3 April 2020 Emergency Fund Covid-19Health

Searching digital solutions capable of promoting public health

An initiative under the Emergency Fund created by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to respond to the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The initiative by Gulbenkian Digital Solutions, also joined by EDP, intends to promote a better and faster response to the situation caused by the new coronavirus. 200K Euros will be made available in order to finance up to 20 platforms and digital applications capable of being quickly implemented and promoting public health as well as mitigating the effects of this pandemic in Portugal.

This is an initiative under the Covid-19 Emergency Fund, a 5M Euros fund created by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, with the intent of reinforcing the resilience of the Portuguese society during the pandemic. This Fund, which contemplates projects in fields like Healthcare, Science, Civil Protection, but also Education and Culture, will be open to contributions of other entities.

EDP’s contribution of 100K Euros allowed the doubling of the initial budget of the Foundation and consequently the number of solutions that are to be funded by this particular initiative. The company will integrate the jury and will be a part of the team selecting projects.

The initiative ‘Gulbenkian Digital Solutions’ is in search of digital solutions that:

  • spread messages regarding public health and provide reliable information on the pandemic;
  • promote remote healthcare;
  • promote a good monitoring of the symptoms and of the illness itself;
  • mobilize resources and support networks;
  • satisfy other needs resulting from this pandemic which are already identified but not yet satisfied

The solutions to be presented by public or private institutions based in Portugal (non-profit or profit-making) will have to be free of charge, capable of being immediately implemented and assure universal access.