncio Cabral
Person in charge of the social area: Leonardo Sousa
Territorial reach: São Miguel Island in the Azores (Nordeste, Ribeira Grande, Vila Franca do Campo)
Duration: 36 months

Raizarte – One orchestra, three communities is an orchestral project that combines learning music with artistic personal and social development. Based on the assumption that music brings together people with different backgrounds, the project involves five dimensions: learning music and playing in an orchestra; creative experience and experimentation; personal and social skills development; promoting cultural consumption and exposure to diverse artistic experiences; and interactions between people with different backgrounds. Designed for children between 9 and 12 years of age without easy access to artistic practices, the project will be implemented in three different geographical areas on São Miguel Island, i.e. the municipalities of Ribeira Grande, Nordeste and Vila Franca do Campo.


Former miners and young adults from São Pedro da Cova reflect on an environmental crime that occurred there

Promoter: Liberdade Provisória Associação
Artistic Area: Theatre
Person in charge of the artistic area: André Amálio
Person in charge of the social area: Hélder Nogueira
Territorial reach: Gondomar
Duration: 36 months

A Mina aims at working with the people of São Pedro da Cova to reflect on the causes and consequences of an environmental crime that occurred in the region, helping to raise society’s awareness of these crimes and the urgency in preventing them from occurring in the future. For three years, this project will work with two specific groups: former miners living in challenging socio-economic conditions and adolescents with social and economic difficulties, offering them different activities for training, enjoyment and artistic creation. The two performances resulting from this project will be included in the programme at some renowned performance halls, such as the São João National Theatre, in Porto, and Culturgest in Lisbon, drawing attention to the urgent need for environmental protection.


Promoting reflection on what physically, culturally and socially divides and unites a group of women from different socio-economic backgrounds in Faro, through artistic and creative experiences

Promoter: DeVIR, Associação de Actividades Culturais
Artistic Area: Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area: José Laginha
Person in charge of the social area: David Fernandes
Territorial reach: Faro
Duration: 36 months

This project brings together women with many different life experiences and living conditions with something in common, they live in the same city; a group of Roma women living in a ghetto, a very degraded social housing area, in Faro and other women living in different parts of the city who hope to build fuller and more stimulating lives. Through artistic and creative experiences, the project aims to encourage reflection on what divides and unites them, physically, culturally and socially in a personal and collective/community sphere. The performances created with guest artists each year will be presented at the Encontros do DeVIR festival.


TRAMPOLIM – jumping to better fortune
Circus and performance arts as a stepping stone to the future qualified insertion of socially vulnerable young people in the job market

Promoter: Colectividade Cultural e Recreativa de Santa Catarina
Artistic Area: Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area: Cláudia Nóvoa
Person in charge of the social area: Américo Peças
Territorial reach: Lisbon, Barreiro, Amadora, Sintra, Oeiras, Cascais
Duration: 36 months

In each year of operation, Trampolin aims to host 20 young people between the ages of 17 and 25 flagged as being socially and culturally vulnerable, and who have a propensity for the project’s artistic areas (circus and performance arts, particularly the performing arts and performance workshops). Alongside training in these areas and creating and participating in the performances held during each year, these young people will each take part in coaching/mentoring programmes to help them redesign their life plan and agency to promote qualified insertion in the job market, with the coach/mentor overseeing the process. To this end, the project has partnered with Everything is New and Made in Portugal.


A vegetable plot is the unusual place chosen to fight social inequalities, combining land crafts and the visual and performing arts

Promoter: Nicho Associação Cultural
Artistic Area: Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area: Graeme Pulleyn
Person in charge of the social area: Paula Fong
Territorial reach: Viseu
Duration: 36 months

In a field of ancestral land in Quinta da Cruz in Viseu, a group of young horticulturists-creators have joined forces with a team of professional artists and horticulturists to develop an unusual and alternative space, combining land crafts and the visual and performing arts. The project offers an experiential learning opportunity for children and young people between the ages of 9 and 18 from the Lar Escola Santo António boarding school and children and young people of the same age attending the Grão Vaz school cluster in Viseu and the Viriato secondary school. Horta de Deméter was created from the desire to fight social inequality by creating participatory art works in an unusual and innovative space.


POR UM GALHO – social and artistic intervention with nature
Promoting the inclusion and appreciation of older people through artistic activities centred around nature

Promoter: GRASSA, Grupo de Acção de Solidariedade Social de Antas
Artistic Area: Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area: Gabriela Gomes
Person in charge of the social area: Andreia Pereira
Territorial reach: Esposende
Duration: 36 months

The main goal of Por um galho – social and artistic intervention with nature is the inclusion and appreciation of vulnerable older people by involving them in the design, implementation and exhibition of ephemeral artistic installations based on nature and built using natural materials. The installations will be strategically placed at different locations in the Northern Littoral Natural Park, along the region's existing and recognised walking routes. An ‘environmental art’ project that seeks to build mutual relationships between art, nature and society.


Developing a theatrical interpretation methodology for the blind and visually impaired

Promoter: Associação O Teatrão
Artistic Area: Theatre
Person in charge of the artistic area: Isabel Craveiro
Person in charge of the social area: Ana Eduarda Ribeiro
Territorial reach: Coimbra
Duration: 36 months

O Teatrão and ACAPO Coimbra join forces in A Meu Ver, a project that aims to develop a working methodology for theatrical interpretation for the blind and visually impaired. The workshops arranged by a professional and multidisciplinary artistic team will culminate in an annual performance that will debut and run at the Coimbra Municipal Theatre Workshop. The project includes an international partnership with the National Organisation of the Blind in Spain (ONCE), namely the centres in Galicia, Seville and Madrid, with the continued production and touring of performances with blind people, with a significant output for communities and interpreters.

Updated on 18 january 2023

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