Esta é a Minha Casa e Viagem à Expo, by João Pedro Rodrigues

Gulbenkian and the Portuguese Cinema

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Gulbenkian and the Portuguese Cinema cycle – Territories of Passage – , curated by Miguel Valverde, shows the work of Portuguese film directors, supported by Gulbenkian Foundation over the last decade. This Program is inspired by the 6 mouvements of Symphony n.4 by Philip Glass.

Esta é a Minha Casa
Viagem à Expo
by João Pedro Rodrigues


Esta é a Minha Casa (50′) / 1997

João Pedro Rodrigues films the holiday journey made by a family of emigrants, the Fundo, from Paris back to their homeland in Trás-os-Montes. Images of the couple’s daily life in Paris – he as a cobbler and she as a porter – alternate with details of the journey they make by car along the motorways of France and Spain until Portugal, and moments experienced over the course of their holidays.


Viagem à Expo (54′) / 1998

As a result of the international promotional campaign for EXPO 98, the Portuguese capital was then making frequent appearances in the French media. One year on, in the summer holidays, João Pedro Rodrigues returns to film this family who emigrated to France as they return for a tour of the historical districts of the capital, its outskirts and the visits they make both to Expo and to Estádio da Luz.


At the end of the session there is a conversation with the director, the curator Miguel Valverde and the italian film critic Paolo Moretti.

Maximum 2 tickets per person.



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