Gulbenkian Ideas

Carlos Jorge Vaz – Student 12th grade
Constantino Xavier – Brookings, India
João Marecos – Lawyer
Lígia Fonseca Coelho – PhD Student in Bioengineering, Instituto Superior Técnico – MIT Portugal
Andoni Luiz Aduriz – Mugaritz Restaurant
Tiago Quaresma – COMUR, Canning Industry
Inês Rico – Environmental Engineering Student, Instituto Superior Técnico
Luísa Schmidt – Sociologist and principal researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Lisbon
Manuel Leite – Student 12th grade
Joseph Weiler – Professor at NYU Law School and Senior Fellow at the Center for European Studies at Harvard
Carolina Tavares – Student 10th year
Simon Kuper – Financial Times Journalist
Carlos Moura Teixeira – Master in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Government
Mónica Brito Vieira – University of York
João Kopke – Professional surfer and storyteller
HansPeter Kriesi – Political Science Professor at the European University Institute in Florence
Maria Inês Galvão – Clinical Psychologist
Daniel Innerarity – Director of the Institute for Democratic Governance in San Sebastian
Olivier Bouin
Marc Fleurbaey