Partnerships for Development

The Gulbenkian Partnerships for Development Programme (GPDP) aims to help build a more just, egalitarian society by seeking to meet the social and economic development needs of the Portuguese-Speaking African Countries (PALOP) and East Timor, by means of its own projects, calls for proposals and support to Non-Governmental Development Organisations (NGDOs).

Literacy and Numeracy

The Gulbenkian Foundation supports projects in different areas and at different levels of education in Portuguese-speaking African countries.

Healthcare Improvement

The Gulbenkian Foundation is strengthening the areas of oncology, maternal and childcare and scientific research in Portuguese-speaking African countries.

Art internationalisation

The Gulbenkian Foundation invests in the internationalisation and professionalisation of artists from Portuguese-speaking African countries.

Civil Society Organisations

The Gulbenkian Foundation supports Non-Governmental Development Organisations (NGDOs) through the Portuguese NGDO Platform.


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