Terms and conditions of the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme


The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”) Cartão Gulbenkian Programme is an initiative designed to reward Users who participate regularly in the Foundation’s activities.

It has two distinct, non-cumulative options: the Cartão Gulbenkian, which is free of charge, and the Cartão Gulbenkian Mais, which includes an annual fee. Each option’s benefits are explained in these Terms and Conditions and on their respective landing pages at Foundation’s website.

The subscription to Cartão Gulbenkian Programme is exclusively online on Foundation’s website and requires the prior and independent creation of a MyGulbenkian account, which has its own specific terms and conditions.

The subscription of the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme is personal and non-transferable and is reserved for individuals over the age of 16.

The subscription of the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme is limited to a single registration per User and requires entry of the following personal information: first name, surname, e-mail, date of birth and VAT number (NIF for Portuguese residents), the latter being used to prove the User’s identity.

To use the benefits associated with both options of the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme, the respective holder must identify using their login information, if digitally, or by presenting the card or personal information, if in person. The Foundation reserves the right to request additional identification information to prove the User’s identity and status.

In addition to the conditions for the benefits associated with the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme, there are specific conditions for the events and other programmes promoted by the Foundation, which take precedence if there are any discrepancies or contradictions.

Cartão Gulbenkian


The Cartão Gulbenkian subscription is free.
The Cartão Gulbenkian itself can be cancelled at any time by the card holder in their account on MyGulbenkian.

Digital card and use

The card is digital-only and contains a QR code identifying the holder, which is also available in the personal account on the website.


Cartão Gulbenkian Users earn points from interactions with the Foundation and can redeem them into special offers, under the terms described in section “Points”.

Cartão Gulbenkian holders are entitled to higher age discounts compared to those applicable to the general public (under 30 years old visitors and over 65 years old visitors) for ticket purchases, including exhibitions, concerts, and other designated events. These increased age discounts are extendable to non-member accompanying visitors that also meet the necessary criteria to qualify for these discounts.

Cartão Gulbenkian holders have exclusive access to the to the subscription sales period for the Gulbenkian Music season.

Cartão Gulbenkian holders have access to special conditions at the Foundation’s ticket office, such as advanced tickets for certain events or access to special offers that are not available to the general public.

The Cartão Gulbenkian provides discounts on publications in the Foundation’s physical and online shops. These discounts are not cumulative with any other discount.

Validity and expiry

The Cartão Gulbenkian has no expiration date, but it will expire if the holder has not used it for a period of 3 years or more. In that case, the User will lose their earned points, promotional codes, interaction history and access to other benefits.

If the Cartão Gulbenkian holder signs up to the Cartão Gulbenkian Mais, the Cartão Gulbenkian subscription will remain inactive for as long as the Cartão Gulbenkian Mais subscription is active.

Cartão Gulbenkian Mais


The Cartão Gulbenkian Mais subscription has an annual fee, paid at the time of joining.

After joining, a physical card will be sent within 10 working days to the address indicated by the User for this purpose. This card allows the holder to be identified at the Foundation’s various contact points.

The Cartão Gulbenkian Mais can be cancelled at any time by the card holder in their account on MyGulbenkian. Cancellation of the Cartão Gulbenkian Mais does not entitle the holder to a refund of the annual fee or part of the annual fee paid when joining or renewing, except in the special situation provided for the next paragraph.

If there is a change to the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme’s Terms and Conditions, Cartão Gulbenkian Mais holders may, within 30 days of receiving the relevant notification and by completing the form, request cancellation of their subscription and a refund of the pro-rata annual fee amount.

Physical card and use

The physical card is personal and non-transferable.

The physical card is the property of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, which has the right to demand its return. The physical card must be kept in good condition, and the holder is responsible for ensuring it is used with due care, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

The Foundation may replace the card at any time.


Cartão Gulbenkian Mais holders have access to all the benefits offered to Gulbenkian Card holders, as described in point “Cartão Gulbenkian”.

Cartão Gulbenkian Mais holders have free access to all the Foundation’s exhibition spaces once a day and may also collect up to two tickets free of charge from the Foundation’s box office for visitors under the age of 18 during the same period.

Access to the exhibition spaces is not guaranteed and is subject to capacity.

Cartão Gulbenkian Mais holders have access to priority booking for concerts during the Gulbenkian Music Season, as well as for educational activities. Priority booking ensures that tickets are made available to Cartão Gulbenkian Mais holders on a priority basis before they go on general sale. They are sold exclusively at the online ticket office and prior authentication at Foundation’s website is required.

Priority booking is only available for certain duly indicated Gulbenkian Music season events and educational activities and does not apply to season subscriptions.

The possibility of priority booking does not guarantee access to the event as the number of tickets is always limited to the available capacity.

The Cartão Gulbenkian Mais provides discounts on items in the Foundation’s shops. These discounts are not cumulative with other discounts and campaigns.

Cartão Gulbenkian Mais holders can take part in exclusive experiences as part of special, occasional programmes. This participation is personal and non-transferable and cannot be extended to companions, unless otherwise stated.

Access to the exclusive Cartão Gulbenkian Mais programmes requires priority online booking, limited to the capacity of each event.

Validity and expiry

The Cartão Gulbenkian Mais is valid for one year from the date of subscription.

After the expiration date, holders will no longer have access to the Cartão Gulbenkian Mais benefits unless they renew their subscription.

If the holder has any unused points or promotional codes, the data will be kept for a maximum of 3 months after the Cartão Gulbenkian Mais expires.

If the holder has an inactive Cartão Gulbenkian subscription, it will be reactivated when the Cartão Gulbenkian Mais expires.


The Cartão Gulbenkian Mais is renewable for periods of one year and has an annual fee, paid at the time of renewal.


The Cartão Gulbenkian Programme allows both Cartão Gulbenkian and Cartão Gulbenkian Mais holders to earn points when they engage in eligible interactions.

The following interactions are considered eligible for earning points: all transactions (excluding refunds) with the Foundation at the Foundation’s ticket offices and shops (physical and online). Transactions at the Foundation’s Cafeterias and Restaurants are not considered eligible.

Each eligible interaction indicated previously has a daily limit of one point.

To receive points, holders must be logged in on Foundation’s website or identify themselves as a Cartão Gulbenkian holder when making purchases in the Foundation’s shops or ticket offices (physical and online).

Identification is mandatory and no points will be granted to Users who, at the time of the transaction, have not been identified, are inactive or whose profile is not registered on Foundation’s website.

After the transaction, it can take up to 48 hours for the points balance in the User’s account to update.

Earned points can be redeemed into special offers, available in the “Points and offers” area on MyGulbenkian, and include tickets for exhibitions, concerts, and educational activities, always subject to availability and capacity.

Once points have been redeemed into special offers, those offers cannot be exchanged for other offers or reconverted into points, except for events that are cancelled by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in which case the deducted points will be automatically refunded.

Points earned as part of the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme cannot be transferred to third parties or refunded, nor can they be converted into cash. They can only be used for the offers provided in accordance with the previous paragraphs.

Earned points are valid for as long as there is active subscription of the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme.

If the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme is terminated, the respective holders will be notified, and the points will cease to be earned on the date the termination takes effect. In this case, points may be exchanged for special offers as normal for 30 days following the announced termination date.


The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation cannot guarantee that the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme will be always available and operational. In the event of technical problems, malfunction of the Internet connection, or any other problem preventing the normal operation of the service, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation will take the appropriate measures to minimise the impact of such failure(s).

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation will not be held liable for any consequences that may arise for the User if they lose the physical card or if the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme suffers a system failure or malfunction. It does not accept any liability for loss or damage arising from any suspension, alteration, or termination or for any other circumstance related to the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme, except for liabilities that cannot be excluded by law.

The User is responsible for providing the data correctly at the time of registration.

The User is responsible for updating their details in their account and for keeping their access credentials confidential and may not pass them on to third parties or allow anybody to access their account.

In the event of theft, loss or forgery of the physical card, the User must notify the Gulbenkian Foundation immediately, by telephone or using the online form.

In the event of theft or loss, the holder must request a copy of the physical card, which will have associated costs that will be duly communicated, in accordance with the price list.


The User may, at any time and without any associated costs, cancel their Cartão Gulbenkian Programme subscription by following the instructions provided for this purpose at the Foundation’s website, specifically in the account area.

The subscription will be cancelled immediately and from that moment on the User will not be able to enjoy the benefits associated with the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme or any earned points.

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation reserves the right to permanently exclude the User from the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme if they breach any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, or provide inaccurate, false, or misleading information during registration or when using the benefits, whether this is done by themselves or by someone acting on their behalf.

If the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme subscription is cancelled or the User is excluded, that User’s MyGulbenkian account will remain active, and only the User’s data necessary to maintain the account will be retained.


By joining the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme, the User is aware that they will receive communications about how it works and about exchanging points for special offers. These communications are sent through the usual channels (e-mail, SMS, telephone, or letter) and may include information messages, the points balance, promotional codes, or other information deemed relevant in the specific context of the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme.

Marketing communications, on the other hand, must be activated by the User when they join the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme. Only in this case, and with the User’s express permission, will the Foundation periodically send information about activities, promotions, or campaigns, selected according to the User’s profile.

Personal data

The User’s personal information will be processed in a way that respects their data protection rights, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

By joining the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme, the User expressly agrees to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation processing their personal data in accordance with the Privacy and Cookies Policy. This policy sets out the general terms and conditions applicable to the processing of data by the Gulbenkian Foundation. In particular, personal data will be processed for the following purposes:

  • Identification data (name and surname, VAT number and date of birth) and contact data (e-mail) in order to become a member of the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme, managing the membership and implementation of the programme, based on acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and execution of the contract thus established. In this regard, the Gulbenkian Foundation will also process the VAT number based on its legitimate interest in preventing situations of fraud in relation to the creation of several Gulbenkian cards for the fraudulent use of its benefits, thus proving the identity of the User.
  • Contact details (telephone or address, optional), in order to be able to send communications considered relevant in the strict context of the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme, based on the Gulbenkian Foundation’s legitimate interest in sending communications regarding its operation through alternative channels, depending on the data provided by the User. In addition, personal data collected during the sign up form to the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme, as well as those provided on an optional basis, such as address and nationality, will be processed by the Gulbenkian Foundation for statistical purposes based on the Foundation’s legitimate interest in assessing the impact of its Gulbenkian Programme activities.

The User’s information is only kept for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, which is the duration of the membership of Cartão Gulbenkian Programme and or other applicable legal term, to enable the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to maintain proof of transactions and comply with its legal obligations, after which the personal data is deleted or anonymised.

Personal data can be updated at any time, as long as the User is logged in to the website.

As data subject, the User has the right of access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right to object and to revoke any consent given at any time. The User can exercise these rights or ask other questions relating to the processing of personal data using the online form. For more information on the data processing and the exercise of rights, the User should consult Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation reserves the right to modify or suspend the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme, as well as to amend these Terms and Conditions.

Changes to the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme conditions will come into force 30 days from the date they are communicated to Users, through the website, by e-mail or through other means of communication.

If the User does not agree with the changes to the Cartão Gulbenkian Programme conditions, they may cancel their subscription at any time and without any associated costs, and in the case of Cartão Gulbenkian Mais holders, the exception described in “Subscription” in section “Cartão Gulbenkian Mais” will be considered.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Portuguese law and any dispute arising out of or in connection with them will be resolved exclusively by Lisbon District Court, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction.


Implementation date: 9 may 2024

Updated on 16 may 2024

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