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Isto é PARTIS & Art for Change 2023

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Beato. Rua do Grilo 135, 1950-144 Lisbon


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A guided tour of Manicómio [The Madhouse], where participants are given the opportunity to learn more about the project, the gallery and the contemporary artworks, talk to the artists, and even have exciting discussions about the future of art.  

Manicómio is a space for artistic creation and innovation in Beato, Lisbon. Multiple projects that combine art, creativity, social transformation and mental health involving contemporary and creative artists who struggle with mental illness and who have been excluded due to public stigma associated with mental illness. With an approach focused on disruption, equity and human rights, the project works with the art community, civil society, businesses and institutions to change the status quo and create new value paradigms.

Manicómio promotes the project Nós os Loucos (We’re Insane), supported by the PARTIS & Art for Change initiative.

Duration 60 min. 
Photo © Alex Pataca

Manicómio was born out of the experience of more than twenty years in psychiatric hospitals and in the world of art and culture where amazing artists and works were discovered, excluded from art marketing circuits in Portugal due to the stigma around their mental illness. This led the founders of the project to organise the first art exhibitions at the Julio de Matos psychiatric hospital – today  the Lisbon Psychiatric Hospital – where they created and inaugurated the contemporary art circuit of this Lisbon hospital. They mixed and matched already established contemporary Portuguese and foreign artists with artists from the hospital, maintaining the anonymity of the works and breaking the stigma that focuses not on the value of art, but on the disorder. 

In 2018 they launched Manicómio, located in a coworking space with other professionals, creative artists and businesses, because they know that the future lies in the melding, promotion, normalisation and the acceptance of insanity.

Manicómio has become an artistic and creative centre with:

  • the first studio and gallery exhibiting raw and contemporary art in Portugal, with 14 resident artists, offering freedom and representation and artistic agency in sales, exhibitions and collaborations;
  • the first creative design and communications agency in the world with creative artists suffering from mental illness;
  • consulting and legal advice in art, mental health, human rights and employment.

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