Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Amandine Beyer / Rosas, Gli Incogniti

Mystery Sonatas / For Rosa

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Music and geometry have always been central to the work of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. In Mystery Sonatas / For Rosa, these interests form a bond through the symbol of the rose, which often represents secrecy and mystery. The rose also stands for resistance – with every rose comes its thorns. The dancing body, as an individual or a community, becomes an act of resistance. Written around 1676 by Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, the Mystery Sonatas is a musical translation of the Sacred Mysteries of the life of the Virgin Mary. Composed for religious practice, these sonatas assisted the recitation of the rosary beads and are divided into three cycles: five joyful, five sorrowful, and five glorious sonatas.

Intriguingly, this music enlists the technique ‘scordatura’, where the violin is tuned in a way that what is played according to the score is not what will be heard. This highly virtuosic technique is performed live by violinist Amandine Beyer and her ensemble Gli Incogniti. They share the stage with six dancers as they move through the sonatas.

This work is dedicated to women of resistance – Rosa Bonheur, Rosa Luxemburg, Rosa Parks, Rosa Vergaelen and Rosa, the 15-year-old climate activist who died in the Belgian floodings of 2021.



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