Grande Auditório

The Grande Auditório is the largest venue in Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. It was inaugurated on October 3rd 1969 with a performance by Gulbenkian's Chamber Orchestra and Choir.


The maximum seating is 1228, front stage and balcony. However, this capability is decreased in case of amplified concerts or usage of the optional stage extension..

This Auditorium is primarily used for symphonic orchestras, chamber orchestras and small group recitals; however – and considering backstage and rigging restrictions – it can house and support theatre plays, dance and opera.

The Grande Auditório is fully equipped for cinema projection and has been used for congresses.

Adjacent to the auditorium are 9 individual dressing rooms, with private WC and live transmission of the auditorium via CCTV. Four of these dressing rooms have pianos.


  • Total capacity: 1228 seating
  • 1st Stall: 651 seats
  • 2nd Stall: 416 seats
  • Balcony:161 seats
  • Room: 25m x 35m x 8m Área: 875m2
  • Stage (concerts and conferences): 21m x 12,5m
  • Stage (performances): 15m x 12,5m
  • Screen: 16m x 7m / 5m x 4m