Evolving Microbes and Global Health

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Microbes are everywhere,  greatly influencing human health. This can be directly by being in contact with the human body, such as the gut microbiota, or as infectious agents. They also impact our well-being indirectly by changing the environment and affecting global food production. Their rapid evolution is a double-edged sword. Microbes can acquire pathogenic traits or be engineered to perform beneficial functions.

Understanding how and when “good” or “bad” microbial properties emerge in nature, the mechanisms by which they affect human health, and our responses to that are vital topics often discussed separately. 

In this meeting, we aim to unite scientists studying evolving microbes’ direct and indirect effects on human health.


Important dates

  • Registration deadline: 31 July 2024
  • Abstract submission deadline: 31 July 2024
  • Registration payment deadline: 15 September 2024


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