Isto é PARTIS & Art for Change 2023

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This intercultural and intergenerational show is the result of the second phase of the project Corre-Mundos – Transformação Comunitária pela Art`Inclusiva, developed with the inhabitants of Almada, between 2020 and 2022, and financed by the PARTIS & Art for Change initiative.

Tuntunhi, a name proposed by one of the participants and accepted by all in a collective and participatory action, in Cape Verdean Creole means to “weave”, “intertwine”. That’s what we did to get here: we experimented, talked and improvised, together, exchanging stories and knowledge, in an intergenerational and intercultural walk.

The artistic proposal of the project is to unite people around the construction of a show in three stages – training, creation and presentation. The work process is very important and it is through that process that issues such as building trust in the body, in our imaginations, in our voice and even in the importance of the effect of these voices that go unheard in global communities.

We approach the stories, the paths travelled, the journeys from the place of origin, the objects-memory of these outer and inner journeys as a means of sharing among all. This is the common ground for building an imagination that leads us to the creation of the movements, texts and actions that are part of this performance.

Duration 60 min. 
Photo © José Frade

More info about the project

Art director and choreographer

Filipa Francisco

Musical composition and interpretation

José Grossinho


Eloisa d’Ascensão

Light design and technical director

João Chicó

Sound design and operation

Pedro Baptista

Video documentary

Zé Pires

Co-creation and interpretation

Admila Cardoso
Andreia Bilé
Bernardo Amador
Diogo Rocha
Fernando Chainço
Helder Pina
Helder Ramos
Íris Gonçalves
Izabela Falcão
Jaqueline Spencer
Laís Andrade
Madalena Sousa
Mariana Tengner Barros
Mónica Duarte
Solange Gomez
Walter Menezes
Yohana Contreras

Production Assistant and Artistic Director

Maria Inês Brás

Graphic art

Luís Cruz


Félix Lozano
José Frade

Corre-Mundos Team

Artistic Coordinator

Filipa Francisco

Social Coordinator

Paulo Pires
Ana Castro

Management, Direction and Production

Almada Mundo
Adelaide Silva
Odília Freitas
Alexandrina Águas

Promoter Entity

Almada Mundo Associação Internacional de Educação, Formação e Inovação


Câmara Municipal de Almada
Uniāo de Freguesias de Almada, Cova da Piedade, Pragal e Cacilhas
Junta de Freguesia da Charneca da Caparica e Sobreda
União de Freguesias de Laranjeiro e Feijó
União de Freguesias de Caparica e Trafaria
Garantir Cultura
Mundo em Reboliço


Escola Secundária do Monte da Caparica

Supported by

An initiative by

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation reserves the right to collect and keep records of images, sounds and voice for the diffusion and preservation of the memory of its cultural and artistic activity. For further information, please contact us through the Information Request form.

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