29 December 2020

ADESTE+ Online conference

Six episodes of the online conference “Change within Change”, on culture and its public, are already available online. The event took place between June and September 2020.

Adeste online conference

This year, the Summer School and European conference ADESTE +, that should have taken place in Croatia, had to be held online. Besides focusing on the change European cultural institutions need to undertake to approach their public, the European conference “Change within Change” also discussed the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on culture, especially the participation and commitment of the public during the “new normal”.

The conference, that took place over several months, is now available in six episodes that cover the debate between cultural agents, artists, professionals, activists, academics, researchers, politicians, directors and other workers of the fields of art and culture. In total, more than 40 speakers and 700 participants from 59 countries were involved in the event.


Watch the video that sums up the conference and read more about the speakers at adesteplus.kulturanova.hr/speakers


The project ADESTE +, co-financed by the European programme “Creative Europe”, was created with the intent of developing new methodologies for the relationship between institutions and their public by focusing on personal and organizational skills.


Watch the episodes