Eco-evolutionary Genetics

Ivo Chelo

We are interested in how adaptation to stressful environments is affected by interactions between organisms.

For this purpose we use a multilevel approach that ranges from genes to ecosystems in the context of experimental evolution with C. elegans and different bacteria.

The focus is on intra-population mechanisms, by which negative feedbacks can lead to the maintenance of genetic variability, or on interactions between species, where strong selective pressures occur between predators and prey or host and parasites.

In this context we want to broadly know:

  1. If adaptation to a new environment is affected primarily by the type (host/parasite, host/commensal, predator/prey, etc) or by the strength of interactions;
  2. If the strength and type of interactions between organisms can change due to co-evolution during adaptation.

If you are interested in doing research in the Eco-evolutionary Genetics group please contact Ivo Chelo.

Ivo Chelo, Principal Investigator

Email: [email protected]