Group Leader in Theoretical or Computational Biology

Ambitious scientists, at all career stages, are invited to apply for a full-time research position as Group Leader. The current strategy of IGC is to reinforce and encourage multidisciplinary and quantitative research. Deadline for application submission: CALL CLOSED.

This call particularly focuses on finding researchers interested in computational biology, bioinformatics and theoretical biological physics across a broad spectrum of topics studying biological phenomena. The candidate should have a strong interest in the study of systems that are either biological in origin or serve as informative models thereof. These can vary in scale from the molecular to the whole ecosystem. 


How to apply

Applications are submitted through the online platform, in English. Documents (in one PDF file) depending on the position level shall be uploaded on the platform.


Attractive topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Biological network analysis 
  • Computational structural biology 
  • Computational or theoretical evolutionary biology
  • Molecular dynamics 
  • Self-organizing systems at any scale
  • Computational modelling of collective behaviors at any scale, including cell shape and cell movements, morphogenesis, epidemiology, ecology and others.
  • Theory in complexity science or systems biophysics, 
  • Information processing
  • Bioinformatics theory
  • Out of equilibrium statistical mechanics approaches to biological phenomena
  • Modelling across scales from intracellular phenomena, to cell and tissue behavior, to behavior of collectives (bacteria, host-pathogen interactions etc.).
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Application documents (in one PDF file):

Independent of level of position, all applicants should provide:

  1. Summary of previous research (1 page) and a summary of research planned for the next five years (maximum 3 pages); 
  2. Concise CV (max 3 pages) with an addendum containing the publication list;
  3. Up to 3 of their publications considered of special merit with a brief explanation of why these were chosen.
  4. Names and contacts of 2 – 4 potential referees.
  5. As independent referees might be contacted, candidates can exclude up to 5 referees. 

The selection process will focus on originality of science and fit to the institute. Thus, numerical indicators will not be considered. 


Related information:

Deadline for application submission: CALL CLOSED.

Contact for applications: [email protected]

Queries can be directed to the Deputy Director of Science, Caren Norden: [email protected]