Supported projects – 2nd edition

Below are the 15 participatory art projects that will be supported during the 2022-2025 period.

These projects apply different artistic disciplines and bring together professional and amateur artists for shared learning, reflection and the co-creation of artistic proposals that encourage everyone to participant in building and maintaining more sustainable, just and cohesive communities.



The arts – particularly theatre – as a means of building social and personal skills in children and young people

Promoter Admirável Reino - Association
Territorial reach Monte da Caparica, Lisbon
Artistic area Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area Marcos Barbosa
Person in charge of the social area Lourenço Eiró
Duration 36 months

Ser é a Questão aims to contribute to the holistic training of one hundred children and young people from the Padre Amadeu Pinto Youth Centre, in Monte da Caparica, and 30 children and young people from central Lisbon, engaging them in the process of creating a play based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Through multidisciplinary artistic workshops, coordinated by a team of artists, scientists and educators, the project will build these young people's self-esteem and self-awareness, social skills (teamwork, interpersonal relationships, respect for difference), a taste for theatre and their artistic sensitivity, enriching the way they see the world. The production will be presented in Pragal and Escola do Largo, in Lisbon.

ALDEIAS CRIATIVAS (CREATIVE VILLAGES) – Satélites Culturais na Serra do Gerês 

Combating demographic and social isolation in rural areas through artist residencies and workshops that foster intergenerational relationships and co-creation

Promoter Associação Cultural Rural Vivo
Territorial reach Serra do Gerês
Artistic area Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area João Martins
Person in charge of the social area Evelyne Mussons
Duration 34 months

Aldeias Criativas aims to enable local communities living in the Serra do Gerês mountain area to explore four artistic areas (music, painting, audiovisual, theatre) through artistic residencies and weekly workshops, bringing together intergenerational groups in co-creation processes inspired by and inserted in rural life. It aims to share the arts and culture in an area where they tend to be less accessible, helping to fight social and demographic isolation and increasing the participants' sense of community, while raising awareness of the environmental impact of the human footprint and promoting good agroecology practices.


The circus arts as a tool for the personal and social development and employability of young adults

Promoter Companhia Erva Daninha
Territorial reach Gondomar and Porto
Artistic area Circus Arts
Person in charge of the artistic area Vasco Gomes
Person in charge of the social area Hélder Nogueira
Duration 36 months

Q-circo’s general goal is to contribute to the empowerment and employability of 40 young people who are NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training), using the circus arts as a tool to promote personal and social development and to build soft skills. The project will work with two groups, in Porto and in Gondomar, and a show will be presented at the end of each year.


Artistic and social-emotional training for young people at risk and the teaching and technical teams that monitor them

Promoter Colectivo Espaço Invisível
Territorial reach Vila Nova de Gaia
Artistic area Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area Rita Soeiro
Person in charge of the social area Sofia Canedo
Duration 36 months

Altercação promotes the artistic and socio-emotional empowerment of at-risk youth and of the education and technical teams that monitor them, at the Institute for Development and Social Inclusion (IDIS), in Vila Nova de Gaia. This three-year project is subdivided into four structural areas and its primary goals are to promote the personal, social and emotional development and transformation of the participants; to encourage cultural enjoyment and access to diversified cultural experiences; to promote the development of emotional literacy; and to equip participants with the artistic and technical skills necessary for insertion in the labour market.


Improving the social-emotional skills and integration of refugee children and young people through visual arts

Promoter Árvore - Cooperativa de Actividades Artísticas
Territorial reach Porto, Braga and S. João da Madeira
Artistic Area Ceramics, painting
Person in charge of the artistic area Marta Domingues
Person in charge of the social area Ana Isabel da Silva
Duration 24 months

Habito O Mundo uses artistic expression and creation to promote the development of a sense of belonging and the socio-emotional skills of 45 refugee children and young people in northern Portugal who are part of the MEERU community. The artistic work will focus on ceramics and around the idea of "home", culminating in the presentation of a book, a ceramic panel and a graffiti mural on a public space.


Challenging contemporary circus aesthetics by deconstructing concepts associated with disabled people

Promoter Instituto Nacional de Artes do Circo
Territorial reach Vila Nova de Famalicão
Artistic Area Circus arts
Person in charge of the artistic area Juliana Moura
Person in charge of the social area Lueli Cristina
Duration 24 months

Panorama aims to promote new risk policies within contemporary circus artistic creation, through the deconstruction of concepts such as "abnormal" and "disabled", diversifying the aesthetics in circus interpretation. To this end, Panorama will endeavour to promote the technical and artistic development of young people and adults with different types of disabilities, divided into five phases: theoretical and practical technical activities; experience in an artistic research laboratory; performances and public presentation; participation in a multidisciplinary roundtable open to the public; and publication of scientific papers.

NÓS OS LOUCOS (FOOLS) – Research and Exhibition of Raw Art in Portugal

Free artistic experimentation, using innovative drawing tools, for residents in national mental health institutions

Promoter P28 Manicómio
Territorial reach Coimbra, Braga, Lisbon and Sintra
Artistic Area Drawing
Person in charge of the artistic area Sandro Resende
Person in charge of the social area Catarina Gomes
Duration 24 months

Nós os loucos uses innovative drawing tools to facilitate access to free artistic experimentation for people living with a mental illness (residents of national mental health institutions), providing activities in different settings that will allow participants to develop their creative process. The project will be implemented in two stages: first, through artistic intervention in a hospital setting and experimentation, followed by the exhibition, analysis and sharing of the results of the participants' work, aimed at breaking the stigma of mental illness and also bringing innovative practices and new collaboration and well-being strategies to psychiatric units.

SONS DE MUDANÇA (SOUNDS OF CHANGE) – Education and magic at Marquesa Schools

Enhancing the culture and individual voice of children and young people through music and puppet theatre

Promoter Agrupamento de Escolas Marquesa de Alorna (AEMA)
Territorial reach Lisbon
Artistic Area Music and puppet theatre
Person in charge of the artistic area Filipe Sousa
Person in charge of the social area Inês Ferrão
Duration 36 months

Sounds of Change aims to arrange collective learning and development processes based on music and theatre involving 100 pupils from Years 4 through 7 of the Marquesa de Alorna School Cluster. Starting from the premise that theatre and music are social activities, the proposition is based on the cultural enhancement of the young people involved and encouraging the questioning of traditional paths of artistic validation, seeking to create of other mechanisms of production and dissemination that allow everyone's voice to be heard. The end of each year culminates in the combination of music and theatre to create a final show.


Artistic and technical training to empower people with intellectual disabilities

Promoter Questão Repetida
Territorial reach Lagos
Artistic area Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area Maria Conceição Gonçalves
Person in charge of the social area Sandra Maria Horta Marreiros
Duration 36 months

Gatilho aims to train and professionalise people with intellectual disabilities who attend the NECI institution in Praia da Luz, Lagos, promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community through the arts as a vehicle to their employability and the enjoyment of their rights. Over the course of three years, five training blocks will be implemented: theatre, dance, music, performing arts, and technique, including five themed workshops with artists from different disciplines. The training sessions and workshops will culminate in public performances focusing on different artistic or technical areas of the performing arts.


Annual prison art programme to help improve the artistic, technical, personal and social skills of young offenders

Promoter Sociedade Artística Musical dos Pousos
Territorial reach Leiria and Lisbon
Artistic Area Music
Person in charge of the artistic area Paulo Lameiro
Person in charge of the social area Raquel Gomes
Duration 36 months

Mozart ON aims to equip young inmates of the Leiria prison with artistic and technical skills through the creation of three micro-operas, providing resources for the youngsters to have access to tools for learning and expression, encouraging awareness of the other, mutual respect and teamwork. It proposes to create an annual artistic programme at the Mozart Pavilion that includes creative workshops, co-creation and the presentation of shows, both in and outside the Leiria juvenile prison. In the first phase, participants will take part in several workshops focusing on different parts of a show (theatre, dance, creative writing, photography, music, technique), so that they can later deepen their knowledge of the artistic discipline they most identify with. One of the goals is to train a technical group to independently direct, plan and produce shows at the Mozart Pavilion and  promote collaboration with local theatres in the city of Leiria.

RESIDÊNCIAS REFÚGIO (REFUGEE RESIDENCIES) – Artistic Residencies for Social Inclusion

Integration of migrants and refugees through a programme that combines a social residence with an arts residency

Promoter SOU LARGO, Crl
Territorial reach Lisbon
Artistic area Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area Marta Alexandra Sá Lopes Ferreira da Silva
Person in charge of the social area Micaela Gomes
Duration 24 months

Residências Refúgio aims to strengthen the component of social inclusion in art through artistic practices, offering a programme of annual social residencies combined with an artistic residency programme as a pilot to improve the monitoring of the inclusion of refugees. It blends the dimensions of training with the creation and presentation of artistic activities, engaging refugees and migrants as key agents of the process.


The radio format as a means of artistic creation and artistic, social and educational development for men and women prisoners

Promoter Terceira Pessoa
Territorial reach Guarda
Artistic Area Radio
Person in charge of the artistic area Nuno Leão
Person in charge of the social area Isabel Silva
Duration 36 months

RadioATIVIDADE aims at the artistic, social and educational development of male and female inmates of the Guarda prison. The main goal is to produce creative objects in radio format, which can be broadcast internally within the prison, on national or regional radio stations, and in digital format. The project also includes a Portuguese language learning component and the development of personal and social skills, culminating in an end-of-project conference and the showing of a documentary on the development of the project, in the hope of replicating this type of initiative and its implementation in similar environments.

LUNGO DROM – A Longa Estrada (The Long Road)

Roma children and young people work with artists in a process of reflection and artistic conception to bring the Nomad Museum to life

Promoter UMCOLETIVO - Associação Cultural
Territorial reach Elvas
Artistic area Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area Cátia Sofia Melo Martins Henriques Terrinca
Person in charge of the social area Rui Miguel Salabarda Garrido
Duration 28 months

Lungo Drom means "long journey” in Romani. The purpose of this project is to create a Travelling Museum to breakdown the ancestral divides between the majority of society and the Roma community, promoting the self-esteem of the Roma population and the enhancement of their culture in Elvas. Working directly with Roma children and young people who attend the Vila Boim Elementary School, and their families, the mission of this museum is to educate people about the history of the Romani people, finding in the intimacy of each piece, created by invited artists based on the life story of a pupil and their family, the necessary link for a wider and deeper reflection, encouraging contemplation on what being Roma means and the associated biases. At the end of the project, the Travelling Museum will be donated to the Elvas Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography (MAEE), open to visitors and offering a guided tour.


Music and dance are the main forms of expression in a project that promotes more inclusive and participatory life paths for Roma people

Promoter Visões Úteis Associação
Territorial reach Porto
Artistic area Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area Inês de Carvalho
Person in charge of the social area André Sousa
Duration 28 months

ZHA is a community-based project, born of the desire to promote the living traditions of Roma communities, which uses music and dance as a form of expression and communication. Through creative, training and artistic production activities, it aims to lessen the social exclusion of this ethnic minority by enhancing, preserving and sharing its cultural practices, promoting the development of personal and social skills for greater empowerment of the participants, demystifying beliefs and overcoming biases related to Roma communities, thereby promoting their integration in more inclusive and participatory life. The outcome of the project will be embodied in the production of a CD, a set of video clips, a live performance, an end-of-project gathering, a documentary, a website to disseminate the project, and an essay on research-action reflections, with the project as a case study.


Promoting the education and training of young people through artistic work that incorporates the body, photography, sound and writing

Promoter Circolando – Cooperativa Cultural CRL
Territorial reach Porto
Artistic area Multidisciplinary
Person in charge of the artistic area Paulo Mota
Person in charge of the social area Susana Lage
Duration 24 months

VIRAL is aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 29 living in social housing in Campanhã and who are neither in employment, nor in education or training (NEET). Recognising education and training as essential factors for exercising full and informed citizenship, and taking into account the need to create spaces for the expression of the multiple identities of these young people, the project proposes artistic work based on the new media, which is second nature to the majority of this age group, combining the body, photography, sound and writing, promoting reflection on the virtual or physical places of their daily lives through training workshops, collective creation, and public presentation.

Updated on 02 may 2024

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